January 2013


Super Bowl organisers goes for Jamaica Patois accent to promote big game day

Posted on 30th January, 2013

Media outlets in the US are questioning whether a new VW Super Bowl television commercial involving the use of the Jamaican patois is racist.

The advertisement portrays a Caucasian man who insists on speaking to everyone he comes into contact with in the Jamaican accent. This goes viral among his circle of friends and co-workers, and soon everyone in the commercial is speaking in a mock-Jamaican accent. 

Among those criticising the VW commercial is the Wall Street Journal's Christopher John Farley who said the accent is a problem because it did not come from Jamaicans.

But Tim Mahoney, VW America's marketing officer, is defending the commercial. He said the company talked to about 100 Jamaicans in the research and none complained about the use of the patois.

The commercial, which up to late Monday night had more than 100,000 hits on Youtube, has 
also received reactions from Jamaicans and international viewers. 

The majority of the Jamaican viewers gave it the thumbs up and expressed the view that it was not racist or offensive.

Tommy Lee force to cancel Canadian Tour

Posted on 30th January, 2013

Tommy Lee Sparta was forced to postpone a string of events for his Shook tour of Canada after doctors ordered the deejay to rest.

Music News understands that doctors recommend that Tommy Lee Sparta refrain from flying for a week.

The Shook tour dates for Canada slated to take place this weekend, has been rescheduled February 22, 23 and 24. The venues remain the same for the Montreal and Toronto shows.

Meanwhile, in a release, Tommy Lee Sparta’s management say that all tickets purchased for the original dates will be honored. The release further states that the entertainer is disappointed that his slated projects are being delayed.

The source of Tommy Lee Sparta’s ailment is unknown.

Video : Noisey Jamaica Features Popcaan Episode 2

Posted on 30th January, 2013

Yesterday Noisey premiered the second episode in its dancehall series, Noisey Jamaica, executive produced by Snoop Lion, where we meet Vybz Kartel protege Popcaan as he performs his hits, chills with Shabba Ranks, and walks us through Jamaican club culture and fashion. The emerging star was most recently featured on "Lighters Up," one of Snoop Lion's new tracks off his reggae album, Reincarnated, and will make an appearance in the upcoming VICE-produced music video for the track!

Tifa gets six Youth View Awards Nominations

Posted on 30th January, 2013

Perhaps 2012 was the best year in the seven-year career of dancehall artiste Tifa, but it was also probably the worst year of her career as well.

Latifa Brown, the uptown girl who took the unlikely route of pursuing a career in dancehall after obtaining a degree from the University of the West Indies (UWI), has had to overcome barriers and adversity to become one of the most-talked-about female entertainers in Jamaica today.

And with a new album on the way, she seems destined for even greater levels of stardom.

But with all the success, she has had to contend with squabbles with fellow female entertainers and what she believes to be attempts made to derail her career by persons who don't believe she belongs.

Year 2012 started out for Tifa with her winning six Youth View Awards, including Female Entertainer of the Year. It was a great start but alas, it wouldn't always be that way.

"Even though 2012 was a very monumental year, it was a very sad year because ... it's funny, even though you know not everybody is going be happy for you, you expect that, being as though, one, I am a woman, and, two, I had to break so many more barriers than everybody else," she said.

"Not only as a woman but also as an artiste, when I started everybody was like, 'Oh, she used to go UWI; wha a university graduate a do a sing dancehall? Oh, she brown and she cute and she live uptown. Oh, her foot dem ben' up (Tifa suffers from Blount's disease, a growth disorder of the tibia that causes the lower leg to angle inwards) nobody naa go tek har.' I had to break through all those barriers. I had to make a conscious decision to just do me, and if dem tek it, dem tek it, or if dem don't, dem don't. I had to break through all those barriers for people to start listening and say, 'Hey, the words, the lyrics, the melodies wha' a come out of her mouth actually mek sense.'"

She recalled that when the year started, she had tours lined up and she had shows booked, but then she went on to win the awards, the knives came out. "It was like, 'Oonu really a go mek she reach so far?' Operation Tek Down Tifa time," she said.

She claims she didn't celebrate her YVA awards success because it was just like a dream.

"It was so surreal. Only Kartel and dem people de do dem tings deh," she said. However, instead of bringing her joy, her success brought her much pain. She lost friends, and suddenly everybody, she said, had nothing but bad things to say, despite the fact that she was among the dominant female entertainers whose songs were on the radio, who were being requested for shows, and so on.

From then on, 'people', she said, starting blocking her from shows, telling promoters not to sign her to shows they were on, mistreating her on shows she performed on, and telling lies and spreading rumours about her.

Technical glitch

The one that hurt the most was that she used expletives during her performance at the Grand Gala to mark Jamaica's 50th anniversary celebrations.

She vehemently denies this, blaming a technical glitch for the perception that drove the rumour.

"The feed tripped out. People who were there know I didn't curse, and it was hell," she said.

"It was just a real ridiculous hard year. There were times when I was like, 'Me a go dun wid this, me cyaa bodda. It's not worth it.'"

But then 2012 was such a good year for her, she has to continue. The six YVA's nominations again this year are proof of that. She believes this year's nominations serve as vindication.

"But not only for the YVAs but for everybody else. Irrespective of what was done to me, I had a wonderful 2012. I was nominated for the Kenyan awards, Hold On was my second number one outside of Jamaica. Hold On is still on the charts, like three, four months now, and I am still booking tours, so I still came out triumphant."

As such, she is looking forward to attending the YVAs this year.

"It's the only night, other than a wedding, that you get to put on a gown and dress up like a princess," she said.

Going forward, Tifa is aiming even higher as she begins the process of breaking through globally in a manner similar to that which has been achieved by Patra, one of her idols; Sean Paul and Shaggy, arguably the most successful dancehall artistes in Jamaican history.

She recognises that she cannot afford to be complacent.

"Oh, so you won six awards. You're grateful for them, but they can't take you to the next level," she said.

"You're grateful for the appreciation, but there's more work to be done. If I can be the Jamaican Madonna, why not? Since Patra, nobody no tek it pan da level deh. People have had success, like collaborations with people, but they haven't really took it there like a Shabba, Patra, Sean Paul or Shaggy. If I can take it to that level, why not?"

First album

She speaks proudly of her first album Twisted Footprints due out after the first quarter of the year and which she says reflects her journey as a woman and as an artiste.

"It's 21 or 22 tracks. The majority of the album is songs you have not heard before. It has interludes, it has skits, it has features. It's like a storybook. Initially, I was going name it T.I.F.A (This Is For Anyone), because there is something on it for everyone."

She said there are songs about child abuse, virginity, heartbreak, unity and more.

Mainly because of her success in the world of dancehall, Tifa was named a brand ambassador for telecommunications company Digicel in 2010. She joined an elite group of Jamaicans, including Olympic champions Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, as well as Miss Universe runner-up Yendi Phillipps. She says she feels honoured to be among them.

"I was elated and still am elated," she said.

"I am a part of an elite group with the fastest man in the world, the fastest woman in the world, I-Octane, somebody that placed second in Miss Universe. I am part of some amazing people. Out of 2.7 million people, they chose me. I get a platform to showcase me. I get a platform to motivate people, not only with my music, but to say, 'Look here, for everybody who thinks, oh, I am in a wheelchair, or my face cut up or I am too dark, anything is possible once you work hard at it."

Snoop Lion promises to invest in Jamaica despite criticism

Posted on 30th January, 2013

Members of the Rastafarian community have criticised Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg), alleging that the rapper turned reggae artiste is not sincere in his conversion to the Rastafarian movement.

According to the anti-Snoop Lion Rastafarians, the hip-hop icon has failed to meet the contractual, moral and verbal commitments of the Rastafarian community.

The questions about Snoop Lion's authenticity became a concern to some Rastafarians after the rapper released a premiere of his upcoming documentary called Reincarnated, which depicts his conversion to Rastafarianism. However, members of the Rastafarian community in Jamaica allege that Snoop Lion is only seeking to make a profit off the Rastafarian culture.

According to Rastafarian and former member of the Third World band, Michael 'Ibo' Cooper, who has been a member of the Rastafarian community since 1972, Snoop Lion should not be judged by other humans, because the Almighty is the ultimate judge. He also questioned the need for a Rastafarian contract.

"I don't know of people having financial contract to the Almighty. The only person who Snoop has to answer to is the Almighty and I say that without apology. We are a post-Christ philosophy so we can't judge people. As a matter of fact, some of his very critics are not living the required life either. So I don't think we should be judging others. We must allow man and woman to embrace consciousness," Ibo said.

He also shared a lesson he learnt from Bob Marley. "I asked Bob Marley once what he thought about some Rastas who were wearing the colours but were not true to the movement, and Bob Marley said to me, 'At least the consciousness a touch dem', so that is one of the reason I respect Bob, so in this case at least the consciousness is touching Snoop Lion," Ibo Cooper said.

"If Snoop tries to manipulate the Almighty he will find himself in problems with the Almighty. But not in the court of man or having to pay a fine, no sah. That is between Snoop and the Almighty, I cyah judge no man. I embrace Snoop as a brother, but if him nuh sincere that is his and the Almighty business," Ibo Cooper concluded.

VIDEO:Elephant Man And Baby Cham Rocking Reggae World Unity Fest

Posted on 30th January, 2013

Dancehall veterans shined at this year’s Reggae World Unity Festival in Miami last week.

The show saw some fine performances from the likes of Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Elephant Man, and Baby Cham. The show also saw some solidperformances from dancehall newcomers including Tifa and Roman Virgo.

Cham took the stage lyrically armed with classic hits including “Gallang Ya Gal” and “Bumper Kart.”

Elephant Man showed the audience why he is called the energy god,

Watch footage from Baby Cham and Elephant Man performing at Reggae World Unity Festival 2013 below.

Spice Inks New Management Deal

Posted on 30th January, 2013

Dancehall artiste, Spice, has inked a new management deal with Building Block Entertainment.

Spice whose correct name is Grace Hamilton says, "This deal has been in the works for quite some time and I'm happy it has now materialized. The only thing that was missing before was a management deal because I already had the other aspects in place, such as the booking agency and the publicity. So I'm really happy about the deal with Building Block Entertainment, because these are managers with international experience who came together to form the company and I know that with the well-rounded team that I now have, it will help to catapult my career to the next level."

Spice's bookings are currently done by Ray Alexander of the Kool Booking Agency, while her public relations is done by Kavelle Christie of Blueprint Publicity and Promotions Ltd.

The first single from the Building Block Entertainment camp, is Spice's Nincompoo, featuring bites of Capelton's early hit, Pure Sodom (Me Nuh Like Dem) which will be premiered on DJ Sunshine's program tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4pm on Irie FM.

Kingston Stands Unrivalled - Creative City Concept Still Strong Within Jamaica's Capital

Posted on 30th January, 2013

Is Kingston officially Jamaica's creative city? The creative city was a concept that was put forward by urbanist Charles Laundry in the 1980s to reflect the notion that countries can achieve development through creativity, open-mindedness, imagination and harnessing the cultural credentials of its people.

The philosophy behind creative cities is that there is always the existence of creative potential in a place. It explores the idea that proper conditions are needed for people to think, plan and act in accordance with their creative imagination.

With the relevant condition provided, creative minds can develop themselves or their community using the tools at their disposal.

Does Kingston fit into that category?

According to Dr Donna Hope, it does. She even expounded on the nature of Kingston, making mention of creative products outside of music.

"A creative city is one that incorporates cultural diversity and creative innovation within its boundaries so that its cultural resources are exploited and expressed. It is one in which particular urban cultural resources exist and are used to express the cultural specificity of that city and by extension its people and country," she continued.

"Kingston does fit into this classification because it stands as a primary location in Jamaica where specific urban cultural resources exist and are brought to life in diverse ways. For example, there is the utilisation of sites like Devon House and Port Royal and the existence of multiple art galleries and related locations. In addition, the role of Kingston is central in the development and showcasing of multiple cultural products around particular areas of our indigenous culture such as language, comedy, fashion, food, dance, sports, visual arts, performing arts, literature and so many others," she said.

The capacity of Kingston to enhance one's creative ability has contributed to the migration of creative minds to the capital. Hence, making it harder for rural areas to become creative cities in their own right, a situation which might resemble brain drain.

Reggae/dancehall artistes like the legendary Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Tony Rebel, Coco Tea, Barrington Levy, Capleton, Ninja Man and I-Octane among others are all migrants from rural areas. However, in an effort to launch their careers, they relocated to Kingston, the creative city.

The contribution of Kingston to the legacy of Jamaican music is undeniable and despite the growth and development of other parishes like Montego Bay, Kingston still continues to be the mecca for creative minds.

What is also noticeable is that even though some rural areas have achieved credible levels of development, they have failed to pose a threat to Kingston's dominance as the creative city.


While Montego Bay is the closest to Kingston as a creative city, a significant example of the difference between the two is the rise of dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta.

Tommy Lee Sparta was a recording artiste based in Montego Bay for more than two years.

However, it was only when the artiste decided to make the move to Kingston that he was he able to take his career to new heights.

According to Tommy Lee's publicist Keona Williams, Kingston has the right structure in place.

"I think how the structure is set up makes it easier for music to be successful. There are a lot of studios here and more people to work with from the industry. It also has more resources. Adding to that, Kingston has more competition and that pushes artistes to work harder," Williams said.

The cultural potency of Kingston as the creative city remains undisputed and indomitable. Dr Hope calls Kingston the hub of Jamaica's creativity.

"Kingston, in the development of Jamaican popular music, remains an important factor in the centrality of this city to Jamaica's location as a global cultural/creative hub. Visitors to the island who are interested in Jamaican culture usually have to make a visit to Kingston to ensure that they 'ground' with many of the sites and people who remain central to the cultural and creative energies that are both Kingston and Jamaican," Dr Donna Hope concluded.

Bob Marley is now regarded as an international musical legend, however, would he have achieved that kind of success if he had stayed in St Ann in an effort to launch his career?

T.O.K aiming for new heights 2013: explains their low output for past  couple years

Posted on 30th January, 2013

Having recently freed themselves from a suffocating recording contract, reggae/dancehall group T.O.K. is poised to reclaim its place in the music industry in 2013. According to producer and group member, Flex, the group suffered at the hands of the international label to which they had been signed.

"We never stopped performing or touring since we did Foot Prints in 2006 and followed up with Guardian Angel. However, since that time, we have had crazy issues with our record label. They gave us a lot of restrictions as to who we could record for, and we were prevented from recording with long-standing producers who we had developed lasting relationships with. So we were basically going through a process of freeing ourselves from the contract," Flex said.

The artiste says the record label threatened to file lawsuits against producers who recorded T.O.K. They, therefore, had to keep a low profile as their recording options were limited.

The group is now officially free of the contract and intends to pick up on the success of 2006.

"Right now we are working with our own record label, X.C.A.R records, and with the new label, we are acting as executive producers for our next album, which will be promoted and distributed through JVC Company in Japan. We are back now and will be able to give the fans what they want," Flex said.

T.O.K's upcoming album is titled 4 Eva and gives an account of the decade-long journey of the artistes. According to Flex, despite their absence from the scene in Jamaica, the group's international fan base remains intact.

"We still have our market. It never left. We are still the biggest dancehall name in Japan. Our market is still present and JVC is the same company that used to work with our previous label, so the response to us should still be positive," he continued.

Poor management

"When we came into the industry, we weren't ignorant of the business aspect, but we had poor management, however, now, our management is handled by our own label. It's never easy to manage a solo artiste, much less a group, but 2013 is definitely going to be a positive year for us," Flex said.

The album will be released in Japan in April of this year and the other release dates will be dependent on the build-up in the Japanese market.

In addition to a new album, the group has been busy working with producers like Seanizzle, Stephen McGregor, Penthouse, as well as up-and-coming producers. Flex and Bay-C have also formed Xplosive records and Bombrush records, respectively.

A new music video is also in rotation for a single called The Voice. The video was shot in Israel, and according to Flex, the response has been favourable. The artiste is also asking for more reggae music to be played locally.

"I think sometimes the selectors forget that dancehall and reggae music are both products of Jamaica. The reggae songs are still hitting, which means there is still a market for it. There are artistes like Christopher Martin and Romain Virgo who are doing good reggae music, but they are not being played much, but the people still love their music, so play it," Flex said.

Flex encourages selectors to open their eyes and realise that Jamaican music is valued by international audiences. He also wants both reggae and dancehall music to be played objectively.

Flex is also producing a new album for dancehall duo Monster Twins.

Ity and Fancy Cat to host Comedy Café

Posted on 30th January, 2013

"Yes, some good old kinteet vibes tun up inna Kingston city again, and we're glad for the chance to be in the thick of things."

That's the word from popular comedy duo Ity and Fancy Cat as they get ready to play hosts for the new live entertainment series Comedy Café, which is set to start Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. at South Beach Café, Brompton Road, Kingston.

Comedy Café will showcase an exciting variety of performances along with the very best in local and international stand-up comedy on the last Wednesday of each month. The series will also offer innovative open-microphone opportunities and giveaways, and each event will see the audience engaged in hilarious inter-active fun and games.


Featured acts for this first serving of laughter at Comedy Café include the award-winning Shady Squad Dancers and Rohan Gunter and Kathy Grant, both of whom were outstanding onstage and were overwhelming crowd-pleasers at the 2012 'Christmas Comedy Cook-up' held at the Wyndham Kingston hotel.

Along with the irreverent improvisations and incisive impersonations that characterise their comedy, Ity and Fancy Cat have also developed a repertoire of games, gags, and gimmicks guaranteed to enliven and animate any gathering. With their years of work as MCs/facilitators on road shows with Courts Jamaica Limited and as hosts at clubs like Cactus and the popular Asylum, which closed its doors in 2009, the duo bring a wealth of experience to the role of hosts for Comedy Café

Plans for the new series were unveiled at a laughter-filled media launch last Tuesday evening, which featured greetings from Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment Damian Crawford, a side-splitting performance from Dr Michael Abrahams, and a novel 'keynote conversation' that replaced the regular speech that's usually given at these launches.

Presold tickets are going fast. For more information, patrons may contact Natalie Rush or Stephanie Philips at Ellis International by calling Comedy Café laughter line at 408-4411.

The real story behind 'Action' greatest dancehall duet of all times

Posted on 27th January, 2013

THE year was 1993. Twenty-five year-old singer Nadine Sutherland and teenaged deejay Terror Fabulous are brought together by producer Dave Kelly to record a duet Kelly had penned titled Action.

This collaboration between Sutherland who had been on the music scene since she was 11 years old and the up-and-coming Fabulous would take them to places beyond their wildest dreams.

"I had just returned to Jamaica from England where I had gone in search of a record deal," remembers Sutherland. "At the time reggae and dancehall artistes were being signed internationally. There was Shabba, Diana King, Patra, Cobra, so I wanted a deal too."

She started doing a number of dancehall demos for various producers including Kelly and one of the tracks was Action.

"Once it was released the song just took off both locally and overseas -- initially in the ethnic markets of North America and England," says Sutherland.

And with this surge an accompanying music video was a must.

"I went around to all the major dance studios casting dancers and incorporated some of the popular dance moves of the time, including the World Dance into the choreography," she recalls.

The result was a visual which took Action from the ethnic markets to the world via American cable television giants BET, VH1 and MTV.

Action climbed to number 43 on the Billboard Hot 100. And recently, Vibe magazine listed it at number 19 in its 50 Greatest Duets of All Time.

For Sutherland, there were so many big moments, thanks to Action. However, she sees the song as a blessing and a curse. She was able to secure the record deal she so badly sought, getting signed to Elektra, while Terror Fabulous was inked to East West Records, a subsidiary of that label.

But the pressure was now on for a follow-up hit.

"Action was so ridiculously huge, it took us all over the world and exposed us to so much that we were both pressured to reproduce what we had done with the tune."

Today, Sutherland is extremely protective of the mentally-fragile Terror Fabulous and speaks very little of his unfortunate situation.

As for her career, she is optimistic about the progress of her latest track Karma which she says is on reggae charts in North America, Europe and Africa, but notes that there can never be another Action.

"I never look for another hit. Action will always be Action. I can only do my best and see where the other works take me."

Did Shebada really put Lena British on blast?

Posted on 27th January, 2013

Following the popularity of a recording made by actor Keith 'Shebada' Ramsey, dancehall personality Lena British says she is not the woman the actor was referring to.

Suffering from the flu at her home in the United Kingdom, Lena British says she was awakened by phone calls this week from persons claiming that they heard a voice note with Shebada hurling insults at her.

In the voice note that was laced with insults, Shebada said, "Dawn, tell Lena nuh hate yuh fi yuh age...A wah do Lena British? Mi will class har enuh...Tell Lena fi leave yuh alone 'cause yuh cute..Tell Lena seh she used to tek Assassin and Assassin lef har."

But Lena British, who lives in England, is insisting that she is not the woman in question. She said when she heard about it initially she did not believe, as she does not know Shebada personally.

"I didn't take notice of it but when I put my phone down, my BlackBerry had about a hundred messages on there and I started getting phone calls,".

"I don't know that Lena British that Shebada is talking about, but it is not the one in England, it is not me. It doesn't sound good because nobody is aware of that Lena British, they know me. You are going to have people thinking that it is me," she said.

While she has responded to several people, she says she is unable to respond to everyone since the recording has found its way on several popular websites.

"I could not defend myself to so many people. I don't want anybody to think that I am having an affair with a married man (dancehall artiste Assassin) 'cause that is not me, that's not what I am about," she said.

After much effort, Lena British said she eventually got in contact with Shebada's manager who also confirmed that she was not the woman the actor was referring to. Following that, Shebada also released another voice note stating that the recording was done over a year ago about another person, who also goes by the name Lena British.

"Mi send out a voice note early last year to one a mi friend a Cayman name Dawn seh wi a chat Lena British from Cayman. Mi nuh know Lena British from England, a hear mi hear bout her. And she a veteran inna di business, so mi nuh want people get the thing twisted. Is not Lena British from England mi a talk, so don't get the thing twisted," he said. 

Aidonia gets his first one million view on youtube

Posted on 27th January, 2013

Aidonia currently working on his debut album and a JOP mixtape, had arguably, his most successful year in 2012, since his emergence eight years ago. However, the artiste was snubbed by at least two popular award shows, ending his successful year on a somber note.

According to Aidonia's manager Lav Lawrence, 2012 was a productive year and he is not upset over Aidonia's omission from the awards.

"I wouldn't say something went wrong on our part because the fans are saying a completely different thing. They are asking why he wasn't nominated. But Aidonia is one of the artiste who is always getting a fight. For 2013, we are definitely going to take the positives from 2012 and just continue to work and work harder," Lav said.

Aidonia received his first one million views on in 2012 for his single Tan Tuddy, a song which was not nominated for song of the year. Lav believes the social network fan base is growing because Aidonia's is moving from the underground market.

"The views have increased because he is more visible, he is doing more videos now but before this he was sorta underground. He didn't go to parties nor stuff like that. For this year we have a series coming up called Run Road, where fans will even get a chance to see the life of Aidonia. We are going to show the stage shows we did in 2012 as well as the recording process how he does his songs, because he doesn't write. So people will see how he comes up with his music," Lav said. 
As it relates to Aidoina's clean slate last year in regards to controversy Lav said: "There is no competition for him right now, he is doing positive songs and he is aiming in a good direction. The music has changed and nobody is fuelling any feud, it's only December you have feuds right now. So for the 11 other months in the year positive music is what we are about," Lav said.

As it relates to Aidoina's clean slate last year in regards to controversy Lav said: "There is no competition for him right now, he is doing positive songs and he is aiming in a good direction. The music has changed and nobody is fuelling any feud, it's only December you have feuds right now. So for the 11 other months in the year positive music is what we are about," Lav said.

Is Dancehall artiste Khago and I-Octane at war again?

Posted on 27th January, 2013

Well that's the question on most lovers of dancehall music are now asking.

Remember I Octane did a song in which he said 'A Me Mek him Pants miss a loop'.

In Jamaica when a man pants miss a loop, they said you are getting 'BUN'. Meaning that your woman (wife) is cheating on you.

I Octane recently released a single call "Gyal A Gimmi Bun", well base on him saying that he make a man pants miss a loop, its his time to get bun.

Well, in the past Octane and Khago who were once friends seems to be at war again.

Khago have counteracted Octane's 'Gyal A Gimmi Bun' almost word for word in his latest track call 'Marina Stretch Out'.

In octane song he said 'Marina stretch out, It look like me and him wear di same size, cause mi can't find mi new shoes dem"

So Khago is the bunna man?..

He's the one who drank out octane Juice dem..

Will Octane reply to Khogo's song?

Markus Myrie to drop new 'Bar Bounce' Riddim

Posted on 27th January, 2013

MARKUS Myrie, son of dancehall great Buju Banton, recently released the Bar Bounce rhythm on his Markus Records.

Myrie, who had a prolific 2012, is confident this latest project will maintain his momentum.

Songs by Ninja Kid, Elephant Man, Khago, Mavado, and Flexx are on the Bar Bounce. Also, a collaboration with Beenie Man and Future Fambo titled Let’s Make a Toast.

