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Pink Panther Lies About Winning Clash

Posted on 8th March, 2014

Although sound system selector Pink Panther has come forward stating that he is the winner of the War Climate clash held at the Appleton Estate last weekend, the promoter, MC, and other selectors in the clash have refuted these claims.

Instead, they have stated that it is the St Elizabeth sound, Bredda Hype, who were the winners.

Pink Panther is, however, adamant that he won the clash, and explained that the trophy was sneakily removed from the stage by a representative of Bredda Hype.

"A me win the clash. Mi win every round. MC Nuffy ask the crowd who win and everybody say a me. Only the people dem whe come wid Bredda Hype say a him win. Somebody from Bredda Hype grab up the trophy and run off, but a nuh dem win. Look how long me a clash? Mi nuh need fi tell lie say a mi win clash. Everybody know say a me win,".

He added that he has won nine world-clash titles and, therefore, had no need to lie. However, both the promoter and Bredda Hype have refuted the claims.

According to Bredda Hype's selector, Rohan Cowan, the crowd decided that they were the winners.

"Him (MC Nuffy) ask the crowd who win and everybody say a we win. Nuffy and the promoters even presented the trophy to us, so mi nuh know wha Panther a talk bout. Him lie. Panther a look a comeback. Him tek one year off last year and now him a look a comeback. All Redd Heat sound did participate and lose and dem call and congratulate wi. We win by far. Panther never have no tune," Cowan said.

This claim was backed up by the promoter, who explained that he does not understand why Panther would claim to be the victor when it was evident that he lost. He added that it was a unanimous decision by the crowd that Bredda Hype were the winners and that Panther needs to accept his defeat.

Selector Ricky Trooper, who was the first to go from the clash line-up, also chimed in.

"Panther is lying. Bredda Hype win the clash and get the trophy. No controversy was there, everybody knows that Panther lost. Is like him a try undermine the promoter dem ting. Panther you lose. You caan win everything. Fi a big man inna the business so long, you nuh need fi a tell lie. Bredda Hype won," Trooper said.

When contacted, MC Nuffy stated that, when the crowd was asked if Panther was the winner, they replied with a deafening "No".

"Panther, yuh too lie. Why ya run dung one likkle clash? The crowd decide say yuh lose. Mi ask the crowd if a Panther win and everybody shout out, 'Noooooooo'. You lose. Bredda Hype win,'" Nuffy also declared.

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Panther Demolishes The Competition

Posted on 8th March, 2014

Pink Panther has made a winning return to sound clash after dismantling opponents at the just-concluded War Climate stage show held last Saturday at Appleton Estate in St Elizabeth.

Just over a year ago, Pink Panther announced that he would be taking a break from sound clash to focus more on family and the nurturing of his recently formed record label, 5 Star Camp Productions.

However, the veteran, who has won multiple world titles in his previous 22 years, showed no sign of rust when he took on the challenges from long-time rivals Ricky Trooper, Bredda Hype, and Red Heat Innocent, which is based in Miami, Florida.

The slick-talking Panther blazed through the five rounds unscratched before meeting a formidable challenge in Bredda Hype. The two went toe to toe for a short period of time, but with plenty of experience and of rest, Pink Panther later managed to pull away from his competition to be crowned winner by a rather ambiguous audience.

After his triumph, an elated Pink Panther said he is always confident of winning a sound clash, but conceded that he had endured stiff competition from his nemesis.

"It was good to come back in the clash arena. A year seems like a decade, but it was necessary to break because I had some very important things to focus on. However, I always go out to win because I believe in my talent. I have to big up the rest of competitors, Trooper, Bredda Hype and the rest, because them push me to the limit," he said.

The War Climate stage show was organised by Ras & Twin Promotions. Panther, on the other hand, is gearing up for his monthlong tour of the US, which begins later this month.


Elephant Man To Sound System Clash

Posted on 1st March, 2014

DANCEHALL artiste Elephant Man is slated to host the inaugural staging of Magnum Follow Ur Sound, scheduled for Sugarman's Beach in Portmore, St Catherine, on Sunday, April 27.

According to promoter Dexton Ennis, the event will see sound systems vying for a championship belt and a cash prize.

"The sound clash is geared at reintroducing clashes, which was once a huge part of our Jamaican dancehall culture but which now appears to have gone dormant. This concept is the right fit, original dancehall style with a modern direction," said Ennis.

He was quick to highlight that the competition will be a clean one with no profanity or discriminatory lyrics. International sound systems will also be invited to the competition later in the series.

The event's first staging will see a face-off among Flava Unit, Silver Hawk, Bodyguard and Sound Trooper. Entertainers Nitty Kutchie and Tony Curtis will engage in a 45 shoot out.

Part proceeds of Magnum Follow Ur Sound will be donated to the St Mary Infirmary.

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UK sound system culture revisted

Posted on 22nd February, 2014

JAMAICA'S sound system movement has had a strong presence in the United Kingdom, going back to the early 1960s when hundreds of Jamaicans moved to that country.

One of the areas it impacted was Huddersfield, a town in Yorkshire, north England. Its sound system glory days of the 1970s are revisited in the book, Sound System Culture by Paul Huxtable.

According to Mandeep Samra, project manager of Let's Go (Yorkshire), which commissioned the book Huddersfield's sound systems played an important role in UK reggae.

"In relation to its size, Huddersfield's contribution to the UK's sound system heritage is quite phenomenal," she said.

Sound System Culture traces the roots of the Jamaican discotheque from Kingston to West Indian communities in London to non-traditional locations like Huddersfield.

It includes interviews with persons who were involved in the town's reggae community.

According to Samra, at its peak Huddersfield had over 30 sound systems. Today, its lone classic reggae night is powered by Axis sound system, owned by Huxtable.