Myrie, who is also a deejay, contributes Bar Haffi Sell featuring Blak Ryno.

The 19-year-old has been working with a number of upcoming acts in recent months, signing Bryka and D’East and recording songs by Versatile and K.I.

Myrie says a high point for him last year was the track Bad Mind Dem a Pree by I Octane and Bounty Killer. Based on its success, a number of artistes have approached him to work with Markus Records.

The 5th Gear and Beating Stick rhythms were other 2012 projects by the label.

Vagina vote off

Posted on 27th January, 2013

BlackBerry Messenger, commonly referred to as BBM, is currently being used as a forum to conduct a contest involving pictures of various scantily clad or nude women competing for small cash prizes 

Recently individuals came across a BlackBerry Broadcast Message, which thoroughly listed the criteria for individuals to participate in a vote-off for who had the best breast. The winner was promised $500 phone credit. 
An excerpt of the broadcast message read: "Best Breast day today enuh!!! Di breast has to be out of clothing ... completely naked. In order to even qualify. Only di first 10 breasts will be entered ... Mek sure di pics dem clear ...(and di breast naffi big)." 
The same individual later displayed a picture that was a compilation of the breasts that were chosen for the competition. Each set was assigned a number to be used as a guide for potential voters during the contest. 
Investigations by our news team revealed that the broadcast message was created by a 24-year-old woman who goes by the moniker 'Foxy-Boo'. 
Foxy-Boo, who also sells adult sex toys and hosts adult parties such as orgies, explained that she has been doing these competitions for more than two years. 

She said, "It all started at first for fun and comments, but due to the response I was receiving, I was like yuh know what, why not mek dem girls feel good and get a credit." 
Foxy also said that there are different categories that focus on various body parts namely: "breast, vagina, bottom, tongue, best piercing, sexiest lips and penis." 
She said, "The vagina pics auction is the one with the most participants, I will get over 30 pics, and so I have to have a cut-off point" 

When she was questioned about the highest votes a participant has ever received she responded "It all depends, but on average over 180 votes and is usually a vagina pic." 
Foxy-Boo said the competitions usually occur every two weeks. 
She elaborated, "I would send out a broadcast and persons on BBM would send me the picture of the body part requested in the broadcast message, and the person with the most votes would get phone credit ranging from $500 to $1,000." 

In terms of funding, Foxy-Boo said that she gets the prizes through; "Persons from my contact list would send me the credit, or promoters of parties and even some popular persons within the dancehall." 
When she was asked if she has ever received any backlash from her competitions she responded. "In the beginning, there were a few people who had a problem with it, and said I was downgrading women, but I told them that I don't believe that, I actually feel like I'm helping women to embrace and appreciate what they have." 

Serani Plans to take over 2013

Posted on 27th January, 2013

With a new company and his new recording studio finally complete, singer and producer Serani plans to make some major moves for 2013, a year in which he intends to significantly increase his musical output.

Born Craig Marsh, Serani received acclaim for work he did on Sean Paul's Trinity album having co-produced a couple of singles that appeared on the album, including the smash hit We Be Burning. He also produced theSmash album that featured Tony Matterhorn's mega-hit Dutty Wine.

These days the singer/producer is in partnership with Julian Jones-Griffiths at Rock Stone Media. They have already signed Deep Jahi, a promising young entertainer who won the 2012 Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition, and who has already made a mark with a number of singles that are performing well on the local charts.

They plan to release the singer's latest video Another Try by the end of this week and a mix tape is also to be released soon that will consist of songs by the young entertainer.

He is also focusing on pushing his single Paper that was released last year but which he says is now beginning to gain traction on local radio and on the streets. Further push for the song will come in the form of an accompanying video that he plans to shoot "soon" and which he expects to release by February.

Serani just finished building a home studio, which he says will be the driving force behind his ambitions for 2013. "The studio is a big move because that is going to bring a lot more productivity," he said. Production work he does will generate growth that will then allow him to sign more artistes. "I have a number of young artistes that I want to work with in the future," he revealed.

Among the many objectives Serani plans to achieve this year is the release of his own album. He admits that there is no timetable set for the album release but states confidently that it will be out for 2013.

"My album is definitely coming out sometime this year but there is the mix tape which is coming out before." The album will showcase a combination of styles, he said. "It's going to be somewhat old school mixed with my new flavour. Definitely no island pop or anything like that," he said.

Serani also reveals an intention to release several one-drop 'juggling' songs featuring Sizzla, Anthony B, Chrisinti, Tanya Stephens and Taurus Riley throughout the course of the year. Working with these artistes, he feels, will help bring recognition to Rock Stone Media and position it for greater things in the years to come.

Mavado settles Sting deposit issue with Bogdanovich

Posted on 27th January, 2013

DownSound Records boss, Joseph Bogdanovich who recently demanded a refund from Mavado following his non-appearance at Sting last year says the issue has been dealt with.

Talks of a refund surfaced after Mavado made statements during a recent television interview which suggested that his non-appearance at Sting was due to a payment issue.

But Joseph Bogdanovich quickly fired back, calling Vado’s statement untrue.

Joe is currently working with Supreme Promotions on Sting’s 30th anniversary celebration.

Cash Flow Records to tour Europe

Posted on 27th January, 2013

Cashflow records is gearing up to embark on its first tour as a record label. It is customary for recording artistes to go on tours to market their product, however, Cashflow Records is focused on international networking this year, and the tour is seen as the first step towards tapping into the international market.

As said by disc jockey and producer Cashflow DJ Neil, 2013 is about capturing the sky.

"This tour is not the first for Cashflow. We have been on tour in the past with Sojah which was a group with Konshens and his brother, but the difference is that this time we are not going with an artiste, we are going as the group Cashflow Records, the full package. For 2013, we are focused on putting in more work and this is an additional experience aside from touring with an artiste, so we are doing the sky," he said.

The tour will see the label utilising all its arms, ranging from production to juggling music at events.

"On this tour we will DJ, we have the sound thing going on and we have all the weekends booked so far. When we are not playing we will be doing production, recording, mixing and such. My brother Cashflow Xtreme will be there as well so he will be producing videos. So all the talents that Cashflow has will be exposed on the six-week tour, and the tour will last from the first week of February to the second week of March," DJ Neil said.

The record label has already confirmed five shows and is now bracing itself for the experience.

"We are going with an open mind and we have a team working with overseas. We are looking to do interviews on radio stations as well as play on radio stations, so we are definitely going to make a big statement," he continued.


"We hear about stories of mishaps that artistes endure on tours but we have our nerves in check and we are going with our eyes open. We are looking out for anything and everything and right now we are quite comfortable," he said.

The label's first stop will be the United Kingdom, the record label will be featured on events like Red & White - Affairs Of The Heart Aquarius & Pisces Link-Up on February 9 at Pardis Club; February 16, Luton; February 23, Bradford; and March 9, Club Da Boss Teacha's Pet.

Upon their return to Jamaica, the label will make preparations to go on two additional tours. One will see them travelling to Japan and the other will see them in Canada.

New rhythms will also be released like the Throwback and the Bell Footrhythms.

Jazz and Blues festival: Dancing up a storm on Jamaica night

Posted on 27th January, 2013

THERE was a full moon over the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium on Thursday, but this could have gone unnoticed as it was the stars on stage at the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival who shone brightest.

For the second year running, organisers went for an all-Jamaican line-up for opening night and the artistes chosen did not disappoint.

The performance of the night has to go to the ‘Reggae Ambassadors’ Third World who brought down the curtains.

Taking the stage at 2:20 am, Third World used the event as a kick-off to their 40th anniversary world tour, and delivered an entertaining set.

An exciting opener featuring a marching band would set the stage for a performance featuring all the favourites which have made this group popular — Sense of Purpose, Forbidden Love, Committed, Conscious Reggae Party, Reggae Ambassador, 96 Degrees, Magnet and Steel, Try Jah Love, Now That We Found Loveand more.

In a night of sparkling performances, Third World was not the only standout. Following closely was the duo Chaka Demus and Pliers.

The singer and deejay showed why they stamped their class on British charts back in the early 1990s.

Sounding crisp and clear, they had the ample audience dancing to hits like She Don’t’ Let Nobody, I Wanna be Your Man, Tease Me, Twist and Shout, Bam Bam and the mega hit, Murder She Wrote.

Another moment of high entertainment came from the quartet LUST, who turned the event into the reggae dance party it was billed. You’re the Inspiration, Run Free, Sweetness of Your Love, Just as I Am as well as solo hits from the members, went over well.

Cocoa Tea, the little man from Rocky Point in Clarendon, had the jazz audience eating out of his hands as he dropped a string of hits. So did ‘Mr Performer’ Ken Boothe who sang and danced into the hearts of many, his voice sounding crisp against the cool night air, belying his 50 years in the music industry.

Ernie Smith and Pluto Shervington dropped a ‘tune fi tune’ set — alternating their well-known hits from the 1970s.

Smith opened with Bend Down and Shervington followed with Dat Ting There; Smith’s Pitta Patta was answered by Shervington’s Your Honour; when Smith dropped Tears on My Pillow, Shervington answered with Ram Goat Liver; when its was time for Duppy Gunman from Smith, Shervington responded with I Man Born Yah. They would call a truce, closing with the duet That’s The Kind of People We Are.

There were two women on the line-up, Alaine and Nadine Sutherland. Sutherland would later confess to the Jamaica Observer that she was struggling with a bad case of food poisoning, but still got her audience going. Alaine warmed hearts with her set.

The dance party theme played out with deejay Admiral Bailey giving a De La Move master class during his well-received stint.

Patrons also danced through the sets of Eric Donaldson, Leroy Sibbles and Lloyd Lovindeer who closed with the hit Pocomania Day, in tribute to former Chalice singer Trevor Roper who died recently.

During the night, Ken Boothe and Third World were recognised for 50 and 40 years, respectively, in the Jamaican music industry.

I-Octane deal with Chug It Bombasticly

Posted on 27th January, 2013

Dancehall artiste I-Octane, fresh from his performance at Rebel Salute last Friday, soared to new heights during his energetic set at the anniversary of Rumbar Chug It beach party at Sugarman's Beach, Hellshire, Portmore, St Catherine, last Sunday.

During his performance, he belted lyrics from hits such as Badmind Dem A Pree, Mama You Alone, LOVE YOU, My Story, and the humorous tune Gal A Gimme Bun.

He took time out to big up Portmore artiste Vybz Kartel, who, he says, despite being in prison, is still the most-talked-about dancehall artiste today, which gave him numerous forwards. He dedicated the tune Study Yuh Friends to Kartel.

The artiste's set was cut short by police at the venue, and he made a hasty retreat off stage, closing by singing We Love The Vibes a capella.

Patrons partied for another 30 minutes before departing.

The anniversary brought out some big names from Worthy Park Estate Limited, whose brand Rumbar white overproof rum is the main sponsor of the event.

The list included Gordon Clarke, director of Worthy Park Estate Limited; Omar Mundy, demand specialist; Kingsley Leslie, regional sales coordinator; Austin Perry, demand specialist and Van Detrick Foster, regional sales coordinator. 

Rayvon and Red Fox aiming for the Billboard

Posted on 27th January, 2013

RED Fox and Rayvon, stalwarts of the New York City dancehall circuit, are eyeing a return to the Billboard charts with their latest song, No Other Like You.

The song was produced by New York- based Jamaican producer Musical Masquerade.

"The response has been positive so far. Based on the promotions that we have been doing in North America, Africa, Hawaii and Europe, the feedback has been phenomenal," said the producer.

No Other Like You was released digitally on January 15. It pits two stalwarts of American dancehall, who have been around since the early 1990s.

Rayvon first rode the Billboard charts in the mid-1990s with the song No Guns, No Murder. He also charted with My Bad, 2 Way and Pretty (Before I Go To Bed).

Born Bruce Brewster in Barbados, he is known to many Jamaicans as a close friend of Shaggy with whom he scored major hits including Angel, Nice and Lovely and In The Summertime.

Red Fox, whose real name is Gareth Shelton, migrated to the United States in 1986 and was raised in Brooklyn, New York.

He started his recording career for Peter McKenzie a veteran dancehall producer and owner of the independent label, FM Force.

He made his mark with songs like Come Boogie Down in 1988 and Down in Jamaica the following year.

In 1993, he signed with major label Elektra Records, which released his debut album, As a Matter of Fox, which featured tracks such as Dem a Murderer, I'm Gonna Take You Home, Ghetto Gospel and Golden Axe.

He followed-up with Face The Fox on VP Records. In 2005, the Alicia Keys/Red Fox reggae remix If I Ain't Got You, peaked at number four on the New York Reggae Singles Chart.

Shaggy not dead: victim of online hoax

Posted on 25th January, 2013

Reggae superstar Shaggy has become the latest victim of a cyber-death hoax after reports emerged online that he had been stabbed to death.

Rumours had suggested that he the singer and rapper, whose real name is Orville Burrell, had been involved in a bar brawl in LA and was stabbed and killed.

The 44-year-old Boombastic hitmaker set the record straight after the rumour mill went into overdrive, helped by social networking sites.The hash tag #RIPShaggy quickly began trending on Twitter in the US and fans flocked online for confirmation of his reported demise.One fan even turned to Wiki Answers to ask "Is the singer Shaggy really dead?"

A representative for the star told TMZ: "I can happily report that [Shaggy's] alive and kicking and in the same building as me right now as we speak."This is not the first time that Shaggy, best known for his No 1 UK and US hit It Wasn't Me, has had to deny hoax death reports.

In April 2012 rumours of his death, which had been trending on social network sites, spread across the web. 

Kanye West has also been the victim of a death hoax. In October 2009, reports appeared online that the US rapper had been killed in a "bizarre car crash" in Los Angeles.

During the same year, there were claims that Jurassic Park actor Jeff Goldblum had died in a fall on the set of a movie in New Zealand.

Bounty Killer - Push Over - Stop That Sound Riddim-Irie Ites Rec

Posted on 25th January, 2013

Bounty Killer is the man in dancehall right now and with his new song he is taking it back to the grass roots. Check out the new song below:

Is Serani Dissing Daseca?

Posted on 25th January, 2013

Remember last July when Serani broke away from the Daseca production team? At the time the situation seemed like an amicable split. “I’ve watched my partners Craig and David grow substantially through sheer hard work,” Serani said at the time. “I believe that I should give them room to spread their wings… They’re very very talented brothers.

I just believe that maybe we’d be better off doing out own thing. I’m not saying Daseca is split for good. Who knows what can happen in years to come? Craig and David are like my brothers, so no split and no negative vibe.” Well, that was then.

But today we received a new tune from Serani’s Rockstone Media that tells a different story. Although no names are mentioned, it seems like this one might be directed at his former partners. He even references the early Serani & Bugle hit “Doh” and updates the line, saying “Me never know some of me friend dem no like me.” Check the tune and decide for yourself. Audio After The Jump… 

“Me ah defend the paper, the dollar, the dollar” Run that…

NEW INTERVIEW Snoop talks bout Bunny Wailer

Posted on 25th January, 2013

Rohan Marley claims the entire Marley family is in support of Snoop Lion

Posted on 25th January, 2013

Snoop Lion just got the MARLEY FAMILY SEAL OF APPROVAL ... because Bob's son Rohan tells TMZ the reggae legend would've totally supported Snoop's Rastafarian rebirth. 

Rohan says he's well aware that an original member of the Wailers -- along with the Rastafari Millennium Council -- attacked Snoop ... claiming the rapper is nothing more than a Rasta Imposta.  

But Rohan says those guys have it all wrong -- telling us, "Our father's name should not even be mentioned in this issue because like a true Rasta, he would have embraced Snoop's reincarnation and welcomed the positivity."

He continues, "Why condemn a man for his love of Rastafari and Bob Marley?"

"We have been cool with Snoop before his transformation and he will continue to have our blessings and support."

Bunny Wailer claims Snoop Dogg is an impostor Ras

Posted on 25th January, 2013

REGGAE legend Bunny Wailer is not impressed by rapper Snoop Lion's (formerly Snoop Dogg) recent conversion to Rastafari.

Wailer is quoted by celebrity website as accusing Snoop of engaging in "outright fraudulent use of (the) Rastafari community's personalities and symbolism" — and has failed to meet "contractual, moral and verbal commitments" from Reincarnation, Snoop's docu-mentary looking at his conversion.

The weed-loving rapper is also under fire from the Rastafari Millennium Council, which issued a seven-page letter to Snoop, claiming in part, that "smoking weed and loving Bob Marley and reggae music is not what defines the Rastafari Indigenous culture!"

According to, the group wants Snoop to stop using the name 'Lion' and pay the "financial and moral support" they claim he promised them.

The report did not say what promises Snoop had made both parties.

Snoop Dogg told reporters in the United States that he converted to the Rastafarian faith after befriending a group of elders during a visit to Jamaica last year.

He has since recorded a number of reggae songs including La La La, a minor hit in the US.

Terror Fabulous Plans to make big come back in 2013

Posted on 25th January, 2013

His face bore a winning smile and there was a spark in his eyes when Terror Fabulous spoke with Splash yesterday.

A beret partially concealed a pile of unruly hair as he led the way into RC One Recording Studio in Portmore.

"Mi a go de inna di Observer!" he excitedly told one of his colleagues.

The deejay, who gained international fame in 1993 with Action (alongside Nadine Sutherland), had been missing for some years until a successful return at Rebel Salute on January 19.

The 38-year-old says he has battled a mental disorder for more than a decade.

"I have been on medication for more than 10 years and my doctor and those around me are very supportive," he said.

While at times he appeared confused, the father of one child is certain about one thing and that is his passion for music. A passion that sees him recording daily at RC One.

Among his latest releases are Blackberry, Party Time and Can This Be True featuring singer Andrew Melody.

"He has a lot of potential and still can ride any 'riddim'. Among all the artistes that comes here daily Terror Fabulous brings in the most money to the studio as persons from all over are requesting his dub plates," said Winston 'Jah Tuzz' Walters, owner/operator of RC One Studio.

With producers Dave Kelly, Patrick Roberts and Donovan Germain, Terror Fabulous recorded songs like Action, Glamorous, No Retreat No Surrender,

Kotch a Gal Yard and Gwaney Gwaney.

Produced by Kelly, Action was a worldwide hit. But although he is one of the most successful dancehall artistes of the 1990s, Fabulous says he has not received any royalties from his songs.

"I really want to collect as I have done a lot of work in the past.

I got a letter from ASCAP (publishing company) once but I have lost contact with them and can't really recall the details of the letter," he said.

Last Saturday, Fabulous returned to the big stage and delivered an heart-tugging set at Rebel Salute.

It ended with he and Sutherland performing Action and Anything For You, another hit they did.

Walters says he first met the deejay six years ago when he (Walters) returned from living abroad.

He believes Terror Fabulous still has what it takes to do well in the dancehall.

"He is on his medication and his system is working well with it so without a doubt 2013 will be his comeback year," said Walters. "We are in the process of getting back his travel documents as there are promoters who are ready to book him for shows."

Bounty Killer, Iyara, Kalado, Kqueens Gal Boss Riddim

Posted on 25th January, 2013

Snoop interview 106&park-reincarnted & his new name+Lighters Up

Posted on 25th January, 2013

Vybes kartel to remain behind bars

Posted on 23rd January, 2013

KINGSTON, Jamaica - A lack of jurors has postponed a murder trial for one of Jamaica's biggest dancehall stars.

The trial of Vybz Kartel was scheduled to start Monday in Jamaica's Home Circuit Court but it wasn't possible to seat enough jurors. The trial was rescheduled for May 27.

Kartel and five co-defendants were charged in October 2011 with the killing of a Jamaican man nicknamed Clive "Lizard" Williams. Authorities allege that Williams was beaten to death at Kartel's home in August of that year. The body has never been found.

Police allege they seized a phone which contains images of the slaying.

Kartel, whose real name is Adijah Palmer, is known for his violent, X-rated lyrics. His fans celebrate him as the most gifted performer in the brash reggae-rap hybrid of dancehall.

Busy Signal New Song 'If Dem think Dem Bad'. Madd!!

Posted on 23rd January, 2013

Busy signal is currently celebrating his freedom by taking over the dancehall completely. His latest offering 'If Dem think Dem Bad' is a sure hit. Check it out below. Hardcore dancehall is back!!

Cliff Twang remanded in jail

Posted on 23rd January, 2013

Clifton 'Clif-Twang' Brown, the man who rose to popularity with the catchy slang 'Nobody Canna Cross It', is in police lock-up after appearing in court for the lack of child maintenance.

A reliable sources close to the case explained that Brown, who has been back and forth in the Family Court, was taken into custody in December.

He has been granted $80,000 bail, however, he has not taken up the offer.

Brown is to appear in the Family Court on Thursday.

In August 12, 2011, it was reported that Brown was hauled before the courts by the mother of his children, his wife, for lack of child maintenance.

He was arrested and brought to the Family Court in 2011, after a summons was served on him by the Mavis Bank police.

The article stated that Brown had denied the complainant's allegations in court, and had stated that he had proof that he was paying regular child maintenance.

He was to take the proof of his regular payments to court. Brown became an overnight celebrity following the release of the immensely popular song Nobody Canna Cross It.

The remix was done by DJ Powa after Brown appeared on a newscast where he called on authorities to rebuild the bridge in his Mavis Bank community.

The song also was posted on American news station CBS' website.

Brown's cut-up received more than 1.6 million views on YouTube, and he later signed an endorsement deal with telecommunications giant LIME.

The Internet sensation then had said that he was not interested in becoming a dancehall artiste, as his wish was to pursue music in the gospel arena because he is a devoted Christian.

Busy Signal New Song 'Alright' Madd!!

Posted on 23rd January, 2013

Busy Signal taking over, Hardcore dancehall is back!!

Vybes Kartel features in Snoop Dog Documentary 'Noisy Jamaica'  first episode

Posted on 23rd January, 2013

Having been to Jamaica on a few occasions recently and even doing a reggae album, rapper Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop) is now the executive producer of a web series that was inspired by his visits.

The series, Noisey Jamaica: Dancehall, war aired for the first time yesterday on YouTube on Noisey's YouTube channel.

Jamaican-born producer of the show, Codine Williams, said the show was her idea but was fuelled by their trip to Jamaica with Snoop to film his Reincarnated documentary, as well as a recent video with Mavado and Popcaan.
"It is about the culture behind dancehall music. The music and everything surrounding it,".

She said they have filmed 10 episodes so far with artistes such as Tommy Lee, Popcaan, Gaza Slim, Konshens, I-Octane, Spice and Tifa. She noted that several topics will be discussed. Among them is Vybz Kartel's murder trial and his influence on modern dancehall, women in music and dancehall fashion.

While the first episode is about Vybz Kartel, subsequent shows will include a shopping spree with Tifa, driving around Jamaica with dancehall artiste Konshens, and performances by Spice, Lady Saw and Popcaan at Reggae Sumfest.
"It is not just the raunchy side of dancehall. We want to bring dancehall to a bigger international market. We want to educate people about dancehall," added the co-producer, Andy Capper.

While it will only be aired on YouTube, Williams says this is already a large audience. "At the moment, we are showcasing it world-wide. We have offices in 34 countries over the world and YouTube is worldwide," she said, noting that there are plans to film more episodes for the series.

Williams says she is also hoping that the series will have a positive impact on the country. "I hope it educates people more about dancehall, the country and the culture. Not a lot of people realise how rich the music is,".

Aidonia plans to takeover 2013

Posted on 23rd January, 2013

Dancehall artiste Aidonia had, arguably, his most successful year in 2012, since his break eight years ago. However, the artiste was snubbed by at least two popular award shows, ending his successful year on a sour note.

According to Aidonia's manager Lav Lawrence, 2012 was a productive year and he is not upset over Aidonia's omission from the awards.

"I wouldn't say something went wrong on our part because the fans are saying a completely different thing. They are asking why he wasn't nominated. But Aidonia is one of the artiste who is always getting a fight. For 2013, we are definitely going to take the positives from 2012 and just continue to work and work harder," Lav said.

Aidonia received his first one million views on in 2012 for his single Tan Tuddy, a song which was not nominated for song of the year. Lav believes the social network fan base is growing because Aidonia's is moving from the underground market.

"The views have increased because he is more visible, he is doing more videos now but before this he was sorta underground. He didn't go to parties nor stuff like that. For this year we have a series coming up called Run Road, where fans will even get a chance to see the life of Aidonia. We are going to show the stage shows we did in 2012 as well as the recording process how he does his songs, because he doesn't write. So people will see how he comes up with his music," Lav said.

Last year saw Aidonia moving from gun-slinging lyrics to female-oriented songs. Lav says the female fans were requesting a change.

"Over the years Aidonia's most loyal fans have been females and they were asking for more songs geared towards them. When we went to stage shows they are always representing, and we decided that we were gonna do more songs for them."

As it relates to Aidoina's clean slate last year in regards to controversy Lav said: "There is no competition for him right now, he is doing positive songs and he is aiming in a good direction. The music has changed and nobody is fuelling any feud, it's only December you have feuds right now. So for the 11 other months in the year positive music is what we are about," Lav said.

Aidoina is currently working on his debut album as well as a JOP mixtape. Members of the JOP camp like Tan Suh and Deablo have also released mixtapes, while ex-members like Suverto and Navino are focused on their solo careers.

Vybz Kartel asks MD to manage his PR/twitter/release records

Posted on 23rd January, 2013

Adidja Palmer has decided to give the green light to his co-author and business partner, Michael Dawson, to reveal to the public things about himself that he had previously chosen to keep private as he has always wanted to keep his personal and family life away from the intense public scrutiny that he has endured.

However, after being locked up without bail for nearly a year and a half, politicians still blame him for everything from scamming to teenage truancy to the increase in crime as he is constantly being portrayed as the root of all evil in Jamaica – this is a man who has never been convicted of a crime for his 37 years on earth. He believes he owes it to his children and mother to not sit like a lame duck and let Babylon demonize their father and son. Furthermore he hears crazy stories about him attempting to escape and once even shooting a guard in the process. Without an opportunity to defend himself, he has asked Dawson during their last visit to manage his Public Relations giving him the go-ahead to reveal lengthy discussions about the real Adidja Palmer that they had for months whilst writing their book, his reflections on life during their visits and to market the catalogue of positive music that he had made years ago but has been shunned by Disc Jockeys, sound systems and record companies doing compilations. 

He told Dawson during our last visit, “I am not worried about the case right now as Haile Selassie said justice will prevail, regardless of how long it takes – if a so Jah say, a so it go so I am at peace that the matter will be dealt with. I just don’t want my children and the youths of Jamaica to get the wrong impression of me. I am in no way perfect but I am not who Babylon says I am. I love Jamaica, I love the youths and when I am out I will 100% guarantee that I will be the man that will have the biggest positive effect on Jamaica since Marcus Garvey – mark my words, tell the people of Jamaica they can take that to the bank and not the IMF – “OH” (Kartel’s voice.) 

Dawson through his company Whirlwind Entertainment will immediately take control of Kartel’s twitter account “@iamthekartel” from his previous PR representative; will expand his social media reach and will periodically deliver “Conversations with Kartel” – a summary of hours of discussions they had in preparation for a Biography on the artist that they never got to complete. Dawson believes this is the best way for the people of Jamaica to know the man first hand rather than rely on unsubstantiated stories. Whirlwind Records (part of Whirlwind Entertainment) will also be putting out a series of compilations of songs that have been around for many years but have never been heard. Next month, Whirlwind will release Kartel’s first Roots and Culture album with a twist, a gospel/spiritual album is next and some stuff from Vybz Kartel that will shock the world.

Dawson explains that the visits are short and the environment is noisy so they don’t get to go into details but Addi is in good spirits. He misses his family terribly and prison life is tough but he is spending his days studying W.E. Dubois and Garveyism, he is currently staying away from all meat and he prays and meditates as much as he can. Many will be surprised by what he told Dawson about Popcaan and Black Rhyno.

Busy Signal featured in Major Lazer video

Posted on 22nd January, 2013

Dancehall artiste Busy Signal has been busy indeed since his release from prison last November. The artiste has been frequenting stage shows making up for lost time with fans.

Since his release, the artiste has also shot three music videos, two of which are for his singles Bout It and Defence, both on Foota Hype's Church Money Riddim.

His latest video shoot was with Major Lazer for the collaborative single Buyame (Watch Out Fi Dis).

Busy Signal explained that he recorded Buyame the same day he recorded his hit collaboration with No Doubt - Push and Shove. His verse was reworked however, and both Busy Signal and Walshy Fire admitted that the artiste didn't even recognise it when he heard it at the video shoot for the first time and much of his performance in the video was improvised.

The music video was shot by Jay Will, on location in Kingston.

Major Lazer's Walshy Fire explained that the music video will be like a blast from the past, specifically the '90s - one of the most lauded eras in music history.

"The video is going to be '90s retro themed - one of the best eras of dancehall music for me. The single has a'Murder She Wrote' kind of vibes to it so that inspired the concept of the video," the DJ said, adding that he went into his own closet for the clothes that he wore in the video which includes a linen suit that he says he wore to a Capleton concert back in the day.

The music video is expected to be released in another two weeks.

The video was shot here in Jamaica and features cameos from reggae artiste Chronixx alongside Shaggy and Eve. Walshy Fire confirmed Eve called him up personally while she was in Jamaica to work with him.

Mavado and Vybes Kartel only beneficiaries of the Gully/Gaza war

Posted on 22nd January, 2013

The now resolved Gully/Gaza feud which had the music industry split into two musical gangs, gave birth to two new dancehall icons.

However, the soldiers who traded lyrical bullets on their behalf gained nothing more than temporary popularity, while the bosses catapulted to the top of the dancehall ladder.

Correspondence with some of the artistes affiliated with the Gully/Gaza feud and they believe the bosses were the main beneficiaries after the smoke cleared.

According to Trippledose, Jahvinci's manager, the feud was all about the bosses.

"Mavado and Kartel were the backbone of their entity so everything was centred around the bosses. So no matter what the supporting artistes did, they could not get as much spotlight as the bosses. We know they are there but despite the fact that they helped to hold up the thing, dem neva get a fair chance to shine. It's not like the supporting artistes didn't have songs which were equally good or even better, but the leaders gave themselves preference," he said.

Trippledose also said Jahvinci is aiming to create his own fan base and will release a reggae album soon.

Flexx, former ghost writer and member of Mavado's Gullyside squad, says the success of the artistes largely depends on the character of the group leader.

Fame is a terrible thing

"It depends on how the leading artiste from each camp look on things. Fame is a terrible thing, and a lot of the time is not even dem write the songs, but dem think it hard fi give the little credit to the young artiste, dem want all the hype ... sometime you end up rating the big artiste more than how dem rate you so it hampers how you are treated," Flexx said.

Flexx disclosed that based on his experience and observation, Bounty Killer and Konshens appear to be the most genuine, due to the good relationships they maintain with the artistes in their camps.

"Some artistes want everything for themselves that is one of the reason why you have selectors becoming artistes because if them try get help from certain artistes dem nah help dem, suh dem just guh record the song dem self," he said.

Savage was also a member of the Gullyside crew, and he believes lack of management is a reason for the slow growth.

"It also has to do with management. This business is 10 per cent talent and 90 per cent management. At the end of the day, a just Mavado was getting the promotion and under the Gullyside name, so the other artistes were overshadowed. It's sad that after you write songs and help promote the artiste you don't get no reward. Some artiste just don't buss nuh youth, because dem nuh wah share the power," Savage said.

Vybz Kartel is now behind bars, however, his last manager Calvin 'Moonie' Haye said that former Gully and Gaza supporting artistes just need to make worthy material.


"Mavado and Vybz Kartel took their music to the next level and built a brand, so they got good returns. The young artiste dem just need to be creative and find lyrics. They can also find a worthy opponent and start their own rivalry, and by doing so, they might reach the level of Mavado and Vybz Kartel," Haye said.

Other artistes who were involved in the feud include Chase Cross, 3 Star Wildlife and Black Ryno.

Savage recently released a single called Defend That, and has a new single to be released by So Unique Records. Flexx, on the other hand, has signed a recording deal with Hapilos Entertainment and has new singles produced by Marcus Myrie. He is also promoting a single featuring Ninja Kid called Miy Umbea.

Tommy Lee aims for International breakthrough

Posted on 22nd January, 2013

Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta has his eyes set on international success in 2013.

According to publicist Keona Williams, the artiste has successfully developed a local fan base and now yearns for the international break.

Along with some potential international collaborations, Tommy Lee Sparta is expected to kick off his international tour soon. The artiste is already billed to perform in places like Canada and Europe.

"Last year was exceptional, he (Tommy Lee) did a lot of things that was being done for the first time by a young dancehall artiste. He did extremely well on Sumfest and he has over one million views on YouTube for his single Some Bwoy. He has a strong fan base, especially online from mostly young people and teenagers," Williams said.

The artiste was also recently awarded the Breakthrough Artiste of the Year in Kenya, signalling that he was already making moves internationally.

"The fact is that he has been successful on the local level and is now a household name. This year we are focusing on his international tour and this year will be even better than last year. We also have international collaborations in the making that we won't reveal as yet. Just know that he is getting established overseas, so international artistes want to work with him and we have a strategy in place to ensure that his presence is felt both locally and internationally," she said.

In addressing the controversy that was sparked by Tommy Lee's single Uncle Demon last year, Williams believes certain industry players were simply unappreciative of Tommy Lee's success. She did not say if the artiste would continue to sing about his controversial demonic moniker, instead she referred to the single as just a song.

"The low point of last year was just that some persons were not appreciative that a young artiste was reaping so much success, because he blew up so fast. He doesn't consider their reaction as a low point though, he sees it as motivation. He has songs like Jah Watch Over Me, No Love and Mommy You Mi Love that doesn't get mentioned and those are positive, but they chose to highlight Uncle Demon," Williams said.

Tommy Lee Sparta currently has a new song called Party None Stop that is expected to create a buzz in the dancehall in coming weeks. There are already plans in place to shoot a music video before the artiste leaves for his upcoming tour abroad.

He has songs like Jah Watch Over Me, No Love and Mommy You Mi Love that doesn't get mentioned and those are positive, but they chose to highlight Uncle Demon.

Rebel salute night 2 deliver tremendous performances

Posted on 22nd January, 2013

Not even a waterlogged and muddy venue could prevent a massive turnout on night two of Rebel Salute.

Patrons at the Richmond Estate in St Ann saw outstanding performances from Terror Fabulous, I Wayne, Chronixx, Sizzla Kalonji and Busy Signal Saturday evening and early Sunday.

The blaring horns of fans became deafening when MC Mutabaruka announced veteran deejay Terror Fabulous would take centerstage. Terror Fabulous, who has made sporadic appearances due to mental challenges, started with Jah Works which was followed by No Retreat No Surrender.

Minutes into his performance, he appeared overwhelmed and paused for a few seconds. However, with support from the audience and fellow entertainers, Fabulous continued and was joined by an energetic Nadine Sutherland for their chart-topping collaborations Action and Anything for You. The packed venue hung on to every word.

I Wayne announced himself with his trademark phrase "Lavaground". In addition to performing his hit of the same name, Book of Life and Living in Love, I Wayne lashed out at homosexuals, politicians, paedophiles and 'Babylon system', much to the delight of the audience who lit their lighters and waved their flags in approval.

I Wayne announced himself with his trademark phrase "Lavaground". In addition to performing his hit of the same name, Book of Life and Living in Love, I Wayne lashed out at homosexuals, politicians, paedophiles and 'Babylon system', much to the delight of the audience who lit their lighters and waved their flags in approval.

Singing Melody, Richie Spice, Ernie Smith, Chezideck, Prezident Brown, Lady G, Iba Mahr and Robert Ffrench also delivered tight sets.

The 'Fire Muma' Queen Ifrica was captivating on hits like Let's Get Silly, Daddy and Keep it To Yuhself. She invited budding entertainer Wayne Jay on stage. The deejay, who appeared to be no older than eight years old, had the audience in a frenzy. He also took on child molestation and education.

Fast-rising Chronixx was another crowd-pleaser. He could do no wrong and had the undivided attention of the crowd throughout his set. Among the songs he performed were Never Giving Up, Behind Curtain and Warrior.

But as daybreak beckoned, weary patrons began making their way toward the exit.

"This is a joke, the show is now being held for two days and at minutes to 5:00 and there are still a number of acts left to perform. I am still exausted from last night and the venue is extremely muddy...this is far from being impressive," said an annoyed Marcia Richfield.

Similar sentiments came from other fans, some of whom complained about the numerous band changes. The organisers seemed to have been forgiven after I-Octane, Sizzla Kalonji and Busy Signal delivered fantastic performances. It was approximately 8:15 am when the crowd began filing out, signaling an end to the 2013 Rebel Salute.

Earlier, promoters presented their first health expo. The event

featured an array of health care serices and showcased Jamaica's indigenous and current art forms.

There was mixed reaction to Rebel Salute which was held for the first time over two days and at a new venue. While a majority of patrons welcomed the expo, others believe more work is needed for the smooth running of the event.

"It was too drawn out... no one wants to wait until the sun start shining in order to see their favourite acts. However, I do like the line-up and the expo was very educational," said Marcus Stripe from Britain.

"Aside from the long wait and numerous band changes it was a really good show. Next year the organisers need to go back to the drawing board in order for the show to run smoothly, no one wants to the sun to dry the night dew that fell on them," said Jamaican Alecia Richards.

Chaka Demus and Pliers promises electrifying performance at Jazz festival

Posted on 22nd January, 2013

The venerable Chaka Demus and Pliers have returned for their first major performance in Jamaica in more than five years. It has been even longer since they graced western Jamaica for a major performance.

The dynamic duo promises a spectacular performance on the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival on January 24.

"We are looking forward to performing on the festival. We will be giving them all the hit songs," said Pliers.

"We are looking forward to entertaining the crowd, especially the Jamaican people. When we perform, we always give the people our best. Is a long time Chaka Demus and Pliers nuh perform in Jamaica, so it's a pleasure to go out there and perform and give the people our best," Chaka Demus continued.

Though they have not been seen on the island in some time, the two have been busy on the international scene, performing in the United States, Europe and Africa on reggae, soca and calypso stages.

The duo's impressive career, spanning some 20 years, has produced hits like Murder She Wrote, Gal Wine, Twist and Shout, Tease Me and She Don't Let Nobody.

These songs made the Top 5 on the British National Chart.


The Tease Me team emphasised that their most satisfying experience is performing in front of crowds.

"We like to stand up in front of the crowd, whether it's 100 or 50,000 people, and see them enjoy the art; the work we create," said Pliers.

In addition, they feel that the most fulfilling and successful part of their extensive career is the longevity of their work.

"It is wonderful to look at the songs we did when we were youths, we have written songs and realised that we used to sing them in the dancehall, and now the world accepts dancehall, and our songs are still alive. That is very beautiful," added Chaka Demus.

Chaka Demus and Pliers perform among other reggae greats on the first day of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival at the Trelawny Multi-purpose Stadium. The festival continues on the 25th and 26th.

Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival is sponsored by the Jamaica Tourist Board, Flow, The Gleaner, CVM TV, RIU, Secrets, Sunset Resorts, Hilton, Half Moon, Charmin, Pringles, Bounty, Seaboard Marine, Holiday Inn, Knutsford Express, National Outdoor Advertising, Courts, Heineken, Ciroc, Johnnie Walker, Wyndham Kingston, Caribbean Airlines, El Greco, Toby Inn, Intelligent Multimedia, Jablum, Pure Country, Guardsman Alarms, and Pepsi.

Vagina Vote off 

Posted on 22nd January, 2013

BlackBerry Messenger, commonly referred to as BBM, is currently being used as a forum to conduct a contest involving pictures of various scantily clad or nude women competing for small cash prizes

Sources recently came across a BlackBerry Broadcast Message, which thoroughly listed the criteria for individuals to participate in a vote-off for who had the best breast. The winner was promised $500 phone credit.

An excerpt of the broadcast message read: "Best Breast day today enuh!!! Di breast has to be out of clothing ... completely naked. In order to even qualify. Only di first 10 breasts will be entered ... Mek sure di pics dem clear ...(and di breast naffi big)."

The same individual later displayed a picture that was a compilation of the breasts that were chosen for the competition. Each set was assigned a number to be used as a guide for potential voters during the contest.

Investigations by our news team revealed that the broadcast message was created by a 24-year-old woman who goes by the moniker 'Foxy-Boo'.

Foxy-Boo, who also sells adult sex toys and hosts adult parties such as orgies,explained that she has been doing these competitions for more than two years.

for fun

She said, "It all started at first for fun and comments, but due to the response I was receiving, I was like yuh know what, why not mek dem girls feel good and get a credit."

Foxy also said that there are different categories that focus on various body parts namely: "breast, vagina, bottom, tongue, best piercing, sexiest lips and penis."

She said, "The vagina pics auction is the one with the most participants, I will get over 30 pics, and so I have to have a cut-off point"

When she was asked her what's the highest votes a participant has ever received she responded "It all depends, but on average over 180 votes and is usually a vagina pic."

Foxy-Boo said the competitions usually occur every two weeks.

She elaborated, "I would send out a broadcast and persons on BBM would send me the picture of the body part requested in the broadcast message, and the person with the most votes would get phone credit ranging from $500 to $1,000."

In terms of funding, Foxy-Boo said that she gets the prizes through; "Persons from my contact list would send me the credit, or promoters of parties and even some popular persons within the dancehall."

When inquiries were made if she has ever received any backlash from her competitions she responded. "In the beginning, there were a few people who had a problem with it, and said I was downgrading women, but I told them that I don't believe that, I actually feel like I'm helping women to embrace and appreciate what they have."

Dancer Overmars to release Documentary

Posted on 22nd January, 2013

With dancing and dance moves on the decline in Jamaica, leader of Above A Dem Squad, Ovamarz, will be putting focus on himself and his industry in a new documentary called Dance Trends.

Known for dance moves like 'Raging Bull' and 'Nuh Behavia', Ovamars explained that the documentary will show his growth as a dancer.

"It's like a whole vibe, the community where everything start from and where it get professional. It also show what I do in my spare time apart from dancehall, and show where I break away (from Ravers Clavers) and form my own crew. It is what I add to dancehall,".

different events

While a release date has not been set for the dance documentary, Ovamarz says it will include shots from different events that he attends and will feature members of his dance squad, as well as other dancers like MOB, Glamorous Dancers and Graphic Dancers.

With this production that is being spearheaded by his road manager Damion Dawson, Ovamars says he hopes to show "the younger generation where everything is coming from".

He continued: "Dancing is not like how it was before, so we are trying to let people see that dancing played a part in the whole dancehall vibe. I hope that it can spread to younger generations."

When Dance Trends is finally released, Ovamarz says he hopes to bring new light to the area.

"I hope to achieve a lot out of this. Dancing is my life, my job. We want them to see this whole dancing thing as a business, not just as a hustle," said Ovamarz, whose newest dance move is 'Best Pon Two Foot'.

Bus Driver slaps Vendor in the face with his shoes

Posted on 22nd January, 2013

A bus conductor, who was involved in a dispute with a juice vendor after he took his shoes and slapped the vendor in his face, was ordered to pay $5,000 in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court.

Ryan Findley, charged with common assault was ordered by Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey to bring $5,000 on January 17.

The court heard that the juice vendor saw the bus on which Findley operated as the conductor in a line of traffic and attempted to sell a passenger banana chips. A dispute is reported to have ensued between Findley and the vendor, which resulted in him using his shoes to slap the complainant in the face.

Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey reprimanded Findley and ordered that he shake the vendor's hand and apologise to him.

After this was done, she ordered that he return to court with the money for compensation.

Busy Signal to perform at Rebel salute

Posted on 17th January, 2013

It has been less than two months since Busy Signal returned home to Jamaica a free man. Since he arrived home after spending six months incarcerated in a Minnesota jail while lawyers fought for his freedom from drug-related charges allegedly committed more than a decade ago, the entertainer has been busy recording and delivering outstanding performances at Sting 2012, the New Year's Eve celebrations at the Kingston waterfront, and since 2013, at the Superjam show at the headquarters of Pulse on Trafalgar Road.

Those performances have been warmly greeted and set the talented entertainer up nicely for his next anticipated appearance at Rebel Salute in St Ann this weekend.

As he prepares for Rebel Salute this weekend January 18-19, Busy says he feels blessed to be back doing what he does best.

"The blessing is tremendous; Sting, the waterfront show for the Government and for the people, Pulse the other day and then now Rebel Salute, it's just the glory to just see my own Jamaican faces, my own people, my own race, just my being home and just here performing for the fans alive and free. It's just a whole different type of blessing," he said.

His performance at Sting has been widely regarded as one of his most powerful performances ever. Before one of the toughest audiences for reggae/dancehall performers, Busy shone and had the massive crowd captivated. He puts the performance down to a more divine influence and his support crew.

"A God. God over all things," he said.

"I feel I have the best band and the best management team. People can see the level at which we coordinate and collaborate and let the thing get to a level that people can truly appreciate whatever we do, whether music or performance or introduction to whatever we do."

But God, he said, has been really good to him.

"God gave me an extra boost in the blessing. Personally, I feel that. The freedom has also played a very big role. I'm more free. I'm lighter, I'm more frisky. You know from morning we're always busy, literally, and we always keep the thing vibrant - but right now its triple that, quadruple that in terms of what happened a couple months ago."

That freedom, along with his respect for his fans, Busy believes, is what allows people to connect with him when he performs.

At Superjam on January 3, fans held onto every word as Busy performed a wide variety of songs. He believes it is this ability to share with his fans that continues to serve him well.

"It's definitely a give-and-receive kind of thing," he explained.

"You are in an environment, you're performing and the people are feeling the vibe from what you are saying, then they are now giving back to you, the reception is very great in terms of lyrical content, how you do your word play. I mean, nothing stops my artistry in terms of what we are delivering to people."

At Superjam the connection, he said, was very emotional. It is one of the things he believes that separates him from many other performers in reggae/dancehall today.

"People see the emotion and when I do a song with real emotion they see it. Mi no play this big 'iron-man' role and me no play di dash weh music role. Next song, pull up, dash. Mi no dash music. Mi appreciate wha' mi do and mi deliver music to the people dem. Whenever dem a get dem live performance, dem a get dem live performance," he said.

Tami Chynn is pregnant expecting first child with Husband Wayne Marshall

Posted on 17th January, 2013

The Jamaica Star is reporting that dancehall artiste Wayne Marshall and his wife, singer Tami Chynn are expecting an exciting addition to their family.

In a late night message to his fans on the social networking site Twitter, Marshall said "@tamichynn & I are so happy to announce that we will be welcoming our first child later this year. Exciting times ahead. Love".

Sources close to the couple said both Chynn and Marshall are "overjoyed" about the pregnancy and are "looking forward to what's to come".

Though this is Chynn's first child, it is Marshall's second, he has a son, Giomar.

It was 2009 that couple tied the knot at a private wedding ceremony, allowing only close family and friends to attend.

The two have been called a 'power couple', as in addition to Chynn's success, Marshall too has his own accomplishments in the entertainment arena. He quickly gained traction as his unique lyrical flow impressed dancehall lovers and he remains a sure-fire hit-making machine today.

Black Ryno says Popcaan is a cowered in response to his onsatge interview

Posted on 17th January, 2013

Black Ryno is arguably one of the hottest commodity in dancehall currently - Is new songs 'Courage' and 'Cyaa Style Man' his Rihanna remix, having been getting crazy radio plays and hundreds of thousands of views on youtube.  This is despite after being physically assaulted at Sting, dancehall premier event, watched by millions the world over.  One would have expected that Ryno creditability would have been questioned but the opposite appears to have occurred - Ryno music is more well recieved and he is booked out for shows locally and oversees.  So no wonder Black Ryno could respond in a jovial way to his nemesis Popcaan Onstage interview over the weekend.

Check out what Ryno had to say below:

This is what Popcaan had said in his Onstage interview:

Black Ryno had previously appeared on the same entertainment programme Onstage for an interview where he spoke about the incident at Sting. Check it out below:

RDX Responds to accusations that they stole 'Kotch' song

Posted on 17th January, 2013

In light of recent accusations made by a recording artiste and its label which led to an article being published in the Jamaica Star on Monday, January 15th, 2013. I Shuzzr, publicist for the duo RDX felt if necessary to comment on the issue formally on behalf of the duo.

Since the release of the single "Kotch' produced by Cashflow Records which has received over 7500 views on Youtube, neither the recording artiste and its label by extension have expressed their concerns through the various formal channels at their disposal. Whilst the concept may seem to bare some far-fetched similarities, its development and conception had nothing to bare on materials sent or produced by any other artiste or label. RDX versatility speaks volume, as we've seen the constant successes and accomplishment being attained.

The duo is well known for their creativity within the industry, as they have produced successful rhythms (riddims) and written materials (lyrics) for other artiste. With hit singles such as 'JUMP', 'BROAD OUT' BEND OVA' amongst many other, the duo have represented for Jamaica on several fronts, touring Europe and other parts of the world constantly, staying on top of the charts, recording, producing and keeping fans entertained and enemies confused.

RDX and its team have been busy enjoying the benefits of their successes, whilst planning and strategizing as to how we can achieve even more. We've held ourselves to high standards in this music industry and even encouraged our peers, those who aspire to become artiste themselves or otherwise - the single 'Shining Star' speaks volume to that.

We find the accusations baseless and would like to make it clear that we will not fuel these underhanded cheap tactics by an unknown artiste and/or label to gain some form popularity. 

Mr Vegas to fight for full custody of his two year old daughter

Posted on 17th January, 2013

The ongoing saga involving prominent Dancehall/Reggae superstar, Mr. Vegas and his baby's mother, Shellian McBayne continues as they will fight for custody of their young daughter.