Samra says Huddersfield's changing demographics was another reason for approaching Huxtable to write the book.

"My motivation came about after developing a similar heritage project and working with many diverse groups in the region,"

she explained.

Her previous project, Coming of Age, was a retrospective on mela, its roots and progress in the UK since the early 1990s.

Sound System Culture will be released in April by One Love Books.

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Mighty Crown Dislike unprofessional-ism in Reggae

Posted on 9th November, 2013

THERE is much potential for reggae and dancehall music on the international scene, but it is being stymied by a lack of order among players in the local industry, according to the operators of the Japanese sound system, Mighty Crown.

"There is nothing really substantial anymore. No form of unity is in the business. It is not like a team anymore," said Sammi T (real name Samuel Tse), chief selector with the Mighty Crown.

Masta Simon and Sammi T shared their view with Splash in an exclusive interview in Yokohama, Japan, yesterday.

"Everybody can just jump up, make a song, and before the song even mature dem release a next one. Before, it used to be one order, but right now you have 10 orders," Sammi T said in the Jamaican patois.

"We are losing the substance, the real core of the music. You have too many reggae people fighting reggae. We need to get up a format for the music, and I don't know who is going to do it. But we need to understand that the music is not about the artiste or the selectors or the producers alone; everybody has their part to play, everybody needs each other," he said.

In addition to Sami T, Mighty Crown's selectors include Rohan Henry (Ninja), Koji Ishii (Koji) and Simon Tse (Masta Simon).

Meanwhile, Masta Simon said he was appalled by the many commercials against payola that he witnessed while on vacation in Jamaica last month.

"It is like a 100 per cent 'link' ting. They [disc jockeys] are not playing because they are feeling the music anymore. The radio, the charts, are getting 'buy-out' by artistes. And you have so many good artistes, talented artistes, not just in Jamaica, but around the world, who don't get any shine because of it. This mentality has got to go away," he said.

Founded in 1991 by friends from the city of Yokohama, Mighty Crown built their impressive resume by playing in clubs and selling self-produced mixtapes throughout Japan.

In 1994, they started 'clashing' with other Japanese sound systems and became the country's undisputed sound clash champion in 1998.

The following year, on their debut appearance in World Clash, they defeated 'sounds' from Jamaica and the United States to become the first Japanese sound system to lift the World Clash Trophy.

They also operate a clothing line which introduces reggae and dancehall fashion to an increasingly accepting Japanese market. Many of the T-shirts are designed with Jamaican symbols and caricatures.

"They [Jamaicans] don't trust us or recognise the impact we are making with reggae and dancehall until they reach here. Once they come here, even the artiste dem, and once they see what we are doing, is dem time deh dem see how big what we are doing is. They don't feel it until they come here," said Sammi T.

"Reggae is more than music. It unites people, connects people all over the world. People don't even need to understand the lyrics to love the music. Some people say that we Japanese tief the music, but its not like that; we lift the music to a higher level, we are ambassadors," said Masta Simon.

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Metro Media Wins World Clash

Posted on 2nd November, 2013

OWNER of the Metro Media Sound System, Haldain 'Jimmy Metro' James, is praising decades of hard work for the sound's recent victory in the World Sound Clash in Queens, New York.

This year's victory is the eighth by a local-based sound system in the over 10-year history of the event, but the first for Metro Media.

According to James his outfit usually backed away from clashes but broke with that tradition this year.

"Over the years Metro Media never took part in any clash of such. We play alongside many sounds but never in a clash format. We have been around for a long time and been working hard. This win brings back a new buzz," he said.

The clash is organised by promoters Irish and Chin and this year's event featured five other sound systems -- King Addies, Mighty Crown of Japan, Renaissance, Firelinks, and Soul Supreme.

"We went to the finals with King Addies and came out victorious. This is the first time we have entered the clash and we took home the trophy. But the work has just begun as we have to maintain our high standard," he said.

The always exciting Skyjuice and Oliver were the selectors who represented Metro Media in the World Sound Clash.

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Two Sound Tie For Top Spot as Manchester Leading Sound System

Posted on 22nd September, 2013

THE Music Machine and Conquering Lion sound systems tied for first place in last Sunday's final of the Upper Level Face Off sound system clash.

Both received trophies and shared the cash prize of $50,000. The event was held at Upper Level Sports Club in Mandeville.

The competition began almost two months ago and saw four 'sounds' competing weekly.

According to promoter, singer Anthony Cruz, it lived up to expectations.

"Other than awarding the sound systems with the Upper Level clash title, one of the aims of the competition was to bring a new form of entertainment to the parish of Manchester," said Cruz. "The event was well-supported, persons from all over the parish turned out each Sunday evening not only to support their favourite 'sound' but to be entertained."

According to Cruz, he may host a similar competition later this year.

"We might be back with another sound clash competition or a talent search. The 'country' can be very boring at times, so we really are thinking of ways in which we can keep the excitement and entertainment booming in Manchester," he said.

Ricky Trooper At Odds With UK Promoter

Posted on 12th September, 2013

Veteran selector Ricky Trooper and a UK-based promoter, Scar Face, are at odds. The promoter claims Ricky Trooper has refused to honour an agreement to play at an event.

According to a release sent to The STAR, the promoter, owner of UK-based Playmaker Sound, hired Trooper to play at an event called Star Selector Wars, which is to take place on September 28, at the Santa Cruz Bus Park in St Elizabeth. The release claims Ricky Trooper backed out of the event after five months of promotion.

He said Trooper withdrew from the event because of a prank they had played on him.