 According to multiple reports, Vegas is expected to appear in court on February 4th, 2013 as he seeks to secure full custody of his nearly two-year-old daughter. This following a controversial incident in which McBayne was caught involving in sexual relations with another man in Vegas' Florida home, allegedly in front of their daughter.

 Vegas signaled his intention to pursue full custody of his daughter this past October during a talk show interview, insisting he is willing to put his career on the line in order to protect his daughter. The Bruk It Down singer also relented that while it would be ideal to have both parents in is child's life, he is the fitter parent for their child.

Selectors preferred to Sound systems?

Posted on 17th January, 2013

Whether it is because of the money or the Noise Abatement Act, promoters seem to be opting to hire selectors instead of sound systems.

As one of the most sought after selectors in recent times, Boom Boom says persons are using more disc jocks than sound systems because more events are being held indoors.

"Most people are keeping dances in the clubs 'cause when they keep the dance outdoor it is a big risk you a run, 'cause as it reach 2 o'clock, police might come lock it off,".

"The club already have a sound so dem use selectors instead. That's why most sounds nah get no bookings like dat, no sound nah string up."

Selector Rory from Stone Love cites the Noise Abatement Act and lack of suitable outdoor venues as the reason for the reduction in bookings for sound systems. In some cases, he says some disc jocks believe they are better off working alone than with a sound system. But he also notes that the easy access to music makes it even easier for persons to become selectors.

"They stopped making records, now it is CDs so it is much easier for persons to get music. The music is so easy to get, so anybody can make a bag of noise and copy the latest slangs and play the same music," he said.

Popular selector Ricky Trooper says his sound system, Sound Trooper, "a play hard still." However, he says many promoters choose individual selectors because they are cheaper.

In addition, "a nuh like one time when you used to have whole heap a sound system and all a dem did bad,". Instead, Ricky Trooper says there are a lot of subpar sound systems.

He added that in Kingston persons usually go to parties based on who the promoter is or the theme. While in the rural areas, he says patrons pay more attention to the sound systems.

Promoter of 'Stir It Up' and 'Rum Punch', parties, Desmond 'Hard Earz' Steele, admits that promoters are opting to hire selectors because they are generally cheaper than sound systems.

He also added, "The selectors that we use work on the radio, and when these DJs are on air they also make mention of the events."

Steele said sound systems were popular back in the '90s to 2000s, but "some sounds didn't want other sounds to play on their equipment." So now, he says, there are persons who rent equipment, while selectors play the music.

"You don't have to work with a sound, selectors are a dime a dozen,".

Ziggy Marley buys US$1.1m LA duplex

Posted on 17th January, 2013

ZIGGY Marley has purchased a duplex in Los Angeles for US$1.1 million, celebrity tracker reports.

According to the website, the transaction was made through real estate guru Reza Farahan, who also stars in the reality series Shahs of Sunset.

"That's right... with Reza's help, the reggae singer scored a brand new crib for $1.1 million!" the website was quoted as saying.

It added that Marley bought the 2,613-square-foot house as an investment. It comprises two attached pads — each with two bedrooms and one bath.

The site described the house as a "a pretty rare find... the place dates back to the 1920s and hasn't been on the market in over four decades. Plus, it's rocking hardwood floors, granite counters, updated cabinetry, and a giant backyard".

Ziggy Marley is the eldest son of reggae legend Bob Marley who died in May 1981.

The Best of Dancehall and Reggae Music in 2012

Posted on 16th January, 2013

It seems like just yesterday the year started, but 2012 is already coming to a close; marking a year within Dancehall and Reggae music that showcased its share of pacesetters during Jamaica’s 50th year of Independence.

Fitting that in a year where Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce re-defined the realms of speed in London, there were a number of fast-rising stars who proved consistently that no finish line is in sight regarding their promising careers. This year proved that there may be a future for our core genres after despite two of their proverbial kings, Buju Banton and Vybz Kartel serving different forms of penance behind bars. With that said, here are my picks for the Best of 2012 in Dancehall & Reggae music.

Best Reggae Artiste – Romain Virgo: Firstly, let me say it’s quite pleasing to know the presence of Reggae, the musical art form that made Jamaica a household name, has finally re-stamped its authority on the local scene. A borage of all-Reggae projects like Busy Signal’s Reggae Music Again and Delly Ranx’s The Next Chapter help Jamaica to regain some of its true identity during our most crucial year as an independent island. However, one artiste and album conquered all.
Dancehall superstar, Konshens was arguably the brightest star within Jamaica's music industry this year, repeatedly producing quality music on a local and international stage.

Virgo became an instant sensation when he conquered Digicel Rising Stars in 2007. Five years later, his star has shone amongst the brightest in the industry, primarily through his latest compilation, The System. Giving us hits like I Know Better, Rich in Love and The System, the album embodied the true essence of Reggae. His performance savvy and range have vastly improved year by year, proving why he is Reggae music’s next international superstar.

Comeback Artiste(s) of the Year – Cham/Da’Ville: After scoring a major hit with Stronger (feat. Bounty Killer and Mykal Rose), Cham seemingly disappeared into the abyss for a little while. However, 2012 proved that Cham has not only refused to desert from the scene, he has an oasis of hits left in the tank.

Wine, Back Way and Tun Up were just three of the hits Cham scored in a remarkable year for the highly acclaimed superstar. His lyrical ingenuity reached new levels and while ascending up the musical stratosphere, he brought his wife and upcoming singer, Ophelia 'O' Beckett along for the ride.

Da’Ville endured a rollercoaster ride off-stage as he attempted to re-charge his batteries musically. Those batteries were fully charged as the Reggae fusion singer returned with a bang this year through his critically-endorsed album, Krazy Love. Hits like Woman, This Love and You Got Di Ting once again made Da’Ville a force to be reckoned within the industry and offered a more savvy side to this wise veteran of the industry.

Best New Artiste – Masicka: Unfortunately, 2012 didn’t quite produce the bundle of promising young talent to give us hope for years to come. On the contrary, up-and-comers like Spechinal, Deep Jahi, Saine, Chronixx and Nature showed flashes of brilliance throughout 2012 while gaining some of the mainstream attention they crave.

In the case of Masicka, that attention came constantly as songs like Talk and Introduction proved plausible efforts. Never shying away from the freestyle circuit, or confrontation, Masicka showed he has no fear of what’s ahead. Not only was this maestro of wordplay featured on Best of Summer, his biggest hit to date, Guh Haad and Done was remixed as an official theme song for the Jamaican Olympic team. Let’s hope Masicka continues to ‘Guh Haad’ and won’t be ‘Done’ anytime soon.

Best Riddim: Overtime (JA Productions): There were a few Riddims that piqued my interest from start to finish, primarily the Poolside Riddim (Washroom Entertainment), Real Reggae Riddim (Payday Music) and Coolie Gal Riddim (UIM Records). But when it comes to making hypnotizing beats, Justus Arison and Patrick ‘Roach’ Samuels apparently possess the winning formula.

In 2011, they dominated the charts with one of the greatest Dancehall compilations to date, the Overproof Riddim. This year, JA Productions added to their credentials with Overtime, producing tracks like Clean Heart (Beenie Man), Na Na Na (Christopher Martin) and Caribbean Girls (Mavado). Undoubtedly, the soothing instrumentals, powerful bass line, amongst other features makes the Overtime Riddim a must listen for years to come.

Best Collaboration: Specialist feat. Ishawna (Do For Love): Though Dem a Pree (Bounty Killer and I-Octane) as well as Why Yuh Mad (Tifa and Spice) deserve honorable mentions, Specialist and Ishawna take the cake with their Dancehall-themed rendition of the class track, Do For Love.

Remaking Bobby Caldwell’s What You Won’t Do For Love, Downsound Records played on the beats made for the original version of the song as well as the rap remix done by late rap legend, Tupac Shakur, pushing Ishawna’s vocal limits while allowing Specialist to throw his weight around with an edgier deejaying style. Do For Love did the original song some justice and particularly gave Ishawna her greatest contribution to date.

Best Dancehall Song: Mr. Vegas (Bruk It Dung): Perhaps the longest analysis of a category was this one as I literally had to play eeny, meeny, miny, moe between a number of chart-toppers; primarily Gyal a Bubble (Konshens), Jump (RDX), Back To Life (Vybz Kartel) and Bruk It Dung (Mr. Vegas). In the end, I gambled on Vegas.

Bruk It Dung topped every local chart known to Jamaicans while earning strong acclaim in North America, Europe and Africa. What makes it stand out, however, is the catchy beat with an up-tempo feel. Bruk It Dung sounds like the perfect exercise song to get the ladies warmed up before work, and from what I saw while back home over the summer, they get very heated when sound systems play it.

It’s a keepsake for Dancehall fans to enjoy for generations to come, and if the curvaceous Trinidadian rap sensation, Nicki Minaj says she loves to Bruk It Dung, how could you not give your full endorsement.

Best Reggae Song - (Affairs of the Heart – Damian Marley): Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley appeared seldom under the spotlight this year. But he surely shone bright when he did so, especially through his chart-topping smash, Affairs of The Heart.

Combining elements of Reggae and pop, Affairs of the Heart proved that the art of making pure love songs is not a lost one. It’s a track every generation of music lovers can enjoy as Marley’s track creates an aura of paradise that lures us into a deep trance. That, coupled with an electrifying performance at Reggae Sumfest 2012 present strong evidence why Junior Gong bares the greatest resemblance musically to his late, iconic father, Bob Marley.

Female Deejay of the Year – Tifa: 2012 has been a campaign for highly-revered Dancehall diva, Tifa to command the due respect and accolades her talent has warranted for quite some time. Though she still faces her share of burdens, Tifa definitely accomplished her mission this year.

Songs like Wife Mi Up and Why You Mad (featuring Spice) helped Tifa to assert her dominance within the local scene. But her crowning achievement came by earning top spot on the MTV Base Africa chart, her second number one single outside of Jamaica.

Like Tiana in 2011, Tifa became widely outspoken against the continued marginalization of female entertainers within Dancehall music, particularly after a backstage incident at Reggae Sumfest 2012. Though the Queen of Dancehall, Lady Saw may frown upon her these days, Tifa can happily call herself the crown jewel of Dancehall for 2012.

Male Deejay of The Year – Konshens: With Dancehall’s most controversial and popular superstar languishing inside the Horizon Remand Centre, fans and industry players cried out for the next best thing within the genre. Those cries were heard, quickly turning to cheers because of one man.

Konshens is the runaway Deejay of the Year winner for my money; delivering consistency with a long list of hits like Gyal a Bubble, Stop Sign, So Mi Tan, Gyal Sidung (feat. Darrio), amongst a litany of others. Showing an edgier, hardcore image, Konshens revealed himself to be more than the conscious-sounding pretty boy he appeared to be in his early days, as proof through his X-rated music video alongside Leftside (Clap It Up.)

Artiste(s) to Watch in 2013 - Tommy Lee Sparta/O: Though big spurts of success oozed for these two entertainers, 2013 will set the stage for Tommy Lee and O to put up or shut up within Dancehall circles.

Tommy Lee Sparta has become the new ‘Gaza’ poster child in Vybz Kartel’s absence, delivering notable efforts like P**** Mechanic, Psycho and Some Bwoy. However, there’s quite an amount of fine tuning for Uncle Demon to make before he can consistently terrorize the airwaves. Tommy Lee Sparta has to prove he has more weapons in his lyrical arsenal than singing about evil spirits and badness. Also, if Kartel were to somehow secure freedom in the New Year, will Tommy Lee Sparta’s name still hold the same clout he claims as it has attained his mentor awaits trial on murder charges?

On the female side, O has shown her potential as the next big Dancehall diva while teaming with her husband on several hit songs. But while she’s offered strong efforts while part of Dancehall’s new power couple, the question remains whether or not O can deliver that reputable solo effort that can help push her to greater heights.

Lady Saw put her full endorsement behind O during an Entertainment Report interview earlier this year, making it more critical that she delivers the goods that her infectious sound and sex appeal seem to possess. Will O capitalize on this new found fame? Only time will tell.

Snoop Dog produces new dancehall series 'Noisy Jamaica'

Posted on 17th January, 2013

NOISEY today premieres its latest music series dedicated to the Jamaican culture of Dancehall: NOISEY JAMAICA.

The series, executive produced by Snoop Lion of the VICE film REINCARNATED, will feature artists and individuals behind the exciting and controversial music genre, including Beenie Man, Dre Skull, Shabba Ranks, Vybz Kartel, Popcaan, Tommy Lee, Tifa, Spice, and more.

The ten-part series will premiere on January 22nd and air weekly on Noisey’s YouTube channel (

The first episode of NOISEY JAMAICA features VICE Music artist Vybz Kartel and his influence on modern dancehall and Jamaican culture, as he currently awaits trial on murder charges in a correction facility.

The influential artist has since helped launch the careers of other budding dancehall stars including Popcaan and Tommy Lee, who will be featured in upcoming episodes of the show.

Additional episodes will include shopping sprees with Tifa, driving around Jamaica with modern dancehall heartthrob Konshens, and watching performances by Spice, Lady Saw, Popcaan and more at Sumfest.

'Better Mus' Come' Gets Big US Deal

Posted on 17th January, 2013

Better Mus' Come now has a distribution deal in the United States.

The film became the first project of the just-launched ARRAY distribution company, an organisation which is the child of the African American Film Festival Releasing Movement (AFFRM).

ARRAY is, according to a release from the AFFRM, "dedicated to multi-platform distribution of black independent film".

Through an announcement from AFFRM's founder, Ava DuVarnay, ARRAY has acquired all US distribution rights.

A landmark in Caribbean filmmaking, Better Mus' Come is a stunning love story unfolding at one of the most violent moments in Jamaican history, when rival gangs were enlisted by warring political factions to disrupt the democratic process - and bloodshed was unleashed on the streets.

Winner of Best Feature Awards at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival and the Bahamas International Film Festival, Best Director Award at Pan-African Film Festival, and Best Actor Award at the American Black Film Festival, the film has also been screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the British Film Institute. The producer is Paul Bucknor, with executive producers Joshua Bratter and Samantha Bratter.


"AFFRM's new label, ARRAY, is built to serve the tremendous burst of black cinematic talent across the globe, filmmakers who are embracing new technologies to tell their stories by any means necessary. The goal is to expand the brand cultivated over our first four theatrical releases by reaching new audiences via both digital and traditional platforms," explained DuVernay.

"Storm's work on Better Mus' Come as director, writer and cinematographer is wildly impressive, incredibly important and deserves to be seen by as many filmlovers as possible. We're proud that his gem will launch ARRAY."

The deal was negotiated by Gordon Bobb of Del, Shaw, Moonves, Tanaka Finkelstein & Lezcano on behalf of AFFRM with the producers.

Founded in 2011, AFFRM is a distribution collective of black film organisations dedicated to quality black independent films.

AFFRM's founding organisations include Urbanworld (NYC), Imagenation (NYC), Reelblack (Philadelphia), Langston Hughes Film Festival (Seattle), BronzeLens (Atlanta) and DVA (Los Angeles).

The parent company's theatrical releases to date include 2012 Sundance Best Director Award winner, Middle of Nowhere; 2011 Sundance World Cinema Audience Award winner, Kinyarwanda; 2011 Sundance Film Festival official 'Next' selection Restless City; and 2011 NAACP Image Award nominee for Best Independent Picture, I Will Follow.

Spragga Benz Releases "SWA (Sleep With Angels)" official music video

Posted on 17th January, 2013

International Reggae/Dancehall Star Spragga Benz Releases "SWA (Sleep With Angels)" Video.

U.S.A, JA (21st Hapilos Digital) - 21st Hapilos Production debut project "SWA (Sleep With Angels)" riddim became an instant success as it hit the airwaves. Enlisting stars of reggae and dancehall such as Spragga Benz, Tarrus Riley, I Octane and other notable artists, the riddim topped charts around the world.

The riddim which was created by talented duo Jordan & Hizzle of Chimney Records, became a staple on dance floors and radio airwaves throughout 2012 and to the delight of music fans is taking you into 2013 with the premiere video of Spragga Benz "SWA (SLEEP WITH ANGELS)". The video for the single which holds the same name as the successful riddim, was produced by Red Square/21st Hapilos and directed by Carlton Grant and Neil "Disco" Dyer.

On this feel good riddim, International artist, movie star and philanthropist Spragga Benz sings of loved ones that passed away, and his recognizable deep rich voice bring "SWA (Sleep With Angels)" one of the most important reggae releases of the year. 

RDX stole the 'Kotch' song from young artiste?

Posted on 16th January, 2013

Syndicate Records and their recording artiste Princz Charmin are accusing dancehall duo RDX of stealing the concept of their single 'Kotch It Deh Soh'.

According to the label, RDX heard the preview of their song and copied both the instrumental and concept without their consent.

Princz Charmin disclosed that RDX's single even has a similar name to his.

He explained, "Dem come up with a song called Kotch and build a rhythm similar, only changing a few phrases. Syndicate Records had sent the rhythm to RDX through Cashflow and wi nuh get nuh reply from dem. I recorded my song and I placed the studio preview on YouTube to gwaan circulate, then suddenly RDX come with a song name Kotch."

"Mi a sey this look a way because all along mi neva hear nobody a talk bout Kotch, suh how all of a sudden as mi sing bout 'Kotch' mi hear somebody wid it? Then mi realise that similarity in the rhythm, so dem knock over the rhythm and duh fi dem song," the Syndicate recording artiste said.

Princz Charmin also released a YouTube video accusing RDX of piracy.

"I did a YouTube video, where Princz Charmin speaks his mind, it is entitled RDX Dem A Piebate. It set a way fi see a youth a duh him thing, and a man run een pon it. When dem hear certain things dem fi leave it alone, every youth fi get a slice a di cake. Dat wey dem a duh a foolishness and it nuh fair," he said.

Cashflow Records is credited as being the producer of RDX's single Kotch, however, producer/selector DJ Neil says he is unaware that there is a brewing controversy between the artistes.

"This is something new to me, I don't know this young artiste and this label. They would have to take it up with RDX because this has nothing to do with Cashflow," DJ Neil said.

Renegade of RDX, was reluctant to say much on the matter citing that he knows nothing about Princz Charmin's song.

"Mi nuh know nuhbody and mi nuh know nothing bout nuh song, mi just duh mi song, mi nuh have nuh more comment bout nothing," Renegade said.

Kotch It Deh Soh is already released in St Lucia and will be digitally distributed by Johnny Wonder's 21st Hapilos ITunes today. The single was produced by Neko and Karim of Syndicate Records.

They are recognised for their production of the single Summertime featuring Bounty Killer and Patexx.

RDX recently released a music video for their single Waterfalls which is already receiving rotation on local cable stations.

Busy Signal Ft Tameka Marshall new song 'Doggy Style'

Posted on 16th January, 2013

Sean Paul ft Beenie Man new song 'Greatest Gallis'

Posted on 15th January, 2013

What Music Industry Players Want To See In 2013: Diversity & Professionalism

Posted on 15th january, 2013

With the rise of several new roots reggae bands as well as the exposure of a new crop of reggae artistes, the world renowned genre appears to be fighting to regain its rightful place in local dancehall and local radio stations.

The rise of new acts like Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, Protoje, Jah 9, Nature, and Droop Lion is an indication that the island still possesses the capacity to produce world-class reggae artistes.

However, aside from breaking new talent, what will be done to ensure that the genre experiences positive growth in 2013?

Reggae industry players have varied visions.

Brendon Sharpe, manager of Zinc Fence Band, wants to see more professionalism.

"We want to see the music become more professional, from the production to the artiste management. The Jamaican music industry just needs more professionalism," he said.

Chronixx, who also falls under Sharpe's management, shared a similar sentiment.

"Along with the steps I have taken, I just want the artistes to unite and reclaim the integrity of our music. The music is not easy to get commercial backing but we can aim to make it more professional and reduce back-door dealing. It's a shame that the more professional reggae artistes are not from Jamaica. Kabaka Pyramid, Jah 9, Protoje ... we are taking steps to professionalise the thing, but we hope to see others being more professional in 2013," Chronixx said.

Richie Spice hopes 2013 will see reggae music earning for itself wider international appeal.

"My vision is to see reggae music on a higher dimension and the whole world chanting reggae music. Reggae music is a family genre and the voice of the truth. We need to get it out on a wider scale so that the world can get to hear it. The more mainstream we get, the greater the development of the reggae fraternity will be," Richie Spice said.

Herbie Miller, former manager of Peter Tosh and curator of the Jamaica Music Museum at the Institute of Jamaica, revealed that his vision is to see artistes staying out of trouble.

"I want to see the artistes exhibit a better attitude and avoid trouble that can be avoided on a personal level. On the creative level, I want them to be more innovative and creative," he said.

Miller also wants to see diversity.

"I want musicians to be more diverse than just for the ethnic market, be more like people like Burning Spear who are appealing to the broadest market. Producers might have to look into things that they are producing in order to appeal to a wider market. I want to see broader topics like what was done by Third World and the Marleys. There is so much to sing about, like global warming, the world's financial problems, the abuse of women and so much more. We can still be sexual in our music but but not downrightly lewd and x-rated. I want to see conscious music that is reflecting the real issues," said Miller.

State minister in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment Ministry, Damion Crawford, told The Gleaner he wants to see the music industry handled like a business.

"We want to see it run more like a business, so that it can be more substantial and people can generate more income from it," he said.

The minister is also gearing up to reveal his plans for the entertainment industry in the weeks to come. Issues such as the noise abatement act are hot on his agenda.

Beenie Man apologises for not becoming a Soca artist?

Posted on 15th January, 2013

International recording artiste Beenie Man has apologised to his legion of Caribbean fans who are disappointed that he will not be making an appearance at the Power Soca and Groovy Soca Monarch competitions this year.

He had planned to enter this contest for the first time this year, but has performed at the actual events several times as a guest act during his storied career.

"The problem is that we have been touring hard overseas and I tried to get both songs done in time for the contests, but I just couldn't make it in time. I sincerely apologise to all the Beenie Man fans in the Caribbean who expected me to enter the contests," he said. "I was just unable to get it done, the circumstances were beyond my control, but definitely next year, I will be there because ah my show that."

Beenie has been experimenting with different genres of music, and this year, he recorded two songs in an attempt to enter this year's competitions in Trinidad - one of the biggest shows in the calendar of the T&T Carnival, but his submissions were late.

The announcement was made by the Caribbean Prestige Foundation officials last week that Beenie Man's recordings for preliminary judging which took place last Sunday were received late, so the 'Doctor' missed out on his chance to win the first prize award of TT$2 million.

Beenie Man showed that he still has major box office pull when he performed in front of a crowd of 27,000 screaming fans during the entertainment segment of the GFA Banks Beer KO Cup on January 1, 2013. The event took place at the GCC Ground Bourda.

Beenie Man thrilled the audience with a steady stream of his songs including Let's Go, Street Life, Who Am I, King Of The Dancehall, along with recent hit Dweet Again.

"This year, mi ah go do the same things mi do inna 2010, 2011, 2012 ... mi just ah go hard, and dweet again," Beenie Man said.

He is presently promoting a new single called Clean Heart, and the video is now in rotation on CVM TV, RE, HYPE and MD TV.

Malachi Smith to perform at President Inauguration

Posted on 15th January, 2013

JAMAICAN dub poet Malachi Smith is billed to perform at the African Caribbean Diaspora Presidential Inauguration Ball on January 21 in Washington, DC.

The gala is one of many events marking President Barack Obama's inauguration that day in the American capital.

Obama was re-elected to a second term on November 6.

"I will be the first Jamaican dub poet to perform at a US presidential inauguration ball. I am extremely humbled and gratified," Smith told the Jamaica Observer.

The event takes place at the Hyatt Regency hotel on Capitol Hill. Smith said he was asked to perform at the event by Jamaica's Honorary Counsel Mrs Beryl Walters-Riley.

The Miami-based Smith is a graduate of Florida International University, Miami-Dade College and Jamaica School of Drama. He is a founding member of Poets In Unity, a critically acclaimed ensemble that brought dub poetry to the fore during the late 1970s.

The Westmoreland-born Smith has released a number of albums, among them Middle Passage, Throw Two Punch, The Sweeter The Berry, and his most recent, Hail to Jamaica which came out in 2010.

Darrio: Women wrestle for Darrio affections

Posted on 15th January, 2013

On the heels of the success of his 'Gal Siddung' collaboration with Konshens, dancehall artiste Darrio has secured a spot on an upcoming reality TV series, Stars Among Stars Reality Challenge, that will be aired on MDTV in a matter of weeks.

Producer, creator and host of the show, Alici-Ann Roxborough, says the idea for the show came out of a joke she had with a few artistes including Darrio. Essentially, she says 10 women will compete in an oil wrestling competition that was scheduled to take place yesterday at Dumpa Truck Sundays, which is held off Mandela Highway.

She noted that there were numerous persons who were willing to compete to spend time with Darrio, but they were forced to narrow down the number to only 10.

But before the wrestling competition, she said the women were interviewed about why they are Darrio's biggest fans. Prior to the winner's special time with Darrio in Montego Bay, Roxborough said all the women who enter the competition will get a chance to mingle with the artiste.