"Everyone in the international dancehall community is aware that a member of my sound made a prank call to Trooper last year, posing as a gay promoter requesting his services in Europe to play at an event, which he agreed to do. The call was recorded and circulated all over the world, we never expected Trooper to take the bait. I thought he had got over it but obviously he hasn't, and that's the reason he has taken my money and refuse to play at my dance," said Scar Face.

get paid

When THE STAR contacted Ricky Trooper, he denied these claims however, and said that the gross unprofessionalism of the organisers is the main reason why he will not be performing at the event.

"How yuh fi honour an agreement for something that yuh neva get paid for?" he questioned.

In explaining the issue, Trooper said that he considered the prank played by the promoter as a low blow.

"If gay people waan come to a show and listen dancehall or listen reggae music, mi caan stop dem. If mi did seh no mi nah play at the event a same way dem would do dem prank, and try drag my name inna di dirt," said Trooper

The popular selector said that he had been upset with the female selector who did the prank but over time, they came to be on speaking terms again.

He went on to explain that they then asked him to play at an event in Jamaica but it was continuously being cancelled. As a result, he had lost business.

"That girl was very disrespectful, dem drag mi name inna di dirt. They're not good business people. A just bere bad vibes, suh mi nah do nothing wid them. Put the receipt public if yuh seh mi owe yuh money," said Trooper.

Scar Face, in his release, said that despite Trooper's withdrawal, the show must go on, so he has contracted the services of other selectors, and changed the name of the event to Go Hard or Die Trying, St Bess and UK Buk Up.

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Mighty Crown Records Song

Posted on 7th September, 2013

JAPANESE sound system Mighty Crown has teamed up with Hawaiian singer J Boog to record Surfer's Anthem, which revisits the classic reggae instrumental Double Barrel.

Sami T, chief selector with the Mighty Crown, spoke to the Sunday Observer about the song, which has enjoyed steady rotation at their dances as well as in Europe and Asia.

"It was recorded in January in Hawaii and mixed in Jamaica. Double Barrel is one of the 'riddims' that I always wanted to remake," said Sami T.

Done by Dave Barker and Ansel Collins, Double Barrel made the British national chart in 1972.

J Boog is part of a massive reggae movement in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. In February, he performed alongside Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley and others in a Bob Marley tribute at the Grammy Awards.

The Mighty Crown is currently on its Driving Force Tour which started in March. They will play in 50 cities on three continents; today, they are scheduled to 'string up' for their Reggae SAI concert in Kawasaki.

In addition to Sami T (real name Samuel Tse), the Mighty Crown's selection team comprises Rohan Henry (Ninja), Koji Ishii (Koji) and Simon Tse (Masta Simon).

According to Sami T, being on the European circuit has taught he and his colleagues not to be predictable.

He warns that a "top 10" playlist is dangerous, especially for Jamaican 'sounds' playing outside of Jamaica.

"Them run go play the top ten songs them and can't dig out a forward without those songs," said Sami T in his best patois.

The J Boog collaboration marks a new phase for the Mighty Crown, that of music production. They have produced reggae and dancehall songs by leading Japanese artistes such as Fireball and Guan Chai for their Lifestyle label.

Founded in 1991 by friends from the city of Yokohama, Mighty Crown built their impressive resume by playing in clubs and selling self-produced mix tapes throughout Japan.

In 1994, they started 'clashing' with other Japanese sound systems and became the country's undisputed sound clash champion in 1998.

The following year, on their debut appearance in World Clash, they defeated 'sounds' from Jamaica and the United States to become the first Japanese sound system to lift the World Clash Trophy.

Miss Boss Crowned female Clash Champion

Posted on 7th September, 2013

Miss Boss made short work of her opponent Ming Khaotik on Saturday night as the two squared off in the finals of the Container Female Promoters Selecting Competition. The competition is a feature of the Container Satdazs event.

From her introduction to the stage to her musical selections, Miss Boss was miles ahead of her opponent on the night.

Clad in full black, with a replica AK-47 slung in front across her shoulder, and handguns perched on her hips, she was ready for war.

Demanding that patrons stand at attention, she opened her 10-minute segment of the clash with Busy Signal's Jamaica Love. Tired Fi See Mi Face followed her vow to 'kill everybody, including the promoter".

"Everytime mi mek a duppy yuh know wah dem call mi?" Murderer was her shout, and the crowd's response was far louder.

Gangster's Anthem's "show mi unnu hands" requests had all hands in the air in approval.

Sanchez's Never Dis Di Man dub caused pandemonium in the Gee Wee venue as patrons thought it quite fitting.

"Mi nuh work wid Madden, a Madden work wid me!"signalled for Bushman to Call The Hearse for her badly wounded opponent.

"A dub do this!" she shouted. And so it seemed as though the dubs she had brought worked extremely well.

The judges all responded favourably to her segment. It wasn't clear, however, what made her "Usainable!" in the words of L.A. Lewis.

Ming Khaotik had her 10 minutes next.

Technical difficulties and a boring introduction were what began her set.

more effective

Her full black attire of 'ninja suit and police boot' (according to Miss Boss) and the sword she carried for the entire clash, were perhaps the most exciting parts of her showing.

A few Sizzla dubs caused sparks here and there.

Her shouts of "Juggle! Juggle!" to the selector would have probably been more effective in a game of football and a lone J. Wray & Nephew branded cup was seen making its way in the direction of the stage. It came from the hands of a dissatisfied patron, perhaps.

The judges comments on her showing didn't really matter.

In the tune-for-tune segment, Miss Boss again dominated.

She questioned Ming Khaotik's selections asking, "A dat mi really shine up mi gun dem fa? A dat mi get mi bullet dem fa?"

Her Dye Dye dub exploded like a bomb at the feet of her opponent.