The oil wrestling, time spent together and interviews will be filmed and aired on MDTV in the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, Darrio, who is making his first appearance in a film, says he is excited about the reality TV series.

"It is a good venture, it's a good look. Acting is one of the areas that I'm comfortable in, so this will allow me to show off a bit of my acting skills," he said.

"Seeing that I'm not such a big artiste, the response surprised me. It feel good fi know seh they (competitors) find me interesting enough to want to spend time with me."

While the bulk of the activities is being planned by Roxborough, Darrio says he also has a lot in store for the winner, who gets the opportunity to bring one other competitor along for the trip.

Darrio explained "Mi ago spice it up and add my little touches as well. I have to make the ladies enjoy themselves". 

However, Darrio is just the first of several artistes who will be featured, as Roxborough says she has been in discussion with Cham and Aidonia. She added that female artistes like D.I., Tiana and Stylysh might also be part of future episodes.

But the reality TV series is not the only thing on Darrio's plate, as he recently released songs like Gwaan and Wineand Gyalivant. Recently returning from a short stint in France, he is also gearing up for the RJR Cross Country Invasion. He will also release a new music video for Hurry Up in the near future.

Waspp "Above Average" CD Street Mix Out Now!

Posted on 15th January, 2013

Dancehall artiste Waspp drops his much publicised 'Above Average' CD mix a compilation which showcases the artist depth, versatility and lyrical prowess. The disc will be available free of cost and can also be sourced via various online music outlets.

Armed with a management team the 'Cry Fi Dem' singer is now putting together plans for an island-wide campaign. Speaking with Prism 
Marketing, Waspp explains that unlike the norm of releasing a CD mix with the hope that it gets to the right persons. He intends on embarking on a campaign across Jamaica bringing his brand of music to all fourteen (14) parishes. The aim is to bolster his existing fan base and win new fans while familiarizing the masses with the face behind the music.

The 17 track mix presented by Pstreet records and mixed by DJ dot com will be released in two (2) cuts, clean and explicit. A combination of some of Dancehall's best producers including Daseca, Birchill and Jaydae Production completes the package of what promises to be one of the best mixes released by Waspp in recent times. Fans will enjoy the skits and bonus tracks such as current releases and potential hit "Touch Off A Mi," Jamaica radio playlist favorite, Hott Like Fiya and Thank You. The "Unfair Officer" and "Tek a Ride" artiste whose given name is Marvin Clarke recently released the official video for "Hot Like Fiyah" produced by JA Productions on the Overtime rhythm

Frisco Kid about take over the dancehall again

Posted on 15th January, 2013

Frisco Kid will be releasing a new single called 'Number One Girl', with Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor this week, and he has another single called Gal World for the brilliant young producer, Sean 'Seanizzle' Reid.

"Right now, the ting tun up, mi just write a new song that mi ready fi voice this week. Mi ah come fi represent fi the music," he said.

Born Steve Wray in west Kingston, Frisco Kid became known for songs such as Big Speech, on the Pepper Seedrhythm,Rubbers, Gal Pon De Side, Likkle And Cute, Juvenile,Wackie News, Think We Nice, Dreamland and Zion, but then he took a sabbatical from the business to recharge his batteries.

"Everything takes a little time out now and again, rebuild your energy, full joy the work yuh put in. Yuh haffi tek out a little time for the family, deal with personal issues and chill out to take care of yourself, and also to watch the yutes coming up and see what direction they are taking in the music so you are ready when yu forward in again," he said.

Frisco Kid said he is more than confident he can "strike again".

"Don't call it a comeback, ah lightning, so mi a strike again, lightning strike more than once, and ah that mi ah do.I've been doing it ova di years, touch di scene from 1992 and had the hits come up in the '90s. Cool out '99 and come back wid Round Here, Lion Paw. Cool off another year then come back wid Tell Me Why. Break again and come back with Look What Dem Done. Mi still a tour, still a do mi ting. Our tune cannot dead," he said in a release.

Frisco Kid last performed in Europe at the Summerjam show in Cologne, Germany.

The deejay will be shooting a video for the Gal World single this month.

"The song drop on the Internet and ah crazy response mi ah get on Twitter and Facebook, the people ah feel it so mi a go all out now to shoot a video and get some visuals to take the song to the next level," he said.

Jamaican artistes priced out? Decline in stage shows partially blamed on expensive stars

Posted on 13th January, 2013

The number of stage shows hosted locally are already on a decline and now overseas promoters are also limiting the number of shows due to the exorbitant fees and seemingly ridiculous demands from artistes and their riders.

According to Walter James, a popular promoter in Atlanta, based on the demands of artistes, it is sometimes impossible to make any money from the show.

"Some of the artistes start from US$50,000 for us to book them, especially when they have just had their visas returned. You have to sell your house and car just to book them! Then when you tally up your overhead you don't make a cent, and that makes no sense," he told The Sunday Gleaner.

He added that one particular artiste who he has been negotiating with for a show, had 15 persons in his entourage.

"He had 15 people travelling with him, so I have to find plane fare for all of them, plus put them up in hotel plus give them per-diem every day. These artistes say they have to bring their cook, spiritual advisers etc., it's ridiculous," he continued.

Unrealistic prices

Jerome Hamilton, of Headline Entertainment, also reiterated James' point, saying that some artistes were not being realistic with their prices.

"Some of the prices of the artistes aren't practical. Promoters are shying away because of the travel fees, travel party and the requirements. Enough artistes aren't adjusting to the economic climate.

"This does not go for everyone, but for the most part, the industry is overpriced. When one starts to starve and have to eat the food they didn't want, then they will adjust."

While the excessive fees of the artistes are costing promoters, James also stressed that the riders are also of concern.

"Some of these artistes want the most expensive equipment. They want the most expensive drum sets and keyboards, and they don't even use those in Jamaica. I have had artistes request cheese, crackers, peanuts, bottles of Merlot etc. and when I bought them, they did not even touch them. Plus, when they come with the entourage, they expect to be paid US$80 per-diem and I have to pay their departure tax, custom fees and stamp duties," said James.

Bobbi Clarke, promoter of the popular Irie Jamboree show in New York, told The Sunday Gleaner that artistes need to adjust their prices.

"This is an old issue that promoters have been having with artistes. A new artiste with two new songs in one year wants to charge money that is equivalent to be paid to an established R&B artiste," he said.

He added that while artistes may want to travel with an entourage, anything over six persons would not make sense for him based on the cost of airfare and hotel rooms.

Although some promoters believe that the high demands of artistes have led to the decrease in stage shows, not everybody agrees with this stance.

The real problem

According to artiste Mr Vegas, the problem lies with artistes not being able to entertain.

"I think it's the decline in the production that's coming out of Jamaica that is the real problem. Another problem is that we are also lacking entertaining people. Ninja Man, General Trees - they use to entertain the crowd, and that's what we need need more of," he said.

He also stated that many promoters do not have an issue when overseas artistes have demands, so they should not have a problem with the demands of the local artistes.

Sharon Burke, CEO of Solid Agency and promoter of Fully Loaded also sided with Mr Vegas, explaining that the decline in shows should be blamed on the quality of the music being produced.

"I don't think exorbitant fees are the problem. I think stage shows are declining because our music needs to be played more in the USA. The artistes need to learn to promote their music better and they need to start producing quality music," she said.

She, however, does concede that too many artistes are following the American standards.

"When we see some American artistes travelling with 20 people in their entourage, it's because they can attract a crowd of 40,000 persons! The promoter makes back his money so he isn't too perplexed about that. However, when some of our artistes can only attract 200 people, how will the promoter make back his money? They need to understand these things."

Burke suggested that the managers of the artistes show the artistes a breakdown of the budget in terms of what the promoter will spend on airfare and hotels and also the amount of persons the venue can facilitate. She believes that when this is done, both parties will be more likely to come to amicable solutions.

Dancehall pushing crime — Bunting

Posted on 13th January, 2013

CRIME is on the decrease in the island's deadliest police divisions, but popular culture continues to hamper government's efforts.

Security Minister Peter Bunting reiterated the statement on Thursday, citing at least one dancehall tune as evidence of the social 'dysfunctionality' behind criminality in Jamaica. He made specific mention of its role in the deadly lottery scam in St James.

"I think that a national hero that we haven't named officially is 'Anansi'. Because Jamaicans seem to love... an anti-authoritarian element in our culture," said Bunting, before quoting the lyrics of the song Reparation by incarcerated dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel and Gaza Slim. The song was banned from airwaves last year, partly after coming under heavy criticisms for its lyrical content.

"As long as dem naah buy nuh gun, dem naah support nuh war, big up the man dem star from near and far. Dem call it scam but we call it reparation," quoted the minister, who was the main speaker at a Rotary Club of Liguanea Plains meeting in St Andrew Thursday.

"Big up every scammer weh mek US dollar, Western Union people fi give we more honour. Every ghetto yute fi a live like Tony Montana, live presidential like Barack Obama," he added, continuing his point.

"It's an amazing piece of propaganda for scammers. [But] bear in mind that St James has one of the highest proportions as it relates to homicides, and approximately 50 per cent of those murders are related to scamming," he said.

"Yet up to last year people are not connecting the dots, they still refer to it [scamming] as a victimless crime," he continued.

Police have attributed more than 400 deaths to the lottery scam violence in St James since 2006, including that of at least one elderly American citizen, who committed suicide after losing millions to Jamaican scammers.

It has transformed St James, one of Jamaica's tourist hotspots, into one of Jamaica's deadliest divisions, police in the parish have said. Among the other notorious divisions are St Catherine North, Clarendon, St Andrew South, and St Andrew North.

Despite the challenges, however, Bunting said his ministry will not give up in its fight. Last year, he noted, his ministry created two advertisements aimed at tackling the nation's crime problem from a 'culture change' perspective.

"St Catherine North, this is one of the divisions which has been heavily influenced by gangs; One Order and Klansman gangs. We had a reduction of 34 per cent of murders in St Catherine North in 2012; that is 60 less persons murdered," he said, noting that the reductions are similar for the parish of St James.

In the meantime, Bunting said that sexual assaults of minors declined from 108 in January 20I2 to a staggering 18 reported incidents in December. Last year's tally of 1,087 was the lowest in nine years, he said.

"What we see is that the contribution of the historical crime hotspot is actually reducing, improving the safety of our town centres," said the minister, noting, however, that displaced gangsters often take up shelter in other parishes, namely Westmoreland, Hanover, Manchester, and St Ann. Efforts are afoot to deal with this migration, said Bunting.

Will Dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta Survive 2013?

Posted on 13th January, 2013

There is alot of dancehall insiders who have given advise to numerous along the lines do not diss Bounty Killer your career will end. Its a statement that has hold truth over the years - there is alot of artiste who have diss Bounty killer and there career is no more.  However Tommy Lee is the latest to test the status quo. So will Tommy Lee be the artist to break the mould? Can he succeed where others have failed miserably?

The hype around Tommy Lee for sting 2012 did not live up to expectation. Artiste such as Busy Signal, Chronixx and Sizzla were the artists most people said were the top performers.

Is it that Jamaicans are tired of the Demons. My question is can Tommy Lee survive 2013.

I think Tommy Lee music is only reaching the younger section of the dancehall listening public.

I think one of his main problem is people have to listen too hard to hear what he's saying.

What do you think? Leave a comment. 

Just for the record we here at wishes both Tommy Lee and Bounty Killer the greatest of success for 2013 and beyond.

Vybes kartel flag bearers wants more recognition for Gaza Boss 

Posted on 13th January, 2013

Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel celebrated his 37th birthday earlier this week behind bars as he is still facing several charges.

However, along with his birthday celebration, members of his musical team are of the view that the artiste should be crowned the new king of dancehall.

The controversial artiste maintained a strong presence in dancehall for the majority of 2012 due to the success of his pre-recorded material. He also received his first nod from the internationally acclaimed Grammy organisation after his album Pon Di Gaza Mi Sey was nominated for the provisional list for this year's Grammy award in the category of Best Reggae Album.

Former road manager for Vybz Kartel, Calvin 'Moonie' Haye, believes the demand for Kartel's music by dancehall fans is testimony that he rules dancehall.

"Vybz Kartel still has a presence in the dancehall and if his songs aren't played its like nuh dance naah keep and it's the same for radio, so Vybz Kartel is the King of Dancehall, a di people dem a sey suh. Right now a lot of artiste cyah find nuh hit because Vybz Kartel deh a jail and dem used to bridge his ideas a one boss and anymore boss a basket," Moonie said.

Dancehall singjay Gaza Slim also shared a similar view.

"To how the crowd see it Vybz Kartel is the King of Dancehall, he is the world boss, he is everything. From Vybz Kartel absent yu see anything badda dan him? It's like yu cooking curried goat without the curry. Vybz Kartel is the flavour of dancehall suh a him fi get King a di dancehall title," she continued.

"Mi nuh know nothing bout some artiste, dem have dem opinion, but in my opinion Vybz Kartel is the king. Him deh jail and still a run di place and a dem should a run di place. If yu guh to a party and yu nuh hear no Vybz kartel di people dem a guh cuss. Vybz Kartel will not even be surprised by the title because him know sey him a di baddest," Gaza Slim said.

Unique Records producer Elvis Redwood believes Vybz Kartel has earned himself a huge and loyal fanbase due to his versatility.

"He is just versatile and he doesn't do one kind of music - he has girl songs, social commentary, bad songs and he holds the people by doing all forms of music and not just one topic. For 2013, we just hope he gets bail and continue to put out good music," Redwood said.

Mavado speaks on Sting no show + is joined by Snoop Dog and Popcaan to talk their new video +Popcaan talks altercation with Ryno

Posted on 13th January, 2013

Lady G plans to deliver stellar performance at Rebel Salute

Posted on 13th January, 2013

Janice Fyffe, popularly known as Lady G, is without a doubt, one of the best female deejays ever. She has enjoyed a very long and successful career which began in the late 1980s, and she is still a force to reckon with today.

Lady G owns a catalogue of hits than span over three decades which includes dancehall gems such as her breakthrough hit Nuff RespectBreeze Off, Perform, Me Or The Gun, Good Man Short and the classic Round Table Talk that was done in tandem with her mentor Papa San.

The sassy veteran deejay who came up through ranks performing on sound systems during the 1980s and early '90s is also a very powerful stage performer. She never fails to deliver onstage, whether performing locally or abroad.

impressive performance

Her performances during the recent Christmas holiday season show why she is still rated among the best in dancehall music. She delivered an impressive performance at GT Taylor's Christmas Extravaganza stage show on Christmas night in Black River, and the following night she delivered another explosive performance at Sting in Jam World. She capped off 2012 with a blistering performance at the Jockey Factory Complex in Lucea, Hanover at the annually held Oldies Party.

Lady G's next big assignment will be Rebel Salute 2013. She is scheduled to perform on Saturday January 19, and she's more than ready to perform for her loyal fans.

"I plan to deliver another scorching performance for my fans at Rebel Salute this year. It's an event that I have performed on a number of times and I always get a good response from the audience. As a performer, I always try my very best to keep my standards high, so I plan to give the people my very best, come Saturday night."

Lady G is currently promoting a number of singles, including Haffi Roll, which was done with Marcia Griffiths, andHave It Up, which was produced by award-winning producer Rohan 'Snow Cone' Fuller.

Thugsy Malone set to takeover 2013

Posted on 13th January, 2013

Generous, talented, driven, loyal, are a few words used to describe Jamaica's 'Super Gangsta' the artiste Thugsy Malone, whose birth name is Donovan Drysdale.

The Wash Away The Pain hitmaker has continued to make strides on the music scene. The artiste has never ceased to show his versatility, whether by deejaying, singjaying, or both, he shows he can also be a reggae crooner one minute and a hardcore dancehall artiste the next. This is one artiste that is here to stay, and that's Thugsy Malone.

As he gears up for the new, the artist has once again topped the charts locally, while he now sets his eyes on the charts worldwide.

"I just want di fans to keep voting for the song, Sort Out on the CVM Hitlist, I caan thank the fans enough for always supporting mi music, big up!"

Adding, "Just want to tell the fans that I have a major surprise for them this year, also I did a couple of shows in the USA alongside artistes like: Beenie Man and Shabba Ranks, to name a few. Digicel Roadshow in Portmore, also many others."

His most recent performance was with Beenie Man in San Diego, California. "That performance was on fire, the fans in San Diego had an awesome time," he shared.

Thugsy Malone has been sweating up a storm in studios, with tracks which are sure to be club bangers in the dancehall arena. With tracks titled Weh Mi Come From, which is on the Antibiotic rhythm, produced by Snow Cone, and the ladies' favourite, Unconditional Love, they have been both receiving rave reviews on iTunes.

Thugsy Malone wants to assure fans that they can catch him live in performances such as the Digicel Roadshows, and many other major shows which are yet to be in black and white.

For 2013, Thugsy Malone says, "I will never stop working, music is ma life, 2013 is my year, so bigger and better things are going to happen."

ANG Manager Cross Cris gives bombshell interview

Posted on 13th January, 2013

Bounty Killer wins DJ of the year 2012 award

Posted on 12th January, 2013

After 20 years in the music business, Bounty Killer has once again proven that he is a force to be reckoned with. The artiste has walked away with the Male Artiste of the Year award.

An euphoric Bounty Killer explained "I'm very excited. After 20 years in the business, to be nominated for this award, much less to win, shows the overwhelming love and support of my fans. I know I have an amazing fan base because after losing my mother last year, the fans have embraced me a lot with love and sympathy. It shows that they not only love the music but also me as a person, so thanks to all the fans,".

He went on to say that last year was one of his best in recent years.

"I had hit songs and great performances and that rejuvenated me. For this year, fans can expect heights of greatness, Bounty Killer in high definition. I'm 40 now, I have no time to play around. I won Greatest Icon and now Artiste of the Year, so mi caan go back to mi regular ting. I'm leaving all the clashes and feuds in last year. I'm 40 pushing 41 right now, and you know it's a different party after 40." 

Damian Marley 'Affairs of the Heart' song of the year 2012, plus all the other winners of people choice awards

Posted on 12th January, 2013

There is no doubt about Damian Jr Gong Marley's talent. So it is no wonder that the son of Bob Marley has won an award in the Song of Year category.

Jr Gong's Affairs of The Heart was chosen as the Song of the Year after amassing a large number of votes from his fans.

The song, produced by Teetimus, had stormed local airwaves last year and had fans singing every line.

Jr Gong explained; "It is always an honour to be recognised for my work. It is even more special to be acknowledged by my home country."

He went on to state that he was wishing all his fans blessings and prosperity for 2013.

Star People's Choice winners are as follows:

1. Male Artiste of the Year

- Bounty Killer

2. Female Artiste of the Year - Gaza Slim

The one-time protégé of Kartel is now proving that she can stand on her own. The artiste has been voted as The People's Choice Female Artiste of the Year. Gaza Slim explained that she was elated about the win "I feel superb! I'm proud of myself, and I know mi World Boss feel proud a me. First and foremost, I have to say thanks to the Almighty and I have to say thanks to all my fans for voting. Big up my wonderful, loving boss Kartel cause without him I wouldn't be in music." She went on to say that 2012 was a great year for her musically even though Vybz Kartel remains behind bars. For 2013, she promises a new image and more songs. "Definitely have a new image for this year. More work and more singles. If the boss did deh a road him wudda have we inna studio 24/7, so not because him nuh deh ya, mi still haffi inna di studio and deal wid it," she said.

3. Breakthrough Artiste of the Year - Chronixx

While he is grateful for winning Breakthrough Artiste of the Year in the STAR People's Choice Awards, reggae artiste Chronixx says he wants Jamaicans to support local talent before they become successful abroad.

"Give thanks for all the achievements. I urge everybody to support the young talent, seek out new talent and discover them before the rest of the world. It's a great feeling to see Jamaica finally showing some support," said the artiste, who was given the 'Male Artiste of the Year' award in Kenya for 2012. And, with 2013 just beginning, Chronixx says he plans to continue with the same level of hard work he did last year. He says he also has tours lined up for the United States and Europe between February and April.

4. Iron Balloon of the Year - Chase Cross

Chase Cross outclassed other nominees such as K-Queens, Dosa Medicine and Bridgez to secure the 'iron balloon' title. Despite being in the industry for some time, 'rap-singing' in an American accent, being part of Mavado's Gully Squad and dissing Bounty Killer in a song, Chase Cross is yet to get his big break.

5. Best Dressed Female Artiste - Tifa

6. Worst Dressed Female Artiste - Macka Diamond

7. Best Dressed Male Artiste

- Konshens

8. Worst Dressed Male Artiste - Elephant Man

9. Social Media Gimmick of the Year - Mr Vegas

10. Best Dancehall Couple

- Tami Chynn and Wayne Marshall

11. Dash Out Song of the Year - Gal A Bubble (Konshens)

12. Media Darling - Romain Virgo

13. Controversial Female Artiste of the Year - Lady Saw

14. Controversial Male Artiste of the Year - Tommy Lee

15. Newsmaker of the Year

- Vybz Kartel

16. Producer of the Year - Markus Myrie

Although virtually unknown in the early weeks of 2012, Markus Myrie, the son of famed reggae artiste Buju Banton, turned out to be one of the hottest producers last year.

Now voted as the Producer of the Year, Myrie explained that he was grateful for the award. "I'm grateful and I want to thank God and my fans. It shows that if you put in the work, you will reap the rewards."

He went on to say that although 2012 was a life changing year for him in terms of his accomplishments, he remembers the early days when many doubted his ability.

"Early last year, mi do an interview and say I hope I win Producer of the Year, and people did laugh and a say me a idiot etc., but look at me now. So this year, I'm aiming for the billboard chart," he said.

17. Disc Jock of the Year - ZJ Liquid

The year 2012 was a very eventful one for Zip FM's star disc jockey ZJ Liquid. The DJ returned to the radio station after a four-month suspension and went on to release his Pre-Release Rhythm which features artistes like Mavado, I-Octane and DeMarco. Liquid is also a producer and artiste but the area in which he has really stood out is as a disc jockey. The artiste was one of the most sought after DJs in 2012, and played all over the world including Canada, New York, Miami and Dubai. The success of the DJs birthday party, D.A.M.P., spoke to his popularity among partygoers. The controversial ZJ's hard work and accomplishments did not go unnoticed and this is why ZJ Liquid is the people's Disc Jockey of the Year.

18. Selector of the Year - Boom Boom

Maybe modesty was a bit lacking, but selector Boom Boom says he is pleased with winning the 'Selector of the Year' award. "A nuh really something weh really surprise mi, it is something that I know I deserve. I feel overwhelmed and mi just happy within miself fi know seh the hard work we mi put in a pay off," he said, noting that last year his aim was to entertain his audience, as well as highlight dancers and artistes. But for this year, Boom Boom says he wants to "help some dancers fi travel. Nuff a dem don't even have passport or age paper." As the persons who help to make songs and rhythms popular locally and overseas, he says dancers should be able to earn more from their hard work.

19. Absentee Artiste of the Year - Mavado

Mavado was doing quite well in the dancehall industry until his friend/entourage member Connie was shot at Bounty Killer's birthday party that was held at Quad in June 2011. Following the death, Mavado seemed to have disappeared from the local scene. Hardly performing in Jamaica and seeming to reside in the United States since being signed to DJ Khaled's label, Mavado released only two notable dancehall songs last year; Action Pack andBox A Money.

20. Song of the Year - Affairs Of The Heart - Damian Marley

21. Female Singer of the Year - Alaine

22. Male Singer of the Year - Tarrus Riley

Chaka Demus and Pliers to perform at Jamaica's Jazz and Blues festival

Posted on 12th January, 2013

The Jamaica Jazz and Blues line-up for February 24 has been announced.

Headliners for the opening night, Third World, will kick off their celebration of 40 years together, while 'Mr Rocksteady' Ken Boothe celebrates his Golden Jubilee.

Formed in 1973 by guitarist and cellist Stephen 'Cat' Coore, and keyboardist Ibo Cooper, an illustrious musical career has earned Third World many awards and a place in the ranks of top reggae bands. Boothe has recorded numerous hit songs for producers Clement Dodd, Duke Reid, Winston 'Niney' Holness, and Lloyd Charmers. Charmers produced Boothe's version of Everything I Own, which topped the British national chart in 1974.

The festival will also put the spotlight on a number of bands and live music, a feature which the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival has supported over the years.

The Blue Print Band, who won the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Battle of the Bands in 2011, will share the stage with the great Fab 5, young conscious reggae group Roots Underground, and the Blow Wow Band.

The energetic Chaka Demus and Pliers will be performing on the Jazz and Blues stage for the first time. The duo has not performed in Jamaica for some time, but is expected to return with a spectacular lyrical routine and their world-famous song Tease Me.

The controversial Cocoa Tea will also be performing for the first time at the festival.

Reggae-soul singer Alaine will represent the younger generation of reggae artistes.

Last year, in celebration of Jamaica's 50th year of Independence, the Thursday night line-up was dedicated to the momentous milestone. Fans were treated to performances from artistes who figured in the country's popular music since 1962. According to Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival spokesperson, Junior Taylor, although there will not be another Jamaica 50, the vibes and merriment of the 2012 theme did not go unnoticed.