By the first line, "Miss Boss, Ming should neva step inna da war yah" was done, the dub was no longer audible as the audience erupted in excitement.

biggest forward

Only when the chorus' "dye dye" came back could it be heard.

"Clash done!" a few patrons nearby shouted.

Ming later earned possibly her biggest forward of the night from Wasp's Hot Like Fire dub.

"Sword caan compare to bullet! Action!" said Miss Boss, before Mavado declared the same in Action Pack.

"Yuh haffi be a real killer fi use sword!" retaliated Ming.

Her retaliation was a suicide mission, however, as her own song followed. It wasn't quite clash-ready.

Making use of the opportunity, Miss Boss followed with a Cobra Press Trigger dub which "levelled di place".

Vybz Kartel's Real Badman followed for Ming, who maintained that she "cared zero for intimidation".

Miss Boss's last song and the last song of the tune-for-tune segment of the clash, was apparently also her victory song. With Jimmy Cliff's The Harder They Come, she lifted the coffin she had brought for her opponent to the air.

Flava Unit did a excellent job in getting patrons hyped for the clash that followed their performance. They stood out among a host of sounds with a thoroughly entertaining set to which patrons reacted positively.

The Container Female Promoters Selecting Competition started out with 16 female contestants from Portmore and Kingston vying for the grand prize of more than $100,000, as well as other prizes.



Posted on 2nd September, 2013

Popular sound system King Addies squared off in an epic weekend clash against age-old rivals Bass Odyssey.

The new King Addies team, rated as underdogs, shocked the world with their brutal defeat of the multiple World Champion sound Bass Odyssey, in Tampa, Florida, last Saturday.

This is the sound's first victory since signing with Irish and Chin.

The victory followed an intense showdown on August 23 in Hartford, Connecticut, when the sounds delivered powerful performances that resulted in a draw.

In the next clash, new King Addies members A1 and King Pin rose to the occasion, settling a two-decade rivalry in the process.

King Pin levelled the clash with piercing speeches, which played a major role in King Addies' defeat of Bass Odyssey.

Adding to King Pin's killer verbal delivery, was A1's playing of just the right dubs. This explosive combination crippled "the sound from way out inna de country" and drove clash fans into a frenzy.

King Addies' landmark clash weekend has catapulted their stats to another level.

Their uncharted performance forces the clash arena to recognise the ability of the new King Addies.

The weekend spoke volumes, as it proved that this team boasts the skills set to once again thrust the powerhouse King Addies to fame.

The victory places King Addies in prime position for the Brooklyn showdown against LP International and Soul Supreme at World Clash on Saturday, October 12. 

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Sound System To Dominate Pretty Girls Exposed Event

Posted on 24th August, 2013

The quaint fishing village town of White House will come alive this weekend with the staging of a two day party series called Pretty Girls Xposed.

The event, which is slated to take place today and tomorrow, will be held at the scenic White House Beach Park.

Party patrons will be treated to Dancehall Fever on Saturday night. This event will feature a host of popular sound systems and selectors such as the Nite Traxx disco, Hard Rock, Niney Badness, and DJ Absolute of LINKZ FM.

The second and final event of the Pretty Girl Xposed series is the Ultimate Bikini Beach Party. This event is a day-and-night event that will feature Renaissance Disco, Nite Traxx, Black Weapon, DJ Force Ripe, and Quick Silva.

Admission is $800 for weekend bands and $1,000 for VIP weekend bands. Ticket outlets located in White House include Tiles and Things, Palmers Hardware, Eezi Ice, and Ocean's Food. Tickets can also be purchased at Dumbar's Mall in Savanna-la-Mar.

Fake Bookings Hurt Stone Love – Former Booking Agent Crooked

Posted on 19th August, 2013

Winston 'Wee Pow' Powell says the 'immortal' Stone Love is now facing more setbacks in America because of false bookings.

According to Wee Pow, his former booking agent, who he has not worked with in the past 10 years, along with former employees, have been using the sound system's name in order to secure gigs.

"They are undermining our name and using inferior selectors to get bookings. The ex-employees are still piggy-backing on Stone Love's name and it is creating problems. When we book a show, they would book a show close to the date that we have and promoters are unhappy about it because nobody wants to book a sound that has a date in proximity to their date and venue," Wee Pow told THE STAR.

He stated that the problem started after some of his selectors were denied work permits earlier this year.

"The former booking agent has been telling prospective promoters who want to book the authentic selectors that they can't travel so they must use who is available. So that is how he is using the Stone Love's name to get bookings. He is using the former employees, along with some young ones, who they are grooming to get our bookings," Wee Pow said.

nine authentic selectors

He told THE STAR that only nine authentic selectors are under the Stone Love banner and are able to represent the sound system.

"Only employees who are employed by me directly are able to represent Stone Love. Diamond, Bill Cosby, Billy Slaughter, GeeFus, Iceberg, Fyah Ras, Dwayne Pow, duos Jazzy J and Genius, Scary Gary and TQ. Those are the selectors that we use."

"The former employees that are taking false bookings can't do a good event like the selectors I have now. Those former employees are not current and the young ones they are grooming are not performing up to standard. Dem a water down di ting and mashing up the business."

When contacted, the booking agent had no comment on the matter.

Bass Odyssey Celebrates 24 Years

Posted on 19th August, 2013

Telecommunications company LIME boosted sound system Bass Odyssey's 24th anniversary celebrations on Friday night in Salem, Runaway Bay, by giving the first 100 patrons a cell phone.

With news of the pending giveaway, patrons were at the venue at Salem beach quite early. The first 100 patrons to purchase tickets were given a special ticket to collect their phones, which they did later.