"That was a driving force behind this year's opening line-up," he said.

"The festival had such a positive response to the night, we agreed to include it again for 2013."

Pluto Shervington, Admiral Bailey, Nadine Sutherland, Lovindeer, Leroy Sibbles, Lust, Eric Donaldson and Ernie Smith complete the impressive line-up of reggae stars on show for that night.

Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival will be held from January 24-26, and is sponsored by the Jamaica Tourist Board, Flow, The Gleaner Company Ltd, CVM TV, Knutsford Express, and Consumer Brands. 

I-Octane confesses why he is getting bun with new song 'gal a gimmi bun'

Posted on 12th January, 2013

He confesses, "mi nah spen nuh time wid mi gyal an mi gyal a gimmi bun," something that quite a few artistes within the music industry may easily be able to identify with. Does anyone in particular come to mind?

I-Octane's latest single, Gal A Gimmi Bun is a song that artistes and fans in general should be able to relate to, as it touches on a topic that is like common assault in today's society.

In the single, I-Octane takes on the role of none other than an artiste who is kept busy with his work, doing shows and tours all across the world, but in the process, is denied the opportunity to spend quality time with his female companion, which ultimately leads her to become unfaithful.

The single, which is produced by Seanizzle Records and Black Shadow, will certainly captivate the attention of listeners, as I-Octane confesses that the song, "is a true life story for many, as people all over the globe experience it."

However, despite the seriousness of the situation, Octane says, "it's a really fun song," and the way in which the message is brought across, "everybody weh hear it say it mek dem laugh."

According to Octane, "It's been a while since an artiste come out with a song weh fun. Mad Andrew and KipRich used to do fun songs. The music nowadays is violent and hardcore. So mi just decide fi do something different, and the feedback has been positive so far."

In addition to this spanking new single from I-Octane, the artiste is also enjoying some heavy rotation on radio since the start of 2013 with singles like Wonderful Feeling (Rasta Love) featuring Queen Ifrica, produced by Young Blood Records, Do Road Rough, produced by Markus Records and Stay Above Crime which was produced by So Unique Records.

Snoop Dog shoots first Reggae album in Jamaica featuring Mavado and Popcaan 

Posted on 12th January, 2013

Reggae newcomer Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) was in the island on the weekend to shoot his first reggae video since converting to the genre and changing his name.

The video for the song Lighters Up, which features dancehall artistes Mavado and Popcaan was shot in the scenic parish of Portland.

According to Mavado, he was honoured to be a part of the project.

“Snoop is a legend in the game, so it was an honour to be a part of the project and Lighters Up is a great track. Snoop has mad love for Jamaica, so when he asked me to be a part of the video I didn’t hesitate because anything that positively highlights Jamaica and brings it to a bigger stage, I am always ready to be a part of that,” Mavado told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Popcaan was also elated to be on the project, telling THE WEEKEND STAR that he enjoyed working with Snoop Lion.

“It was very good working with Snoop, first on song and then on video. When I heard the hook I really liked it and when I met Snoop he asked me to write a couple verses. It worked out where he sang one of the verses I wrote and I sang the other. Later, he asked how I felt about Mavado being on the song, and I said I had no problem with it.”

Adding, “Snoop is really cool, just getting to know him and hearing advice from someone who has been so successful in the music industry is a blessing. The video gonna be sick, any time hip hop and dancehall artistes work together we take it to a next level. Look out for the video it wicked TR88.”

Snoop Lion released his debut reggae track titled La La La last year. Lighters Up will be on his upcoming album which is set to be released in the upcoming months.

Beenie Man concedes he is no longer on top

Posted on 11th January, 2013

AFTER a low-key 2012, Beenie Man is looking forward to a return to the charts with a bang this year. Though he had a strong seller last year with Dweet Again, the hits did not flow for the self-proclaimed King of the Dancehall, who has been a chart-rider since the early 1990s.

On Christmas Day, he got a hostile reaction for a lacklustre performance at the GT Taylor Extravaganza in St Elizabeth.

In an interview with Splash, an upbeat Beenie Man was philosophical. He said it is impossible for any artiste to be on top forever.

"I realise that one cannot be the man of the moment forever. It's just not going to happen," he said. "Look at Usher and Chris Brown, where can they walk into Michael Jackson's shoes? That shows that music has a cycle, and you cannot be the man of the moment for 21 years, but you can be The Man for life. Simple," he added with a laugh.

Dweet Again, produced by Rohan 'Snowcone' Fuller, did well locally. Another single, Gunshot, a combination with hip hop star Nicki Minaj, generated over two million hits on YouTube.

Dweet Again is also the title of Beenie Man's next album, due for release in March by Universal Records. Among the producers working on the album are Stephen McGregor and Sean 'Seanizzle' Reid Away from the dancehall, Beenie Man attemped to enter this year's Power Soca and Groovy Soca Monarch competitions in Trinidad and Tobago, one of the biggest shows at TT Carnival, but his submissions were late.

"The problem is that we have been touring hard overseas and I tried to get both songs done in time for the contests but I just couldn't," he said.

Along with arch-rival Bounty Killer, Beenie Man has dominated dancehall for nearly two decades.

He has countless hit songs, won a Grammy Award (for Best Reggae Album with Art and Life) and collaborated with big names like Janet Jackson.

But while Bounty Killer has endeared himself to the new wave of dancehall kingpins, Beenie Man has gradually drifted out of the limelight.

He has high expectations for Dweet Again which features songs by various producers, most notably Fuller, the man behind Sean Paul's massive hit, Temperature.

"Right now, I have the same plan I had in 2012 and in 2011, and that is to just go hard and done," he said.

Mr Vegas starts new charity

Posted on 11th January, 2012

After experiencing a very public break-up during the latter part of 2012, artiste Mr Vegas is aiming to make 2013 a year of turning negatives into positives.

The entertainer has announced a new charity titled 'Turning Dust Into Bricks'.

Mr Vegas has decided to auction the furniture that were part of the much publicised controversial Wedgewood home that he shared with his ex-girlfriend, in hopes that this will help raise money for the charities he supports.

''I cannot bare to see them and, after throwing away the bed, I thought about the pain versus the waste. In thinking, I realised I was being selfish and there were many ways that people could benefit from this, one being the children from the Mustard Seed Community, which is a charity I support. Also, in doing this, I would hope to teach men who have been in my position that all is not lost, a little laughter will help. Try turning your bad situation or circumstance into a good one, this world is about healing," the singjay said.

He went on to say that, if he had thrown the furniture away, people would be unaware of his healing process.

The first auction includes pieces of the much-publicised bedroom set, and the bid will begin at US$9.99.

The second auction, will also open with a bid of US$9.99 and consists of a three-piece taupe micro-fibre and leather living-room set.

 Irie Jam Radio considers lawsuit against alleged ex of Sean Paul

Posted on 11th January, 2012

Just days after startling claims made by a Swedish woman claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of Dancehall/Reggae megastar, Sean Paul, a prominent radio station in New York is crying foul after discovering its name on the front of her tell-all book.

Irie Jam Radio, a popular Dancehall/Reggae music station based in Queens, is considering bringing a lawsuit against Susanne Persson, a Swedish hairstylist and makeup artist who accused Sean Paul of abusing drugs and trying to have her deported from Jamaica in 2010. The reason of Irie Jam’s threat of legal action stems from a lawsuit filed by Persson against Sean Paul, seeking US$80 million in damages from the prominent entertainer.

In Persson’s lawsuit, she included a book titled Irie Jamboree, documenting alleged cocaine abuse, erectile dysfunction and even murders committed by Sean Paul during their time together. Upon hearing of this book, Irie Jam Radio has accused Persson of illegally using the Irie Jamboree title given their station trademarked the name given to their annual music festival.

In a joint statement issued Wednesday afternoon by Irie Jam Radio’s CEO, Bobby Clarke and the Irie Jamboree’s co-producer, Steven Williams, their media outlet spoke out on the matter saying, “We are flabbergasted and outraged as to the use of Irie Jamboree by Persson as the name of her tell all book, since Irie Jamboree is a registered trade name which we have used as the legal name of our festival since the inaugural concert was staged in 2003.”

The statement continued, “We have now engaged the services of an attorney to determine what legal course if any we need to immediately take to protect our integrity and our brand. We will aggressively fight to legally protect our brand and any damage that may result by the use of the name Irie Jamboree by Persson.”

Irie Jam Radio received several phone calls from friends and listeners questioning their possible involvement with Persson’s lawsuit. As a result, they have categorically denied any connection to it while insisting they have maintained a strong relationship with Sean Paul for many years.

Persson’s book, which was included with her lawsuit, alleges Sean Paul abused cocaine, suffered from erectile dysfunction and even committed murders.

For his part, Sean Paul has yet to release a statement addressing the allegations.

Snoop Lion ft. Mavado & Popcaan – “Lighters Up” . Behind the scenes (Official Video)

Posted on 11th January, 2013

Bounty Killer takeover the Buzz

Posted on 10th January, 2013

The five star diamond general Bounty Killer recently dropped in on popular Jamaica entertainment programme 'The Buzz' and explained his current surge and whats there to come in 2013.

Check out the interview below:

Video streaming by Ustream

Ninja Man’s Curfew Order Resumes

Posted on 9th January, 2013

Ninja Man’s freedom to do as he pleases has been slightly modified… again!

The temporary ruling which allowed the veteran dancehall deejay to perform without limitations expired yesterday (January 7, 2013).

Under a curfew order imposed when Ninja Man was granted bail in March last year, the deejay is to report to the Oracabessa Police in St Mary every day except on Sundays and should not to be seen on the streets between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. on specific days.  However, in December last year a Home Circuit Judge had lifted the ban granting the veteran deejay the freedom to work across the island without restrictions during the holidays.

Ninja Man tells Music News that he’s not saddened by the adjustment and is actually thankful for the days he’s expected to stay at home.

The trial of the murder case against Ninja Man was put off until May 13, 2013. The matter could not be heard because the deejay’s attorney, Valrie Neita Robertson was appearing in another matter.

Ninja Man and his son are on bail in the sum of $2 million each for the March 16, 2009 murder of a 20 year old man.

Mr. Vegas Auctions Furniture From House of Infidelity

Posted on 9th January, 2012

Mr. Vegas is auctioning off items from his infamous “house of infidelity” in Florida in a bid to get rid of the furniture tainted by his baby-mama and her lover.

Vegas says the profit made from the items sold during the auction which begins at $US9.99 will be donated to the Mustard Seed Communities.

Last year, Mr. Vegas was dogged by his baby-mama when she invited another man into the deejay’s crib for fun and games allegedly in the presence of their young daughter.

Subsequently, the deejay hurriedly put up the house for sale. The “For Sale” sign currently sits on the premises as there are no prospective buyers.

In relating news, Vegas is gearing up for the video release of the single Party Tun-up, the second track on his Sweet Jamaica album

Are Jamaican Music Charts Credible?

Posted on 9th January, 2013

With payola being a major problem in dancehall, there are questions surrounding the credibility of local music charts.

According to selector Boom Boom, most local charts are for money-making purposes and do not reflect what is taking place in the industry.

"Local chart is a money-making thing. Everybody know weh mi a talk. If you have money, you good wid the local charts,".

"Whole heap a song weh you see hit on the charts nah play inna di dancehall, so mi nuh too follow up the local charts. When selectors from abroad come, a di dancehall dem come fi see what a gwaan. The charts are not a reflection of what's happening," he said.

While he is aware that money may play a part in some cases, dancehall artiste Elephant Man says he thinks all the charts count.

"Even a real chart you find seh even when the people try to be honest, somebody a seh sup'm fi sup'm. Everybody waan money. It don't just happen in the dancehall, it happen in hip hop. Likkle grease palm haffi gwaan down the line no matter how yuh tek it," he said.

"Some a dem overdo it, but it is a business. So mi nah go beat down a man weh a try eat a food. Just don't overdo it. Don't try mek it look like dem a hustle di music."

Nonetheless, he believes they all play a part in the industry.

"I think every chart counts. Some of them might not be top of the top, but they are still showing what's happening in the music. Anything representing music good or bad, people a look pon dem,".

But the creator of the Stampede Street Chart, Boswell 'Stampede' Lammie, says his chart is as credible as they come.

"Mi nuh know bout the rest of charts but mi know bout my chart. Records not selling anymore so I judge the songs based on popularity in the streets. The sources are selectors from all over the island 'cause songs that are hot in Kingston are not necessarily popular elsewhere," he said.

He also added that the placement of the songs is not only determined by what selectors say, but also the responses songs get at events he attend.

Stampede added that his chart is aired on 89 radio stations across Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

"When they want to know what's hot, they check Stampede Street Chart. If dem check the songs weh play inna di party and check my chart, dem see the same thing,".

Admitting that there are credible charts and some that are "definitely fraud", singjay I-Octane says persons around the world pay attention to them. In some cases, he says the charts translate into overseas shows for artistes and promotion of their songs.

 Panther claims he would have killed Matterhorn if he had participated in P Diddy sponsored clash

Posted on 9th January, 2013

Black Kat's Pink Panther said had it not been for a prior engagement, Friday night's Supreme Promotions/Downsound Record's BadBoy Sound Clash event would have seen him walk away as winner of the US$20,000 cash prize.

BadBoy Sound Clash was put on by renowned international rapper P Diddy, who said he wanted to witness live what a stage show is like in Kingston.

Fellow veteran 'clash selector' Tony Matterhorn was crowned winner inside Lime Light Entertainment Complex after fending off challenges from runner-up Foota Hype.

However, despite being advertised as one of the contenders who would vie for the cash prize, which was valued at J$1.86 million, Pink Panther said he did not give Isaiah Laing, one of the event's promoters, the go-ahead.

"I already had a contract show in St Elizabeth. Laing called me the night before and just tell me that I have a clash with this and that and that he would call me back in the morning, but he never did. I never know the clash was that soon," the legendary selector said. "I never gave Laing the go-ahead and regardless of the rush, him must remember to contact the contenders. Anybody would relish the opportunity to win close to J$2 million but I had a prior agreement and you have to respect that."

Pink Panther also made it abundantly clear that he has no ill will towards Laing but wanted to state clearly to his fans the reasons for his absence.

"Furthermore, I am the type who likes to prepare for sound clashes, regardless. I wasn't informed properly, I got the call the night before, and before I could tell Laing about my engagement the conversation ended and he never called back the morning," he shared. "Laing and I are good same way; there's no bad feeling, is just that the entire organisation was a rush and if it wasn't for my other engagement, I would most likely be there."

Throughout the night, Tony Matterhorn constantly reiterated his superiority to his competitors while on his way to victory, despite a very stiff challenge from a more juggling-affiliated selector in Foota Hype.

Pink Panther believes it would have been a different story had he or any other clash-oriented selectors, such as Ricky Trooper or Fire Links, were present.

"Definitely, the last time Matterhorn and I clashed, I beat him at World Clash 2009 in Montego Bay in front of 25,000 people," he said.

He, however, applauded P Diddy for his interest in sound clash and has encouraged other people to do the same. "It is a good thing because sound clash is one of the foundations of the dancehall industry. Other people must try to do what P Diddy did because it looks good for the future," he said.

Man claims beating his woman was is way of foreplay

Posted on 9th January, 2013

A Jamaican man from St Catherine has reportedly told a court that he only beat his girlfriend as foreplay before sex, will know his fate on March 12.

The 40-year-old contractor of Waterford, Portmore, St Catherine, had persons fighting to stop laughing.

"Your Honour, I am guilty of it, but I only do it whenever we are going to make love. But, I didn't know she was badly hurt this time," he said to suppressed laughter in the court.

The resident magistrate told the accused that it was a serious offence for which he has been charged.

Facts outlined by Clerk of Court Nicole Kellier are that in December, the accused beat up his lover after a disagreement.

The police were called and he was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

Meanwhile, the complainant told the court she has been abused for the past six years by the accused.

The man's bail was extended. However, he was fined $4,000 or 10 days' imprisonment for being in possession of an offensive weapon (He was held while attending a court hearing with a knife.)

He was searched by District Constable Michael Esson, and a knife with a nine-inch blade was found.

Tony Matterhorn follow through on promise to donate clash money to Bustamante children

Posted on 9th January, 2013

Tony Matterhorn is today making a donation to The Bustamante Hospital For Children with his winnings from the BAD BOY SOUNDCLASH put on by international rapper and producer P Diddy, Supreme Promotions and DownSound Records.

Matterhorn who won the cash prize of $US20,000 has been extremely generous with the money since it fell into his hands on Friday night at the Limelight club's parking lot in Half-Way Tree.

It is also reported that Matterhorn also gave all four contenders whom he was victorious over $1000us each.

Tony Matterhorn slaughtered Foota Hype to cop the top prize. Bass Odyssey, Flava Unit and Stargaze Sound were also a part of the BAD BOY SOUNDCLASH. Clearly, the large crowd gathered came out to see Diddy who had the audience locked. So too did Beenie Man, Ninja Man, Kiprich, Flippa Mafia and Tommy Lee.

Overall, the BAD BOY SOUNDCLASH was a sure hit. Check out some clips of matterhorn destroying the opposition below:

Reggae Grammy out of touch?

Posted on 8th January, 2013

JUST over a month before the Grammy Awards, the Best Reggae Album category is once again under scrutiny. Criticism from music industry players are rife in a feature article in the December 26 edition of Billboard magazine.

Captioned 'Reggae Grammy Nominations Honor Veteran Acts, Snub Emerging Talent', the article by Patricia Meschino focuses on the lack of contemporary acts nominated for the Best Reggae Album category.

Meschino's piece is based around interviews with Jamaican music producer Shane Brown, record company executive Cristy Barber and Bill Freimuth, vice-president of awards at the Grammys.

The 2013 nominees are Rebirth (Jimmy Cliff); Miracle (The Original Wailers); Reggae Got Soul: Unplugged on Strawberry Hill (Toots and The Maytals); Sly and Robbie and the Jam Masters' New Legend Jamaica 50th Edition; and Sean Paul's Tomahawk Technique.

The article notes that Tomahawk Technique is the only dancehall album in the category, even though over 20 albums from the genre were named in the provisional list of 53.

Ultimately, albums by emerging acts like Busy Signal, Konshens and Mr Vegas were ignored.

Brown, Busy Signal's manager, took the reggae Grammy committee to task, claiming, "To those who don't know, the reggae industry appears dead because the same older acts and the Marleys always get the Grammy nominations."

Reggae's 'name' acts, led by the children of reggae legend Bob Marley, have won the Best Reggae Album category most since it was instituted in 1985. It is a disparity that has led some critics to argue for separate categories for dancehall and reggae.

According to Freimuth, that is easier said than done.

"Within a community it seems like we put apples and oranges in the same category, but viewed from a general consumer or fan standpoint it makes sense to call it all reggae," Freimuth told Billboard. "Even mainstream categories like rock contain Coldplay and Iron Maiden and many rock fans would draw a fat line between those two. It's difficult to categorise music, we put things together even though they may not be that much alike, but it's the only sensible way to divvy up the awards."

While several dancehall acts including Shabba Ranks, Shaggy and Sean Paul have won Grammys, Freimuth concedes a bias toward older performers like Burning Spear, Toots and Cliff.

"It's hard to say why in recent years our voters have leaned towards old school reggae," he said, "because we never know how many votes these recordings actually get and while some people don't like this years nominees, others do."

Barber has worked with several record companies including VP Records, the Jamaican-owned, all-reggae company from Queens, New York. In 2008, she started a Recording Academy educational drive to recruit 100 new reggae members. She succeeded in getting 80.

"After campaigning for four years it's difficult to see the genre's biggest albums still ignored. Many people have the credentials to vote and don't bother to; until the industry takes voting seriously the majority of reggae Grammy nominees will continue to be on name recognition, rather than merit," she said.

The Grammy Awards take place February 10 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Charlie Black to release album: debut first song for 2013

Posted on 8th January, 2013

Dancehall entertainer Charly Black has released his first track for 2013, which is a single titled We Nah Beg for Seanizzle Records.

Dancehall entertainer Charly Black has released his first track for 2013, which is a single titled We Nah Beg for Seanizzle Records.

The track speaks of total independence and according to the popular record music producer, the street has already taken a liking to it.

"The track is definitely for the streets. It speaks of independence and for people who work hard for what they want. So far the reception has been good because I mixed the song last week and premiered it at a party name Soak (held last Sunday in Ocho Rios) and the crowd loved it and begged for it to pull up. So, it is now for us to take it to the streets," Seanizzle said.

The track, according to Seanizzle, will be released to all radio stations and on iTunes sometime next week.

Since his musical breakthrough in 2007, Charly Black has maintained his standards of producing songs of such a nature while doing a mixture of songs for the more raunchy audience.

another classic

The proud Trelawny citizen believes this is another classic to be placed in his bag of hit songs.

"The song is already generating a buzz. The few people who got to hear it have already been talking about it. I believe this song will go very far, so I am going to put all the hard work into it," he said.

The deejay, who became prominent with Rich This Year, among other popular songs, said he is also getting things prepared for his soon-to-be-released debut album on his birthday, April 6. The album is yet to be named, but Charly Black is very confident of its success.

"The album preparation is going well. Everything is still being worked on at this moment so I don't want to say much about it, but the fans will definitely love it," he said.

Donovan Germain explains why dancehall is at a halt

Posted on 8th January, 2013

"UNLESS the dancehall producers and artistes bring something new to the table and let go of the hip-hop style that they are readily embracing, the music will continue to be in the gutter," is an ominous prediction from veteran music producer/manager Donovan Germain.

The head of Penthouse Records spoke to the Jamaica Observer amid reports from SoundScan (the American company that provides music sales data) that dancehall music floundered in 2012.

Germain believes the genre needs a dynamic leader like 15 years ago when dancehall music made inroads on international charts.

"The biggest part of dancehall was when Dave Kelly played a major part in it. Artistes are straying from being melodious, instead they are deejaying about their bottles of Hennessy, money and bad mind," he said.

Kelly was an engineer at Germain's studio before branching out with his Madhouse label. He conjured dance rhythms like the Pepperseed and Joyride which yielded hits such as Tanya Stephens' Big Things a Gwaan and Sycamore Tree by Lady Saw.

Germain notes that songs on both beats were produced over 15 years ago and and are still popular in clubs and dances.

"This is the mindset that these nowadays artistes need to have — that is, to make lasting songs," he said.

Germain challenged defenders of contemporary dancehall to prove him wrong.

"If dancehall is so hot and is being sought after, why aren't the artistes touring and why isn't their music selling?"

Does the man who produced classics like Buju Banton's 'Til Shiloh and Tempted to Touch by Beres Hammond, have any hope for dancehall music in 2013?

"Although reggae is not being recognised the way it should in Jamaica, the reggae acts are still touring and the music is still firm. The same can be done with dancehall once there is a turn-around of the musical content," he said.

Reggaeton Faces Cuban Fire

Posted on 8th January, 2013

At 10 o'clock on a Saturday night, the Mariana Grajales Park in downtown Havana pulses with a thumping beat. Young men in drooping trousers and women in mini-skirts dance, raise their hands in the air and grind pelvis to pelvis amid whooping, clapping and coarse jokes.

The risqué dance style known as 'perreo', which translates loosely as 'dogging', is associated with reggaeton, an up-tempo mix of reggae, hip-hop and Latin rhythms that was popularised in Puerto Rico and has become a mainstay on Cuban TV and radio.

Now, the music finds itself squarely in the sights of critics who lament the genre's notoriously suggestive lyrics, steamy videos and sometimes misogynistic stereotyping.

Cuban authorities recently announced restrictions reportedly declaring state-run recording studios and broadcasts off-limits to songs with questionable lyrics. They also prohibit such music in performance spaces subject to government control.

The rules would, theoretically, apply to all genres, but it's reggaeton that leading cultural lights have singled out for criticism in official media while warning of new rules governing "public uses of music."

Legislators are also studying a bill to regulate the airwaves and performance spaces. Artistes would face sanctions for lyrics and performances deemed too racy, although it's not yet clear who would be the official arbiters of taste or what penalties may be imposed.

"It has been decided," said Danilo Sirio Lopez, director of the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, in a December speech to lawmakers.

"We will not play one more rude song, one more base song, one more song with offensive lyrics or videos that attack or denigrate the image of women."

The proposal apparently falls short of an outright ban, but in a country where the government is the main patron of the arts and controls all airwaves, the threat of losing access to broadcasts, production facilities and performance spaces sends a clear message to reggaetoneros: Clean up your act, or else.

The past year's hit song, Quimba Pa' Que Suene, by Los Principales, translates gently as "Shake It So It Goes Off" and is a kind of homage to masturbation.

The video was uploaded to YouTube and heralded as "the new hymn of Cuban youth," and for the last year it could be heard booming at top volume at private parties, school events and other get-togethers.

The runaway smash El Chupi Chupi, by Osmani Garcia and various artistes, was also criticised for its creative wordplay about sexual acts. "Go on make yourself pretty, and turn out the lights, the orgy has begun," goes one of the few lines printable in a family newspaper.