"We are happy to celebrate with the Bass Odysseyfamily on their 24th anniversary," said LIME events and promotions manager Nathaniel Palmer.

"The celebration of the global sound system culture born in Jamaica - which gave birth to all Jamaican music art forms from ska, rocksteady, reggae to dancehall - has always been embraced by LIME, and for us, being the real champion of value, it was only natural for us to partner with Bass Odyssey, one of Jamaica's most accomplished sound systems."

Bass Odyssey's owner Keith Walford was happy for the support from LIME and also from longstanding sponsor Guinness.

"Guinness has been with us for years and we welcome LIME on- board for the first time," Walford said.

"Of course, this (event) couldn't be possible without sponsors, and we want to use this opportunity to reach out to other institutions in corporate Jamaica to come on-board and sponsor the reggae music and let us keep it playing all over the world."

The past 24 years were described by Walford as being challenging, hard, but fun. He expressed appreciation for the support the sound system had been getting from music lovers all over the world and especially on the night.

"It's just a joy to see the appreciation and love from the people turning out tonight to support us. The Bass Odyssey flag will keep flying forever," Walford said.

The anniversary itself was a music lover's delight, with Silver Hawk, Stone Love, and Killamanjaro joining Bass Odyssey to thrill patrons with selections from back in the day, straight up to the current chart busters.

Ricky Trooper: Three years after YouTube

Posted on 7th July, 2013

VETERAN sound system selector Ricky Trooper has seen many a clash in his time, and is not afraid to say he has lost a few.

In the same way he has bounced back from those dancehall clashes, Trooper is now slowly recovering from his infamous YouTube rant of three years ago.

Trooper's violent nine-minute tirade, replete with the comment 'put that on YouTube', quickly went viral. It was amusing in dancehall circles but officials at the United States Embassy in Kingston were not impressed. The 48-year-old Kilamanjaro selector's US visa was revoked.

Trooper, who says he was intoxicated at the time the video was filmed, regrets the incident.

"Anyone who really knows me would know that I wasn't my usual self. I had just finished playing at a dance in Atlanta and not only was I intoxicated, but I was going through a lot of personal issues and I just vented my frustation," he tells Splash.

"I knew that there was a cameraman present and even when I said 'put that on YouTube', I wasn't serious and now I am facing the consequences."

Losing his US visa is part of those consequences. Trooper says it has affected him significantly as he has been unable to work in that country since 2010.

Despite the loss of his US visa, Trooper frequently plays dates in Africa, Europe and the wider Caribbean through work permits. His next big date is in August at the Rototom Sunsplash festival in Spain when he squares off against fellow selector Tony Matterhorn in a repeat of their famous 1995 Kilamanjaro versus King Addis clash.

Trooper is excited about this assignment, which will be hosted by Rory Gilligan of Stone Love.

Garfield McKoy (Trooper's real name) says his interest in sound systems started when he was eight years old and living in St Mary.

"I lived in a yard where there was a sound system and I was fascinated," he recalls.

That fascination grew when he and his family relocated to Spanish Town where his neighbour, who owned a sound system, gave him his first opportunity to operate the turntables.

While attending St Catherine High School in the 1980s, he and a friend started their own sound system called Ultimate Touch. Next stop was Kilamanjaro, the era's top 'sound'.

"I was on Kilamanjaro as a deejay for years before the owner knew I could select, and when he found out I was told that I should play the sound or there was no work for me," says a laughing Trooper.

It was not until 1995 that he got his big break. He defeated Matterhorn in one of modern sound systems' memorable clashes.

The victory opened doors for Trooper who played at dances in the Caribbean, Europe and North America.

His journey did not stop at Kilamanjaro; he started his own Sound Trooper sound system in 2000, featuring in bouts with top-rated selectors like Britain's David Rodigan.

The YouTube episode came at a time when the US Embassy cancelled the visas of several leading dancehall artistes.

For Ricky Trooper, it has been a lesson well learned.

"A man is really a fool to what he doesn't know and I didnt know the seriousness of what I did... it is a big blow to my career," he said.

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Female Promoters Selector Competition slated for saturday

Posted on 7th July, 2013

On Saturday, the second staging of the Female Promoters Selector Competition will be held during Container Satdazs at GeeWee Car Park.

The event will see Ming Khaotik taking on Mumzell, Bashy Yanique versus Dahlia Independent Swag, and Tanaika going up against Necessary Shawna.

But before we get to Saturday's clash, here are some photographs taken by J Dash Lab at the last event, held two weeks ago, which saw four contestants, Stacy Royal, Pouchie Strawberry, Miss Boss and Lady Diva showcasing their selecting skills.

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Portland 'soundman' rings the alarm

Posted on 21st June, 2013

PORTLAND events promoter and sound system operator Michael 'Sasa Fras' Grant says multiple jobs can be created in that parish if government regulates the Night Noise Abatement Act.

Grant fears nightlife in Portland will be a thing of the past if changes are not made soon.

"Promoters are afraid to host outdoor events as the police here are exact and you end up losing," he told the Jamaica Observer.

Grant adds that even on weekends when patrons attend parties as late as 1:00 am, the 2:00 am lockoff time stipulated by the Noise Abatement Act, is still enforced by the police.

According to Grant, the sound system industry can generate over 20,000 jobs islandwide if the Act is modified.

"Although spending power is a challenge, people still party," he said.

The Noise Abatement Act was implemented on March 26, 1997. Subsection (2) and section 5 stipulates, in part, that "no person shall, on any private premises or in any public place at any time of day or night, sing, or sound or play upon any musical or noisy instrument; or (b) operate or permit or cause to be operated, any loudspeaker, microphone or any other device for the amplification of sound, in such a manner that the sound is audible beyond a distance of one hundred metres from the source of such sound and is reasonably capable of causing annoyance to persons in the vicinity."

The 47 year-old Grant operates the Portland Restaurant and Jerk Centre in Port Antonio, and also owns the Rock Away sound system. For him, music and food "just go together".

Born in Port Antonio, Portland's chief town, Grant says his love for the nightlife grew in his teens when he attended stage shows all over Jamaica.

"From a little youth going to dances, seeing the movements and the excitement, I told myself one day I would do this," he recalled.

Grant began promoting shows in his early 20s but migrated to the United States soon after. Ten years later, he returned home and again donned his promoter's hat, putting on events featuring deejays Papa San and Ninja Man.

He then established Rock Away followed by the restaurant.

Looking ahead, Grant plans to expand his eatery as well as "turning up" nightlife in Port Antonio. He currently hosts the weekly Rockaway Thursdays in the town.

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Females Compete for top selector Crown

Posted on 1st June, 2013

The promoter of Container Satdazs has once again come up with a brilliant idea to entertain his many patrons at his event staged every other Saturday at Gee Wee Car Park, 1A Caledonia Avenue, Cross Roads.

This event will be called the Container Female Promoters Selecting Competition and will be held at the regular Container Satdazs party fortnightly.

This competition will include the top female promoters from Kingston and Portmore.

Ian Miles, also known as the Container Boss, said that the competition targets some of the best female promoters and will aim to test their skills with the mic as they aren't selectors but they will be the ones to intro and talk on each tune selected before they are actually played.

Each contestant will be allowed to choose a selector of their choice to choose the songs that they want to play but only the female promoter will be allowed to talk on the mic.

Some of the contestants already confirmed to participate are Kelly Upsetter, Bashy Yanique, Tamara Hollywood, Kameisha Ice, Nadesha Star, Necesarry Shawna, Shanice, Simone Ruff, Kizzy Trendsetter, Mumzell, Stacy Royal, Ming Khaotic, Kimone Chickenback, and Pouchie Strawberry.

Top-four contestants will win prizes and trophies with the first- place winner taking home approximately $100,000 inclusive of cash and prizes and the second-place winner taking home approximately $50,000 inclusive of cash and prizes also.

Female promoters can also get their intros and dubs from any artiste of their choice but should keep the lyrics clean and entertaining to all. This competition has two segments. One segment will consist of five songs each, where each contestant will play one song at a time. The other segment will consist of five minutes of juggling each.

Each competition will be judged by specially invited guests from the entertainment and dancehall fraternity, and based on versatility and crowd reaction towards songs selected. This competition will consist of 16 female promoters starting Saturday, June 22 with the finals on Saturday, August 31 at Container Satdazs Anniversary.

Matches will be played on June 22, July 6 and 20, August 3, 17 and 31.

This competition will take the format of a knock-out, where winners go through to the next round and losers go home. Eight contestants will play against eight, then four against four, then two against two until the final two for the finals.

The Container Boss promises a very exciting and entertaining competition as it will be among the females and each of the contestants are looking forward to the competition. He also urges selectors and entertainers to be supportive of the females because they need it and they are the biggest supporters of entertainment.

Persons or products that wish to be a part of this competition can contact Ian Miles at 409-5371 or 392-8988, or send email to or


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Sound System Plans big Meeting after Dance crackdown Announcement

Posted on 4th May, 2013

Veteran selector Ricky Trooper is among a group of music personalities gearing up to have a meeting of sound system operators to address issues with the Noise Abatement Act and the recent announcement by the police that they will be clamping down on street dances

The meeting will be staged at Skateland, Half-Way Tree, St Andrew, on Sunday at 4 p.m.

Trooper said the meeting is being staged in an effort to get a vibrant sound system federation going that will work effectively with the police.

"What we want to do is clean up our own act, so that we will in turn have less pressure from the authorities. We want to have an industry where there aren't sound system operators stealing light or disobeying the police when they are told to lock off their sound system," Trooper said.

mounting complaints

In a recent force order, Police Commissioner Owen Ellington stated that the police would develop tough new measures to deal with the staging of street dances and parties across the island amid mounting complaints about widespread breaches of the Noise Abatement Act.

Among the measures announced by the commissioner is the refusal of permits to venues with a history of violence and to events that feature entertainers with a bad reputation and influence.

As part of the measures, Ellington also instructed his senior officers not to grant permits for events where the music will be a nuisance to one household and where the event is likely to impede the normal use of the road.

The commissioner said these measures came amid reports that street dances were being held without approval from the police, and were going well beyond the midnight and 2 a.m. cut-off times for weekdays and weekends, respectively.

He said this nuisance is no longer confined to weekends or to the Corporate Area as dances are being held every day across the entire island.

Trooper, however, believes that if measures that are too rigid are introduced it will lead to the death of the dancehall culture in Jamaica.

"We are not saying that we shouldn't comply with the police but we think we can work out effective measures such as having some zone areas, some places where dances can go longer as they won't disturb anyone," he said.

In terms of the meeting on Sunday, the selector called for his peers to unite for a good cause.

"With one voice and with the unity of all who will be affected by this serious stance, we can make an impact, so our cry will be heard by all Jamaica. This is a music loving country, save the dancehall movement," Trooper said. "Please make an effort to attend this meeting to discuss the way forward, to protect and preserve our sound system culture. Jamaica has benefited from this. All promoters and the whole entertainment fraternity, you are invited."

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Mighty Crown Sound System Rocks BB Kings

Posted on 7th April, 2013

Mighty Crown "The Far East Rulers" rocked the legendary BB Kings recently, alongside a star studded line up including Morgan Heritage, Beenie Man, Mr. Vegas & more! Mighty Crown leveled the crossover crowd with hit after hit.