Officials, critics and the influential Cuban Women's Federation derided both songs as vulgar and demeaning to women.

"Obviously everyone is free to listen in private to whatever music they want," said Orlando Vistel, president of the Cuban Music Institute, an arm of the Culture Ministry that promotes music.

Former Dancehall Queen Latesha claims she was not ready for clash at Sting

Posted on 8th January, 2013

Former Dancehall Queen winner Queen Latesha is seeking to clarify the situation behind her recent loss to Americans in a dancing clash at Sting 2012.

The dancer disclosed that she was not prepared for a matchup against scantily clad females.

"What happened is that I work with Supreme Promotions, so I was part of the production. I was to perform as a guest along with two other girls from Jamaica," she recently said.

The dancer further stated, "When I got to the venue, my boss told me three girls were there for a clash."

She said that the girls were wearing limited clothing and looked like exotic dancers. I told Mr [Isaiah] Laing to tell them to put on some clothes, and they decided that they wanted to go like that," she said.

According to Latesha, the Americans weren't impressive with their dance moves, but the audience seemed to love the skin display.

"When they were dancing, people weren't giving them no bag of forward, but because them have big bottom, some people were giving mixed reactions," she further claimed.

The former Dancehall Queen winner said that while she had no problem being in a clash with the girls, she was not prepared to put her career on the line against women who were so scantily dressed.

"In the end, I decided I was going to perform as special guest. But then the MC, mi not even know weh him come from, him announce that we would clash. We went onstage and danced but then they did some explicit and X-rated things, so we decided not to go any further," Queen Latesha said.

This was followed by DJ Foota Hype asking the audience who was the winner, and the American dancers were selected. However, Latesha is insisting that the Jamaican girls were unfairly treated.

"I feel good about the Sting exposure, but I wasn't prepared to put my professional career on the line. I was recently featured on 'America's Next Top Model' and that is the direction which I want to go. People are on Twitter saying what type a thing dat, but I wasn't beaten, I was just treated unfairly," she said.

The Sting clash currently has more than 700,000 views on international website

Queen Latesha recently hosted her party at Limelight Club in Half-Way Tree, Kingston. The event was attended by various dancehall artistes, including Bounty Killer.

Busy Signal gets backlash for 'Artiste' song: Roach believes he was targeted

Posted on 8th January, 2013

Dancehall artiste Busy Signal has come under fire from producer Patrick 'Roach' Samuels, who claims the artiste is playing hypocrite for his song titled Artiste, in which Busy Signal argues that the music industry is plagued with impersonators.

Roach also believes that a section of the song was directed at him as a producer who sometimes deejays.

The section in Busy's song to which Roach refers says, "From wah day lizard wah tun artiste, roach wah tun artiste, ants wah tun artiste wah diss? The flag man all di man wey a wash the van wah tun artiste".

"Mi nuh know wey Busy a deal wid, mi feel a mi Busy a talk, but Busy used to select sound and be a conductor suh a turn him turn artiste wi nuh know bout no ants nor lizard wey duh music, but everybody know Roach, suh a me him a talk and a try distract the people by speaking of lizard and ants," Roach said.

The Jamaican music industry currently has several recording artistes who are professionals in other fields. Including media personality Amelia 'Milk' Sewell who released a song called Girl Boss, television host Pepita who has a song called Luv Luv Me, disc jockey ZJ Liquid who has recorded songs for several producers and even MC Miss Kitty, among others. According to Roach, everybody with talent deserves a chance.

"If a man feel sey him have a song wey can tek dancehall to another level he must have the chance. Nobody don't know where the next big star is coming from. DJ Liquid was a deejay first, but food haffi eat so he became a selector. Some a di youth dem just decide to go both ways so that they can survive because music don't have a 9-5 system for them to live off until they get the big break," Roach explained.

However, as it relates to Busy's single, Roach criticized it saying, "the concept of the song is very poor and meaningless. If him did sey everybody waah turn runner now that would be different because running is a scarce talent, but Jamaica is a nation of deejays and singers; all mi madda a deejay. Busy Signal was a conductor and a selector suh a tun him tun artiste," Roach said.

Busy Signal's manager, Shane Brown, sought to clarify the situation, stating that the artiste was merely highlighting that access to technology and certain resources have created recording artistes who are not musicians based on merit or talent.

"The point is that Busy Signal had to prove himself five, six, seven years, to be on top of his craft. But now with technology, everybody use a computer and become an artiste; that's why, the song says all lizard turn artiste," Brown said.

The manager also believes many industry players are just as concerned as Busy Signal, but are reluctant to speak on the issue.

"The music business wants a facelift and cleanse, a lot of people are not as bold as Busy to make that cleanse. We are not saying that some dancers and so forth can't become artistes but some people are just hypocritical and won't say it as it is. Some people have talent but it's not everybody that has the talent to be an artiste. There is a subliminal message in the song because Busy was a conductor but he had to harness his talent. Some people are just too shallow and don't understand the subliminal message," he said.

Both Roach and Shane Brown also claimed that the local media gives more attention to the acts with less talent than real musicians.

"Some people pay for their songs to be played and it's played so often that it becomes a hit, so the industry has lost its values anybody can be an artiste but not everybody is made to be an artiste. There is a lot of gimmicks in the industry and that is why people will say the industry is dying," Brown said.

The single, Artiste, has received both negative and positive comments on, some fans in agreement with Busy Signal, while others have condemned the song, in the process branding the artiste as a hypocrite.

Roach and Justus, producers at JA Productions are currently basking in the international success of the Overtime rhythm and Cham's single, Lawless, while Busy Signal is expected to continue his Reggae Music Again tour.

Matterhorn Wins US$20,000 ... In Diddy's Sound Clash At Limelight Club

Posted on 7th January, 2013

The recent sound clash hosted by iconic Grammy Award-winning rapper/producer Sean 'Diddy' Combs in collaboration with Supreme Promotions was a sure hit at the Limelight club's parking lot in Half-Way Tree on Friday night.

The clash featured local selectors Tony Matterhorn, World Clash Champions Bass Odyssey, Foota Hype, Flava Unit and Stargaze Sound, competing for a cash prize of US$20,000.

DJ Chris Diamond got the vibes going in the early part, playing songs like Blak Ryno's Dem Fraid and Thug Anthem.

At 11 p.m., MC Nuffy announced the start of the clash and Bass Odyssey pulled dubs like I-Octane's Suffa Too Long and Jah Vinci's My Life. Patrons enjoyed the set and gave roars of approval.

Flava Unit came next and played Anything a Anything by Mad Cobra,Real Stinga by Blak Ryno and Bounty Killer's Man Ah Badman. Their set too was well received.

Stargaze Sound opted to go the Mavado route and played Gully Christmas which also featured Flexx and Savage. However, their transition was not smooth and patrons voiced their disgust.

Tony Matterhorn came next and vowed to avenge his death at the hands of KipRich at Sting.

"This is my world ... mi a guh murda dem," he declared.

The experienced selector played Little Sound Boy by Johnny Osborne, getting a huge uproar from the crowd.

"Bass Odyssey mi love unno but mi cyah mek di money guh country," he said and played I-Octane's Suffa Too Long followed by six lethal Bounty Killer dubplates.

Foota Hype came next blaring a series of expletives much to the disapproval of the sponsors, audience and police personnel. He had to be cautioned.

After his distasteful display, he played Bounty Killer's Spy Fi Die and a deadly Konshens dubplate spilling some derogatory data about Matterhorn's chipped tooth. Needless to say, it left the crowd in a frenzy.

After rounds of hard-core and explicit dancehall/reggae content, Flava Unit, World Champions Bass Odyssey and Stargaze Sound were eliminated, leaving Tony Matterhorn and Foota Hype to battle for the cash prize.

However, not before a seemingly happy Diddy took the stage to give a performance singing hits like I'll Be Missing You, Bad Boy For Lifeamong others. At this point even the photographers were clashing to get a snap of Forbes' second wealthiest hip-hop star in the world.

The rapper was also joined on stage by the likes of KipRich, Ninja Man, Flippa Moggla and Beenie Man who all delivered songs in tag team style.

Diddy then took his place at the Ciroc Vodka booth along with his girlfriend, R&B singer Cassie.

Ciroc premium vodka played host to Diddy inside an elevated VIP area. Diddy is the ambassador for Ciroc in the US.

Marsha Lumley, brand manager for Ciroc, said that though the event was put together at the last minute it was only natural for Ciroc to partner with Supreme Promotions. "This event showcases the best sound talent in Jamaica, Ciroc wants to connect with the grass roots and this is a good way for us to do so. Our premium offerings found favour with our special guest and also the high patronage at the event."

Back on the battlefield, a brutal clash continued between Tony Matterhorn and Foota Hype. Both DJs tried every tactic in the book of war to get the audience on their side. They threw money in the crowd, exchanged cheap insults and even promised to share the cash prize with the crowd. At the end of the musical fight, Tony Matterhorn came out on top based on the response from the crowd.

Diddy was seen climbing on top of the VIP railing shouting in approval, also blowing a horn given to him by dancer Sadeke. "This is what I came to see," Diddy yelled.

Tony Matterhorn, after receiving his cash prize from Diddy, pledged to donate an undetermined amount to charity. He also gave US$1,000 to each of his fellow DJs who participated.

Dancehall Artiste Ajrenalin Wraps Up Three Country Caribbean Stint

Posted on 7th January, 2013

While the festive season for many was about merriment, for Dancehall artiste Ajrenalin it was non-stop work. The deejay currently in New York City on a promotional campaign recently wrapped up a three country Caribbean stint alongside fellow entertainer Christopher Martin.

Kicking off the triad of activities was an appearance at the 2012 staging of LOVEFEST in St. Lucia, where the ‘Nuh Want Nuh Hand Out’ singer delivered a commendable set to the large gathering at the Beasejuor Stadium.

Next stop was the St. Vincent & The Grenadines CANFEST held on December 21st at the Victoria Park, where Ajrenalin shared the stage with some of the island’s top soca acts at what the local media dubbed a memorable night of top class performances.

The final leg of his stint brought him to Barbados for the much publicized Christmas Day WISHLIST concert series alongside headliner Christopher Martin, where tracks such as ‘One Room’ and the newly released ‘Hide’ were well received. The event was sponsored by Banks Beer, one of Barbados’ premium beverage companies.

Ajrenalin is expected back in the island soon to complete work on several upcoming projects, including his soon-to-be-released video for the JA Productions produced ‘One Room’.

Beres wants more professionalism in Dancehall

Posted on 7th January, 2013

SPORTING his trademark hat, Beres Hammond perches on a seat on the lawn of his home in the St Andrew, still recovering from a Boxing Day party that broke up broke up at 7:00 am.

The Yuletide season was hectic for the man many consider dancehall's elder statesman. He recently returned from the United States east coast where he did promotional stops for his latest album, the double disc One Love, One Life.

One of those stops came on the popular Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show where he jammed with neo-soul house band, The Roots.

Forty years after getting in the music business with the Zap Pow band, Hammond is hip to the changes of the industry.

"Millions of people watch a Jimmy Fallon, an' many of them neva hear 'bout Beres Hammond," he said. "Being on a show like that can only help."

Released by VP Records in November through Hammond's Harmony House company, One Love, One Life has sold just under 3,000 copies to date in the US, according to SoundScan.

Though he is pleased with the response to his latest production, for which he wrote all 20 songs, Hammond says he does not watch sales.

"Bwoy, I neva watch record sales, somebody else job that. If they break mi in different markets, fine. But I'm not going to change [my style] to suit a particular set of people," he said.

With a track record of hit songs going back to the late 1970s, the 58-year-old Hammond can afford to dictate terms.

Terms which allow him to write an average of two songs a day, or record five songs a week, mainly at his St Andrew studio.

That also goes for his stage act which he says is entirely spontaneous. He sings whatever song his band strikes up.

"Right now, I live mi song dem like how mi live mi life. I jus' go wid the flow," he said.

There was a time in his career when Beres Hammond was not as relaxed. The Zap Pow years were encouraging, and he did a string of well-received ballads for musician/producer Willie Lindo, including One Step Ahead and I Miss You.

Yet, by the 1980s he was still in the 'promising singer' category, struggling to find a mass audience. That is until he linked with Lindo mid decade and cut the chart-topping song What One Dance Can Do. He has never looked back.

A purple patch in the 1990s earned Hammond fans in hardcore dancehall, a stint with major label Elektra Records and admirers like hip hop superstar Wyclef Jean.

If there is any disappointment, he says it has been the lack of development in the local music industry.

"The business side of it needs more professionals, mi frustrated wid how some people approach the thing," he stated. "They have to realise things are more like the corporate world."

Hammond, who has more US promotional dates in early 2013, still hopes to expand his horizons by performing in virgin countries like Australia and China. And there is always the matter of legacy.

"If that should live on, and I hope it will, people will see that Beres left some quality. Cause from I know myself, I never cut my thing short."

Major Lazer trail February 2013 release of new album 'Free The Universe'

Posted on 7th January, 2013

Diplo's Major Lazer project has trailed the release of new album, 'Free The Universe', via an animated video.

In the video above watch the 50 second long clip, which states at the end that the new Major Lazer album will be released in February 2013 this year.

Diplo's new album follows the 2009 debut 'Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do' and 2010 EP, 'Lazers Never Die', which featured guest appearances from Azealia Banks and MIA.

After the release of the first album, Diplo told Interview that he was recording in Jamaica with Vampire WeekendLykke LiSantigold and more for the next LP. 

He added: "Then we have some classic fellas like Lee Perry and Junior Murvin. It's like reggae is the vehicle, but we really live in this Major Lazer post-apocalypse world where all these artists don't seem strange together."

Snoop Lion, aka the new reggae incarnation of Snoop Dogg, recently debuted a new track titled 'Here Comes The King', which was produced by Major Lazer. 

The tracklisting for record – which is set to come out on February 18, 2013 – also lists the numerous guest artists appearing on the follow-up to Major Lazer's 2009 debut, 'Guns Don't Kill People... Lazers Do'.

Amongst those appearing on 'Free The Universe' are Santigold, who appears on the album's opener 'You're No Good' alongside Vybz Kartel, Danielle Haim of Haim and Yasmin. 

Peaches, Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, Wyclef Jean, Bruno Mars, Ms Dynamite and Shaggy also appear on the record, as does Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors. For a full list of guest artists and tracks, see below.

The 'Free the Universe' tracklisting is:

'You're No Good' [ft. Santigold, Vybz Kartel, Danielle Haim & Yasmin]
'Jet Blue Jet' [ft. Leftside, GTA, Razz & Biggy]
'Get Free' [ft. Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors]
'Jah No Partial' [ft. Flux Pavilion]
'Wind Up' [ft. Elephant Man & Opal]
'Scare Me' [ft. Peaches & Timberlee] 
'Jessica' [ft. Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend]
'Bumaye' (Watch Out for This) [ft. Busy Signal & Flexican] 
'Keep Cool' [ft. Shaggy & Wynter Gordon] 
'Sweat' [ft. Laidback Luke & Ms. Dynamite]
'Reach for the Stars' [ft. Wyclef Jean]
'Bubble Butt' [ft. Bruno Mars, Tyga & 
'Mashup the Dance' [ft. the Partysquad & Ward 21]
'Playground' [ft. Bugle & Arama]

The Heatwave Re-Work Mosca: gets the Dancehall treatment

Posted on 7th January, 2013

The Heatwave have stepped in to re-work Mosca's 'Bax' - stream the results below.

Essentially a speed garage pastiche, 'Bax' has kickstarted many a rave since Mosca first began introducing it into his set. Jet propelled rhythms and a contagious keyboard riff, the track has been re-worked numerous times with most producers focussing on those house textures and Garage beats.

Now The Heatwave have stepped into the fray. The redoubtable duo have earned a reputation for re-casting dancefloor bangers into a Dancehall flavour, and their remix of 'Bax' is no exception. Retaining Mosca's essential framework, the duo add that trademark Heatwave signature.

Roping in a few famous friend, this new version - titled 'Pum Pum Bax' - features guest vocals from x-rated vocals from Busy Signal, Natalie Storm and Tommy Lee.

Listen to it below.

Tiana nominated for Female Artiste of the Year in Kenya

Posted on 6th January, 2013

Fast-rising dancehall artiste and the self-professed dancehall duchess Tiana has once again proven her strong outreach on the continent of Africa as she has been nominated for a major accolade in the Motherland.

Tiana was recently nominated for Female Artiste of the Year at the 2012 Kingston 10 Reggae Awards in Kenya. Based in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, Kingston 10 hails as a prominent dancehall/reggae show that highlights many of Jamaica's top entertainers daily; promoting the island's key genres across the country.

Known for her strong fan base in the West African country, Tiana was nominated for Female Artiste of the Year alongside the Queen of Dancehall, Lady Saw, prominent dancehall divas, Tifa and Ce'Cile as well as reggae warrior, Ikaya.

Tiana had a commendable follow-up year to her breakout campaign in 2011.

After scoring with hits like Bruk Out and Wine, Highest Grade and many others last year, Tiana made waves with hits like Only Girl Him Want (remix of Popcaan's Only Man She Want), Dem a Bawl, Don't Stop and One Stuck WhineDem a Bawl landed Tiana a top 10 spot on the MTV Base Africa Dancehall/Reggae charts while holding down the top spot on the Kenyan charts for four consecutive weeks.

To date Tiana's Youtube Channel has garnered over two million views and is still growing rapidly.

The dancehall duchess is no stranger to award nominations this year as she not only copped a pair of nominations at the International Reggae and World Music Awards, but was awarded as Jamaica's top new artiste at the 2012 3B Entertainment Industry Awards in October.

Popcaan now claiming he was not bottled in Zimbabwe

Posted on 6th January, 2013

Dancehall artiste Popcaan has denied widespread media reports that he received a minor injury to his forehand after he was struck by a missile thrown from the audience during a performance in Zimbabwe.

Media reports suggested that midway his performance at the Harare International Conference Centre(HICC) in Zimbabwe on new year's day, the dancehall act was hit with a bottle flung from the crowd.

The artiste debunked the allegations on his Twitter page, "Nothing was thrown at me. Nothing hit me. Zimbabwe loves dancehall and the audience was great," Popcaan tweeted.

A report on Zimbabwean news website suggested that the artiste was inadvertently hit with a bottle following a fan's attempt to embrace him on stage.

However, in an additional tweet, Popcaan said "get facts correct - this is closer to the truth".

According to the report, midway through the Jamaican's act, an overzealous reveller jumped onto the stage and tried to hug the 'raving king' and all hell broke loose.

An equally overzealous security guard moved in and pushed the man on to the floor and started assaulting him with a baton.

Within a space of few seconds, the man was badly injured and bleeding from the forehead when the police finally moved in to stop the brutal assault.

This did not go down well with Popcaan and the rest of the crowd who felt there was no need for such brutality on a fan who was just trying to get closer to his star.

Popcaan then started shouting on the mic: "Please stop beating up my fan!"

Bottles and empty cans started raining in from the upper deck as fans showed their disapproval to the way the security handled the situation.

Unfortunately, one of the missiles struck Popcaan on his right forehand and the Jamaican had to run to the backstage to seek cover.

After a brief stoppage, the situation was back to normal and Popcaan, who had not been seriously hurt by the missile, returned to the stage and continued with his show.

This time, he was back with a special segment for the ladies as he dropped some of his songs like Naughty Girl,Popcaan Say and Coolie Gal.

All the drama that had happened a few minutes earlier was quickly forgotten as Popcaan was able to raise the temperature again inside the HICC.

The artiste closed his set with his widely popular tracks Party ShotCleanRavingSummer WaveClean Stampand Only Man She Want.

After he finally left the stage, everyone in the crowd was just shouting out Popcaan's catch phrase: 'Yaaoow!'

Portland promoter apologises for bottling incident and promises free show to patrons

Posted on 6th January, 2013

Promoter of the annual family fun day event, Somerset Falls stage show, Harvel 'Gadaffie' Hart, is expressing his sincerest apologies after an abrupt ending at the show's 7thstaging.

The event, which was held in Hope Bay, Portland, on New Year's Day, ended prematurely with bottles being thrown and loud explosions, believed to be gunshots, resonating throughout the venue.

Allegations are that the missiles were aimed at the police who went to shut down the event shortly after 4 a.m.

Gadaffie explained, "I'm apologising to the people of Portland and all supporters about the 7th staging of the show ... we have always had an incident-free show that's why the police have continuously worked with us... that is why I don't want my supporters to take the law in their own hands."

He continued, "We went beyond our time and that was an act of God because the rain was falling and we had to stop, then start again... it came down again and we had to pause then continue."

Gadaffie believes that given these factors, the police should have been more lenient in their approach. He also stated that he tried unsuccessfully to reason with the officers about the likely consequences if certain performers did not get the opportunity to take the stage, however, that landed on deaf ears.

He expressed, "I am satisfied nobody was hurt in the end and I did my best to show the people I came through on my word and brought both Tommy Lee and Aidonia to the stage so people could see they were present."

Apparently things threatened to get ugly when the police entered the stage and attempted to handcuff the drummer who was playing with the band.

As a result of the unfortunate ending to the event, Gadaffie says he will be hosting a free show in February to compensate anyone who felt short-changed.

He said, "I have already spoken to Tommy Lee, Aidonia and Beenie Man as well as a dancehall artiste based overseas that was here for the show but was unable to perform, to do a free show in February... I have not finalised the date yet, I will have to go back to the police but I am willing to finance everything and try to make the fans feel satisfied."

Meanwhile, the police in Portland got a rude awakening on New Year's night when angry patrons who were disgruntled with the lawmen for shutting down the annual stage show rained bottles on them.

The annual family fun day event featured acts like Specialist, Ninja Man, I-Wayne and Sizzla. However, headliners Tommy Lee Sparta and Aidonia were unable to perform as the cut-off time had passed.

Apparently angry patrons threw bottles at the police who went to the stage allegedly to unplug the audio equipment.

The melee lasted approximately 15 minutes, damaging equipment and threatened public safety.

P Diddy splash the cash for his own clash

Posted on 5th January, 2013

American rapper, record producer and media exec Sean John Combs was visiting Jamaica recently and drop a little cash to witness a flavour of the dancehall. Check out videos from the event below:

'Popcaan Loves Kartel' video remix goes viral 

Posted on 4th January, 2013

Belizean radio disc jockey Remix Assassin has created a viral YouTube remix video which recaps the Popcaan and Ryno conflict at the recent staging of Sting.

The highlight of the video is Popcaan's bold claim that he loves Vybz Kartel the most.

The video has blown up on receiving over 20,000 views in just five days.

According to the Belizean DJ, who plays on 105.9 FM, the success of his remix is unexpected.

"I usually do remixes and when I saw the clip online I decided to do a remix. I did one with Mavado and Vybz Kartel from Sting 2008 but it never took off like this one. I don't know why this one took off so fast, maybe it is the controversy," he said.

The DJ is receiving both positive and negative comments for the video. However, he says he has nothing personal against Popcaan.

"People love it on YouTube. You have some negative comments but overall people rate it, overall a positive comments. Personally, Popcaan is my artiste, it's just a creative thing, it's not like I don't like Popcaan, it's just a musical thing, nothing personal," Remix Assassin said.

The video is called 'Popcaan-Me Love Vybz Kartel The Most' and also features voices from Ryno, Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee Sparta.

Popcaan can be heard saying "Me love Kartel the most, none a dem .... boy ya nuh love Kartel like me." Then Tommy Lee Sparta responds singing, "Don't sey yu love mi, man mi nuh love."

As the clip continues, Popcaan says "Mi a di baddest thing Kartel buss," then Tommy Lee responds, "Stop call mi name just fi get a forward," followed by Vybz Kartel who sings, "Unno a use mi name fi mek money but unno nuh rate Mr Palmer." The remix ends with Ryno's Sting 2012 intro singing his song Murda Addi Children.

The last viral YouTube remix video featuring Jamaican characters was done in 2011 by DJ Powa. That effort was called Nobody Canna Cross It and currently has over five million views on


Slaughter in the dancehall

Posted on 4th January, 2013

FIVE men charged with the slaying of 25-year-old Keith Grant at a dance in the early morning of December 4, 1966 walked free from the No 1 Home Circuit Court in July 1968, following a nine-day trial.

Grant, according to the Crown, was one of four men allegedly gunned down at a dance which was in progress at 34 Worrell Crescent in Maverley, St Andrew, by a gang of men.

The five accused, who were discharged following a jury's unanimous verdict of "not guilty" were: John Foster (defended by the late Anthony Spaulding, later QC; and attorney Norman Wright); Calvin Wright (defended by P J Patterson, later QC and prime minister; and the late attorney Wesley Wainwright); Carlton Bailey (defended by attorney W K Chin See); Melbourne Thomas (defended by the late attorney Maurice Tenn) and Leonard Johnson (defended by attorney Churchill Neita, later QC).

The Crown was represented by acting Crown counsel, Clarence W Walker (later Judge of Appeal, retired).