On more than one occasion, Mighty Crown brought the ram crossover crowd to a roar. Crown's entire set went over well, but it was the moment that Sami T performed the Harlem Shake that the revelers went into a true frenzy!

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Stonelove Sound top Selectors denied Visa to travel US

Posted on 7th April, 2013

WINSTON 'Wee Pow' Powell, CEO of the sound system Stone Love Movement, is reeling from the shock of having his and his team's American work permit and visa denied on Thursday.

"I can't get no answers. After all, the seniors in the group were denied. I tried to get an explanation but all I was given was the 'white paper' given to everyone who has been rejected," he told the Jamaica Observer, adding that his visitor's visa was also cancelled.

He said the 'white paper' requests proof he does not want to stay permanently in the States.

"But after going back and forth for over 30 years, how much more proof do they need than that?" he asks.

Powell said his earnings from overseas shows have been significantly affected.

"It will definitely affect our earning power because we rely on the overseas markets. Because of the Noise Abatement Act in Jamaica, nothing much is happening," he said.

He said he has been noticing a trend as another of his senior selectors' work permit was not renewed last year.

"Since March last year, we noticed a change in the way we were treated at the port of entry. We experienced lengthy delays due to secondary interrogations," he said.

"I feel upset. We have never been involved in anything illegal, never had an incident at any of our overseas engagements. So this is totally puzzling for us," he said.

In an email response to queries, the American embassy said: "Visa applications are adjudicated in accordance with provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)."

According to the embassy, Powell was provided with a written explanation of the decision at the end of the interview, and the interviewing officer's decision was reviewed by a supervisor.

"Refusal of a visa application is not permanent, and applicants may reapply at any time. However, we would recommend individuals reapply only if new evidence becomes available to overcome the previous grounds of refusal," the email said.

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Sound System owner Scammed more than 1,200 Euros: Uses fake Vegas Facebook account

Posted on 23rd March, 2013

A sound system owner is now counting his loses after he was scammed out of more than 1200 Euro by someone who said they were affiliated with dancehall artiste Mr Vegas.

In the receipt posted above its showing that of $350Euro or about $41294ja was sent to one Sidonie Ford.

Mr Vegas has since taken to social media Facebook and has this to say.

Be careful of FORD SIDONIE he is taking people money for dubs and shows. He creates fb pages with artists, using their posting and pic from their original page. 

He has collected 850 euro a few days ago to voice duds with Vegas. Time hard! BEWARE OF FB DOGS!
People be careful of fake Mr Vegas fb page, people are money for dubs and shows and acting like they r Mr Vegas.

Mr vegas also said "My fan page have over 100. 000 likes, my contact person is Adrian 4168718185, MVMUSICBOOKINGS@GMAIL.COM, OR HEATHER CAMERON!" 

His final warning was:


The artiste said he has since contacted the police for them to search for the thief.


His final words were:


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Father Pow celebrate his birthday and 40 years of Stone Love Dominance

Posted on 22nd March, 2013

It was a celebration of many successes and milestones in the journey of Stone Love's patriarch, Winston 'Wee Pow' Powell, birthday bash which was staged at the Stone Love HQ om march 16th.

The event, dubbed Father Pow Birthday Bash, was sponsored by Guinness and Ciroc and delivered a musical delight and an evening of high energy, with many celebrity endorsements.

The enigmatic Powell is well known as a family man and an astute business operator. With succession plans already in place through the inclusion of his son Dwayne Powell in the business, the musical giant is now focused on facilitating the dreams of his young team. The moniker 'Father Pow' also came from his tremendous support of young men within his environment, many of whom he has provided a platform through the Stone Love initiative to launch successful careers.

Some of those who have become very successful in entertainment careers include Rory, Cancer, Fire Ras, Geefus, Billy Slaughter, Richie Feelings and Chico, among others.

Powell has always expressed his appreciation for the support of his dream by many along the way.

"Our journey started 40 years ago with a few dedicated and hard-working people who shared a passion for music. As Stone Love grew, we have been fortunate to have many others who share the vision and genuine love for music and our dancehall culture."

The immortal Stone Love, the brainchild of Powell, started as a small component set in Wee Pow's yard. He added pieces of equipment to create a simple sound system. This locally built system of amplifiers, records, racks and boxes was the foundation for an international musical powerhouse.

Forty years later, the sound system is a major staple on the international entertainment scene.

Father Pow Birthday Bash celebrated this and many other milestones in the stalwart's journey.

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Veteran Sound System King Addies to Go On Tour with Mighty Crown

Posted on 6th March, 2013

New York, New York -- March 4, 2013 -- King Addies' new management team Irish and Chin will launch their marketing efforts by surprising hardcore dancehall patrons with special guest appearances of the "KING" sound on the Mighty Crown "Driving Force" tour.

These appearances are planned for select cities only and will not be all out performances for King Addies. There will be "meet and greets," which will feature short juggling sets by the sound's current selectors.

The goal of these select appearances is to reintroduce King Addies to their diehard fanbase and also to spark the interest of today's young Dancehall lovers. King Addies touching the road with Mighty Crown is just a taste of what is to come in the future. 

Currently, Irish and Chin is in the middle of making plans for King Addies to tour on their own. There is great anticipation for this tour, which will consist of both juggling and high profile events. The first stop will be Europe.

"The marketing plan for King Addies is not one to be rushed. By no means are we aiming to create an overnight buzz for King Addies," says Garfield "Chin" Bourne, King Addies manager. "Rather, we seek to execute a marketing strategy that will allow longevity, prosperity and global visibility. Doing so will take time and consistent efforts of the whole team."

One of the most unique things about King Addies is that their legacy attracts fans of all ages. While the newer members familiarize the younger generation with the King Addies brand, legendary selector and member Danny Dread will uphold and entertain the sound's foundation audience. One can also look forward to seeing Danny Dread touring on the King Addies sound 'rub-a-dub' style .

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America's Greatest Sound King Addies Signs to Irish  and Chin Company

Posted on 16th February, 2013

King Addies - It's been an iconic month for the sound system industry, as two giants have joined forces; Caribbean entertainment gurus Irish and Chin and legendary "Kings of Clash" King Addies.

The announcement has created an enormous buzz among sound system and dancehall fans, especially diehard Addies followers. Irish and Chin's addition of King Addies to their management roster further solidifies the goals of their Campaign R.E.S.E.T. (Restoring Exciting Soundsystem Entertainment Together), namely the aim of creating a unified playing field for clash and juggling sounds.

"I am more than honored to be officially working with King Addies, a sound that I grew up following and emulating when I was young," says Garfield "Chin" Bourne of irish and Chin. "I have the utmost respect for King Addies. Frankly, everyone on my team is excited about this addition to our management roster and prides themselves with the role we will play in their growth."

While Irish and Chin has laid out many worthwhile future plans for King Addies, it's global touring and international competitions that will take precedence. Irish and Chin would like to secure worldwide bookings and tours for King Addies, which will ultimately expand their presence and fanbase.

This historical sound should be afforded infinite opportunities based on their undeniable impact on the Caribbean diaspora. Among numerous accomplishments, Irish and Chin has successfully marketed and managed Mighty Crown for over 13 years, resulting in global exposure, huge endorsements and high profile performances. The Caribbean entertainment firm plans to create a marketing strategy for King Addies, which will enable them to reach their full potential.

"I own one of the world's greatest sounds. King Addies is my lifelong investment and passion and I would like to see my sound remain relevant for years to come, " says Eton, King Addies' Owner. "Working with Irish and Chin is the best way to move forward."

Without any question, King Addies is credited for being the "architect" of high caliber style clashing. Their intense activity and track record during the Biltmore "Golden Era" of sound clash (a period in America that ranged from the 80's to the 90's) is unprecedented and heralded by nearly every selector, sound system and clash fan in the arena. It's King Addies style that has served as the blueprint for American clash culture. The future of King Addies sound is just as bright as it's illustrious past. The sound has been refreshed with new faces that boast the talent and skills to carry on it's huge legacy. The sound's lineup includes King Pin, Killa Bo, A1 and Swugee Don.


Irish and Chin runs a Caribbean entertainment empire, with a sound system foundation. The company offers clients management, marketing, publicity and promotions under one umbrella. For more than 10 years, Irish and Chin has managed Mighty Crown, playing a significant role in their successful career.

Praised for their big league sound system competition "World Clash" (Canada, U.K., Antigua) and other signature events like "Death Before Dishonor," "Reeewind," "45 Shoot Out," "U.S. Rumble," "Battle of the Legends" and more, Irish and Chin has made quite a name for themselves as reputable promoters and event producers.

In 2009, Irish and Chin added theater to their growing resume. With this expansion, Irish and Chin has made a significant impact on Jamaican theater in the U.S., exposing thousands of theatergoers to top notch Jamaican "Roots Theater" plays.

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Rebel T to charge Pouchies for use of his Sound System

Posted on 1st February, 2013

Rebel T sound system recently triggered some amount of controversy in the local music industry, by instituting a new rule whereby the sound has refused to allow 'pouchies' (selectors not connected to a sound), to use its equipment to play at parties.

"If a pouchie wants to play on Rebel T, he has to pay $10,000, that is negotiable. The pouchies dem a undercut the market and they don't have to pay the capital cost of having a sound system, boxes and carrying equipment all over the island. The promoters are willing to pay disc jockeys $60,000 and dem caan draw the people dem that we draw," Rebel T owner Father Dozer said. "When we book for an event, we string up from 3 p.m. and we have to pay early selectors to build the vibe, but they want to show up at 2 a.m., use our equipment for free, and leave. That can't work anymore." Dozer said that, in order to survive, major dancehall sound systems have to be creative and cut costs. "Because of the Noise Abatement Act, there are not that many promoters willing to take a chance to keep an event, so we have been earning less and less over the years, so we have to keep adapting to survive in this business," he reasoned.

Rebel T has carved out an enviable reputation as a 'juggling' sound over the years. Started in 1995, Rebel T sound originated in Portmore, St Catherine, and 18 years later, the sound is still packing parties from Jamaica to North America and Europe.

With selectors Najeer, Craig, Garnet Silvera and Eddie Famous at the controls, Rebel T has remained a potent force on the sound-system scene.

One of the proudest moments in the sound's stories history was the night that the sound decimated Bodyguard en route to winning the Guinness Sounds of Greatness 2008.

surprised everybody

"When we killed Bodyguard at the Guinness show, that was our greatest dancehall moment. Along the way, we defeated Fire Links, Bass Odyssey, and we whipped Bodyguard in the finals. People were very surprised that we did so well because we were known as a juggling sound at the time, but we surprised everybody and beat everyone," Father Dozer recalled.

Over the years, the sound has racked up an impressive array of awards, including Best Sound for three consecutive years at the Portmore Awards 2000 through 2003, Best Spending Crew at the Caan Cool Dancehall Promotions in 2003, and Best Juggling Sound at the Dancehall Awards 2004. The sound has performed at events all over the world, the majority of the gigs in North America, England and Rebel T even went to Ghana in 2010.

"We are booked every weekend, overseas and local. Rebel T is in demand, we have remained relevant over the years, we are one of the few sound systems that have lasted almost 20 years, and we're still standing," Dozer said.

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