The nine-day trial was not without incident as a prosecution witness, Delores Pommells -- sister to George Pommells, one of the deceased -- broke down while she was responding to Chin See for Carlton Bailey.

She had testified earlier that she had seen her brother shot in the face by Melbourne Thomas, but had been unable to assist her brother that early morning at the dance. She began to cry and attempted to leave the witness box, only to be drawn up for it by the attorney.

Chin See: "Where are you going? Come back here!"

Trial judge Edun, at that stage, advised counsel not to give orders to the witness in the box. He said he would not be censoring the witness and remarked on the lawyer's provoking the witness with his questions.

Chin See maintained that the judge was at liberty to stop him ,but His Lordship said that he would not do so. When Chin See asked for guidance, the judge replied:

"I am not guiding anybody. You must know what effect your questions will have on the witness and what assumptions the jury will have. When it comes to the question of behaviour of a witness in the witness box, I believe I am in complete control whether she stays in the witness box, or she does not stay in the witness box."

The judge then turned to the witness, who by then had regained her composure: "Are you ready to carry on?"

Pommells: "Yes, sir."

Judge: "Proceed, Mr Chin See."

Earlier in the proceedings, Chin See had charged Pommells with being rude, and at one stage when he asked her a question, she replied that if the lawyer asked her an intelligent question, he would get a reply.

Chin See then told Pommells that she was not at Maverley, and she replied that she did not come from Maverley -- she only lived there.

The defence counsel suggested to Pommells that it was only because she saw Bailey in the hands of the police at Ackee Walk why she stated that she had seen him with a gun at the dance that night, but Pommells said she stated so before and afterwards.

Later on, during cross-examination, defence counsel Tenn raised his voice in posing a question.

Said Pommells: "Don't bawl after me, you hear sah?"

Judge: Now listen! Don't be rude.

Pommells: I don't bawl after him. Why him bawling after me and I am speaking the truth?

Judge: If you are tired and distressed, I will give you time to recover.

Pommells: You can give me time to clear off the box and don't come back.

When asked again by the judge if she needed time to rest, she replied: "Mek him finish, sir."

Prosecution witness, Lionel Graham, a tailor of Maverley, testified that on the night of December 3, 1966, he attended the dance at 34 Worrell Crescent. He was dancing in the passageway going towards the back of the premises when he saw Keith Grant fall. Then he heard "Bly, bly!" like the sound of firecrackers. He next saw the accused, Thomas, so he ran towards the gate at the front of the premises. As he ran, he looked behind him and saw Thomas coming in the same direction with a revolver in his hand. Thomas fired a shot in the air and he (Graham) crouched down. He noticed some shrubs forming a fence were on fire.

Graham said he then ran out onto the road and hid behind a parked motor car. Thomas left the premises, fired more shots in the air and went down Worrell Crescent. Graham said he remained behind the car for about 15 minutes, during which time he heard people "bawling in the dance hall". When he eventually came out of hiding, he walked down the road to look for his friends.

When he returned to the premises, about an hour later, he saw Keith Grant and three other men lying on the ground. Two of the men, he said, appeared to be dead. About 6 o'clock that morning, he accompanied the police to Ackee Walk where Thomas was taken from a hut there by the police.

Donald Lewis, a shoemaker employed by Jamaica Boots Limited at Waterhouse, told the court that he was also at the dance that fateful morning. While he was speaking to some co-workers and the proprietor of the premises on the back steps, Lewis said he heard an explosion like firecrackers and saw people running out of the dance. He recalled running towards the entrance to the hall and as he was about to enter the passageway: "I felt something hit me in my stomach."

He said that at first he thought it was a stone and hid behind a jukebox. While there, he heard several similar explosions. Peeping out from behind the jukebox, he saw a man with his back to him (Lewis), wearing a white T-shirt with both arms outstretched and a revolver in each hand.

There was a lull in the shooting, Lewis said, and he came out from behind the jukebox. By then he was feeling pain from what turned out to be a gunshot wound, and sought help from the proprietor of the premises.

He had seen Pommells, Grant, Campbell, and Williams at the dance earlier, but after the explosions he only saw Pommells and Grant, who were lying on the ground. He and Grant were taken to the University College Hospital where he remained for about three weeks

Police investigator Vernon Simpson told of accompanying Detective Assistant Superintendent Jezz Marston and other policemen to Ackee Walk, and as they approached a hut on the premises, Johnson, whom he knew, ran from the direction of the hut, jumped into a nearby gully and escaped. He (Simpson) and Marston continued towards the hut and when about two or three yards away, Foster jumped through a window of the hut but was held by Marston who handed him over to the other policemen. In a hat which Foster had in his hand, Marston found a revolver containing three live rounds of ammunition and two spent shells.

Simpson further said that he and Marston went into the hut where they saw Bailey and Wright lying on pieces of cardboard. A hat was found under Bailey's head and in it were three live rounds of ammunition. They also found Thomas in another hut nearby.

Daniel Hemmings, a shoemaker of Ackee Walk, testified that he was at the dance sitting at the counter of the bar when he heard sounds like firecrackers and he jumped behind the counter. While there, Hemmings said Foster and Wright joined him behind the counter. Foster had a revolver pointing in his direction as he pressed his back to the counter and held his hands up. Hemmings told the court that Wright also had a gun.

Marston told the court that he was in charge of a police party of about 70 and with them were the witnesses Daniel Hemmings, Delores Pommells and Lionel Graham.

Before going to Ackee Walk, Marston said, he gave the witnesses certain instructions. On approaching the hut he said he saw Foster jump through a window and described how he held on to him. He corroborated the discovery of a .32 calibre revolver in the hat which he 'broke' and he extracted three live and two spent rounds of ammunition. He said he handed over Foster to a constable. Inside the hut he saw Bailey and Wright sleeping; the two accused were awakened and under Bailey's head was found a cloth hat with three live bullets.

In an adjoining hut, Marston said, he found Thomas lying down. The four men were identified by the witnesses as being at the ill-fated dance. When Bailey was pointed out, according to Marston, he said: "Who, me? I only come to sleep for a purpose."

Later, Marston told the court he returned to 34 Worrell Crescent accompanied by Detective Simpson and there he found a spent .32 calibre bullet. On December 13, he arrested Johnson on a warrant.

Subsequently, he said, Dr Sanguinetti gave him a .38 calibre bullet that was taken from Grant's body and the bullet was also given to the ballistics expert as had the weapons and shells found.

The witness was cross-examined by Spaulding, Patterson and by Chin See for the defence.

At the end of the prosecution's case, counsel for the defence in each case submitted that there was no case to answer but this was overruled by the trial judge.

Called upon like all the others, Foster, in an unsworn statement from the dock, said he never attended any dance and did not shoot anyone. He claimed he was lying on a bed inside a hut at Ackee Walk when the police grabbed him in his waist and said: "This one was shooting." When the policeman said so, he denied it. He told the court that a woman and a soldier were present. He added that the police did not hold him with any gun.

Wright also said he did not shoot anyone; that he did not have a gun and he knew nothing about the matter.

Bailey said he did not go to any dance. He declared: "The Lord knew I did not shoot anyone, sir."

Thomas told the court he resided at Ackee Walk. He said George Pommells had owed him some money; he asked Pommells for the money and they had a quarrel. Thomas said he knew nothing at all about the shooting of Keith Grant.

Giving evidence for Thomas was Dr Alton Ellington, the government chemist of 4 Lockett Avenue, Kingston who told the court he was a doctor of science from McGill University, Canada, and that he had taken special training in ballistics and has been engaged in that field for 14 to 15 years.

He told the court that a test for nitrate on a revolver one month after it has been fired would not be reliable because of the rust formation.

However, in cross-examination, Ellington said he had not carried out any experiments on any firearm or spent bullet in the case.

Re-examined by attorney Tenn, Ellington said that he would not expect to find strong evidence of nitrate two months after a revolver had been fired.

The judge's summing-up followed addresses from the defence team and counsel for the Crown. Then came a two-hour deliberation by the mixed jury, after which they returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty in favour of the five accused.

Justice Edun discharged all five.

ANGRY CROWD 'BOTTLES' POLICE - Patrons hurl missiles at cops for allegedly ending show early 

Posted on 4TH January, 2013

The police in Portland were in for a rude awakening on New Year's night when angry patrons who were disgruntled with the lawmen for shutting down an annual stage show in the parish rained bottles on them.

It is reported that the actions of the police personnel in Hope Bay, Portland, at the event dubbed 'Somerset Falls Stage Show', coupled with the fact that two of the main acts, Tommy Lee Sparta and Aidonia, were unable to perform, brought an abrupt end to the annual show after bottles began to rain.

The annual Family Fun Day event featured other acts such as Specialist, Ninja Man, I Wayne, Sizzla and others.

Apparently angry patrons threw bottles at the police who went to the stage allegedly to unplug the audio equipment.

The bottle throwing, which damaged thousands of dollars worth of equipment and threatened public safety, lasted for approximately 15 minutes and was halted only at the sound of gunfire, which rang out in a section of the venue.

Hundreds of persons including the police were seen scampering for cover as the bottles came flying heavier than the rainfall, which had earlier threatened the show.

A patron explained, "Di police dem too wicked, a dem cause it, a good fi dem, dem mussi tink Portland people a fool. A spend we spend wi money come in ya!"

A police officer that was in attendance refuted the patron's allegations.

"Look what time it is now, minutes after four in the morning - how much more time can di police give ... the organisers are to try their best to have things in a suitable running order."

A female patron explained she felt bad how things came to an end though stating her claim that the police could have been more lenient.

She said, "Imagine me pay my money fi see Uncle Demon (Tommy Lee Sparta) and dem go lock off di show ... because of dem, nuff a di artiste dem race dem performance ... we nuh get fi go Sting ... Sting come to we in a holiday and we still can't see we artiste, dat nuh right at all."

The Hope Bay police, when contacted, confirmed reports of the melee and  that the incident could have been dealt with better.

The senior officer said, "Though statements are still being collected, some members of the police party at the event were injured from the missiles that were being thrown on the stage and though the injuries reported are not considered serious, we will be looking into curtailing future occurrences with incidents of this nature ... "

Efforts to speak with the main promoter of the show proved unsuccessful, as several calls to his phone went unanswered.

 Fireworks on the Waterfront continues to deliver

Posted on 4th January, 2013

Jamaica's 50th was fittingly celebrated downtown on the waterfront.

A dazzling display of fireworks originated from a barge strategically placed on the Kingston Harbour and from the vocals of some of Jamaica's finest artistes.

The vocal fireworks began, approximately two hours before the midnight magic, and after a tepid performance from a list of performers described as "up-and-coming".

One Drop Roots Band was the first act. They lit the cinders with I'll Be Good To Me and more. After a band change, Cameal Davis took the stage and the fireworks really began.

The 2008 Digicel Rising Star reinforced why she was chosen number one.

I Want to Know What Love Is was her opening song. Obviously, love was on her mind as her fiery performance also included Oh Me, Oh My, among others.

Digicel was one of the major sponsors and its presence was reinforced by performances from Romain Virgo, Jody Ann Pantry and Lenya Wilks.

Fifteen minutes before ringing in 2013, Virgo turned up the fire with This Is Life. Finally on stage, he turned to popular songs like Serious Times and The Rain is Falling.

Seven seconds before the midnight blitz, Miss Kitty and Virgo joined forces with the audience in the countdown, "7, 6, etc." and on "one", the skies above opened with a dazzling display of fireworks.

Onstage, the vocal fireworks continued. Virgo ended his sterling performance with Don't You Remember, an Adele cover and a single from his latest album.

Busy Signal and Pam Hall followed. Hall was at her best. With a stroll down memory lane, she sang I Was Born a Woman before ending her fine performance with a ska medley.

It is no doubt that Busy Signal is a well-loved entertainer. He, like Virgo, had a dramatic entrance. When he blazed on to the stage with Mi Nah Guh A Jail Again, Busy made an instant connection with his audience. He wanted a better connection, so off the stage he jumped, and in the process had the security scurrying as he sang Jamaica Love.

The Busy one also explained to all that he was not around for the "50th celebration" and was grateful to get a piece of the end. He returned for an encore and only then did the stubborn crowd of all ages disperse, no doubt taking a spark from the fireworks with them.

Sean Paul facing bizarre lawsuit: Dancehall Blues

Posted on 3rd January, 2013

International singer Sean Paul is being sued by an ex-girlfriend seeking $80 million in damages.

In a bizarre lawsuit, a suicidal woman claims superstar dancehall artist Sean Paul forced her out of Jamaica to end their relationship.Plaintiff Susanne Persson wants $80 million in damages from Sean Paul, his road manager, Steve Wilson, and his label, Atlantic Records, according to the lawsuit filed last week in Manhattan.

In the wacky 126-page filing, Persson said she was a “jet set slave” for Sean Paul, and threatened to tell the truth about his “lies, murders and erection problems.”The singer “emotionally tortured” her during a love affair that began in early 2010, Persson claimed.

In June, Sean Paul bribed Jamaica police to throw her out of the country in the hope she would kill herself, the lawsuit claims. Persson says she suffered emotional damage and tried several times to kill herself.

The court documents also include a receipt for her flight on June 24, 2010, from Jamaica to Stockholm. The documents show the $1,200 flight was in her name and paid for by Headline Entertainment, Sean Paul’s Kingston-based management company.

Persson, a Swedish citizen, said she was penniless when Jamaican police put her on a plane without consulting her consulate.“[Sean Paul] fears me the way I fear spiders,” Persson rambled in her papers, which are full of oddball religious musings and racial comments about Jamaican men.

Sean Paul’s spokesman said the singer had no comment on the pending litigation.

Popcaan upstage in Zimbabwe by local act 

Posted on 3rd January, 2013

JAMAICAN dancehall star Popcaan literally “curtain- raised” for Zimbabwe’s dancehall king Winky D, who got a rapturous applause minutes before he took to the stage on Monday. 

Thousands of fans who thronged the Harare International Conference Centre threw missiles at Popcaan despite a near-sterling act.

Halfway through his performance, the Jamaican was hit by a can of beer and sustained a minor injury on his hand.

One fan stormed the stage in protest and vented his anger on the diminutive chanter.

Despite the mishap, Popcaan continued his act as if nothing had happened, telling his fans how much he loved Zimbabwe and his fans.

Born Andrea Sunderland, the 24-year-old artiste dished out some of his hits like “Fry Yiy”, “Badmind a Kill Dem,” “She A Gwaan Good”, “The System” and “Diss Mi Friend” among others.

To show his love for the fans, Popcaan threw his jacket into the crowd and there was a mini-wrestling contest as everyone wanted a piece of it.

But it was Winky D aka the “Ninja President”, with the backing of a live band, who stole it from the Jamaican star as the “Diss Mi Friend” singer used backtracks.

Dressed in red pair of jeans and a matching jacket, Winky D made a grand appearance on stage after asking the engineer to turn the lights down low before blitzing on to the stage amid loud cheers from his adoring fans.

Winky D’s moment of magic came when he performed his self-praise song “Messi WeReggae” and Popcaan could not help but smile in appreciation.

As an avid Barcelona Football Club fan, Popcaan knows very well how the great Lionel Messi terrorises defenders in the Spanish La Liga.

And Winky D was terrorising dancehall fans, albeit lyrically.

Earlier, Popcaan - better known as the Gaza Prefect in Jamaica - had singled out Ninja President as one of the most talented dancehall artistes in the country and Winky D complemented it with a top-drawer performance.

Mic Inity and his Hotta Fyah Band also thrilled fans with their act and also performed hits by Mavado and Busy Signal.

There was more action in the crowd as revellers kept themselves entertained with firecrackers. Others were seen cuddling and kissing as they celebrated the New Year in style!

The Official Embassy for the Reggae and Dancehall Industry has been Established

Posted on 3rd January, 2013

Reggae Embassy offers life changing opportunities for advancement to everyone in order to progress personally, professionally and financially.

Reggae Embassy is an innovative entity that was designed to assist individuals, businesses and organizations that are involved in Reggae music to further promote, educate and achieve sustainable development and growth.
Reggae Embassy offers life changing opportunities for advancement to everyone in order to progress personally, professionally and financially. People in the Reggae Industry can elect to utilize the Reggae Embassy when they are in need of assistance, services or representation for their career or businesses. Reggae Embassy provides a safe environment for genuine assistance, where their ethos and business ethics are based on fairness, transparency and an overall desire for success through hard work and dedication, to their clients.
The Embassy provides a multitude of services for every musical project. It is recognized by the Recording Industry Association of America and is ISRC Managers. For those who seek representation or partnership with the Reggae Embassy, they can utilize the numerous divisions including; career and business consulting, bookings for talent and services, publishing, digital distribution, music production, promotions and global exposure.
Reggae Embassy embraces and promotes harmony with other entities within the Reggae Industry, while creating an environment for economic growth by providing referrals to other individuals and companies whose services might be needed by clients and affiliates of Reggae Embassy.
Advocacy and lobbying on behalf of the Reggae/Dancehall Industry is one of the main components of the Reggae Embassy. On March 28, 2012, Reggae Embassy’s advocacy division achieved a monumental feat in getting Broadcast Music Inc (BMI), a global leader in music rights management to add Soca, Reggae and Dancehall music to their list of recognized genres. No longer are artistes forced to register Reggae, Dancehall or Soca as “world music” or “other” categories. The Reggae Embassy is an advocate for the betterment of the Reggae Industry on a global level.
“This is a great example of how Reggae Embassy integrates multiple disciplines to provide the best solutions for those in the Reggae Industry, whether you are an artiste, composer, record label etc.” said Christina Grand, Director of Operations and Senior Executive at Reggae Embassy. “Education in regards to all the aspects of the music industry and how it works is our key focus. Anyone in the Industry especially recording artistes, composers, producers, record label owners, managers and music investors may attend the Intensive Music Industry Training, which is a one day training that provides clarity and a great understanding of the Industry. Those who elect to become clients will continue with educational training provided by the Embassy. There are no obligations to become a client of Reggae Embassy upon attending our Music Industry Training. The Reggae Embassy is your Embassy to utilize it as the tool for advancement that it was developed to be."
Reggae Embassy supports recording artistes, composers, songwriters, producers, record labels and all other related business entities, seeking to advance their interests on a global scale. Reggae Embassy’s aim is to; assist, support, guide, develop, educate, protect, and invest in talented individuals and businesses.
The Embassy multifaceted structure has supported and endorsed renowned producer Lanz876, who produced the 2012 chart topping single “ Yah So Nice” by Potential Kidd, Cameal Davis “Digicel Rising Stars 2008 winner”, emerging producer Kiodour, recording artistes I-Noble and Eldie Anthony. Reggae Embassy encourages unity in the industry as they address the needs, wants and concerns within the Reggae Industry.
The Reggae Embassy has also launched a global initiative to unite Reggae and Dancehall communities worldwide by establishing the official registry for the Reggae Industry. Fans of Reggae and 
Dancehall can visit: to register and unite, as there is power in numbers and strength in unity.

Interested persons who seek assistance with their career or business may visit: 

Beres says Dancehall's angry nature hurting acceptance

Posted on 3rd January, 2013

Beres Hammond has made a career singing ballads like One Step Ahead and Come Back Home, positive songs that have made him one of reggae’s great hit makers. But he believes foreigners are becoming turned off contemporary Jamaican music because of its negative content.

“Wi always sound like wi quarrelling, it’s as if these artistes don’t have any bright days,” said Hammond. He has some advice for his younger colleagues.

“Try a smile an’ the world will smile with you.”

The 58 year-old Hammond blames dancehall’s angry nature for the precipitous fall of Jamaican music sales in the United States, the world’s largest market. Last year was especially dismal, with year-end figures from SoundScan showing no dancehall performer making an impact in that country.

SoundScan is the company that provides music sales data for major publications like Billboard.

Hammond told the Jamaica Observer he felt the disenchantment with new music out of Jamaica while on the road late last year promoting his double album, One Life, One Love, which was released jointly in November by VP Records and his Harmony House Records.

“People say these artistes are angry all the time. You are angry on record but at the same time your personal life is not that bitter because you are making good money, so why the anger?” he asked.

Hammond wrote the 20 songs on One Life, One Love which consists of lovers rock and message songs. While he broke through as a balladeer in the late 1970s with the Willie Lindo-produced Reggae Soul album, Hammond notes he has been writing ‘conscious’ songs since his days with progressive reggae band Zap-Pow early that decade.

It is lover’s rock, however, that has made Hammond a dancehall force. He teamed with Lindo again in the mid-1980s for the massive dance hit, What One Dance Can Do, and has not looked back.

He was one of the 1990s biggest stars, making hit records for producers like Donovan Germain (Tempted to Touch), Tappa Zukie (Putting Up Resistance) and Phillip ‘Fattis’ Burrell (Full Attention).

Hammond plans to continue promotion of One Life, One Love with US promotional dates in January.

Absolutely Absinthe brought in the New years in style

Posted on 3rd January, 2013

Hundreds of patrons found Red Stripe Bold's Absinthe as a fitting way to ring in the New Year.

It was gridlock leading to the Palisadoes Go Kart Track where the event took place, as fans rushed to get inside before midnight.

Guests were greeted with drink mixes, palatable cuisine and high-energy music. Trendy fashion blended with LED display screens and laser lighting to create a magical atmosphere.

As midnight approached, the music stopped and the countdown to 2013 began, complemented by colourful fireworks.

DJ Sanjay of Coppershot Disco and ZJ Liquid had females shedding their stilettos for flip-flops and sandals in order to dance to the latest hits which included Lady Saw's Heels On.

Red Stripe's public relations manager LeVaughn Flynn said the party lived up to expectations."Great food, great music and vibes is just one of the ways that Red Stripe and Smirnoff celebrate the start of the year with our consumers," he said.

It was daybreak when most of the patrons exited the grounds, signaling an end to the ultimate New Year's Eve party.

Bounty Killer New Song 'Wifey Wine' Gyal Boss Riddim

Posted on 2nd January, 2013

With the year 2012 coming to an end, the dancehall general Bounty Killer is not letting up.

Fresh from his hardcore performances at Chug It and GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza 2012, the General was in studio working on a soon to be release single title 'Wifey Wine'.

Wifey Wine will be released on the Gyal Boss Riddim produce by Freeze Records. The riddim will also feature Iyara and Kalado both of whom are from his ANG camp.

Here is a preview of Bounty Killer 'Wifey Wine' below..

Best dancehall moments 2012

Posted on 2nd January, 2013

There were many moments in 2012 that, in years to come, will count as integral parts of Jamaican music history. Maybe some of those are moments the island that has produced probably the most and biggest music stars per capita will want to forget. But, for what it's worth, here are some of those moments. Look out for more in the days to come.


14. The 19th Rebel Salute festival is held at Port Kaiser Sports Club, St Elizabeth for, maybe the last time. Tarrus Riley, Queen Ifrica, Damian Marley and Capleton are among the many performers.

26. The Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival celebrates Jamaica's 50th anniversary of Independence with performances by Marcia Griffiths, Shaggy, Yellowman, Lloyd Parkes and We the People Band, Derrick Morgan, John Holt and Maxi Priest. Damian Marley is on the closing night, January 28.


8. Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley is appointed a brand ambassador for telecommunications provider LIME. Under the arrangement, his single Affairs of the Heart is provided on a platform for LIME users across the Caribbean, the first of a set of exclusive materials to be made available through the portal.

12. Stephen Marley wins the Best Reggae Album award at the Grammy Awards for the album Revelation Pt 1: The Root of Life. The other nominees were Monty Alexander (Harlem-Kingston Express Live!), Israel Vibration (Reggae Knights), Ziggy Marley (Wild and Free) and Shaggy (Summer In Kingston).

26. Ivy Williams, deejay Bounty Killer's mother, whom he has continually honoured in song as simply 'Miss Ivy', dies. Bounty Killer tweets "RIP to the world's greatest mother, because she gave the world the greatest man. Miss Ivy Williams 1941-2012."


2. The low-budget film Blind Shotta, directed by Diavallan Fearon, debuts at the Stages Theatre, New Kingston.

24. Sheldon Shepherd of the No-Maddz poetry group wins the Best Actor Award at the American Black Film Festival, held in Florida, for his role in Better Mus' Come.


1. International Reggae Day, started in 1994 by Andrea Davis, is celebrated.

6. Vybz Kartel's book, The Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto, is officially launched close to the Horizon Remand Centre where he is incarcerated. It is co-authored by Michael Dawson. By late September, Aisha Stewart, merchandising manager at Whirlwind Entertainment Group, says that some local stores have rejected the book. She claims that there is good feedback from "Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Bulgaria, Chile and Amsterdam". Dawson says "the book sold more in Europe than in Jamaica, and it's more successful in the US than Jamaica".

7 Real Born Jamaican by Abbygaye 'Abby' Dallas is voted the 2012 Festival Song.

July 15

Gregory Isaacs' birthday is celebrated with a 'Hat Affair' concert in New Kingston, at which Cocoa Tea, George Nooks, U-Roy, John Holt, Luciano and many others perform.

July 19

Glendale 'Busy Signal' Gordon is extradited to the United States to face charges in Minnesota. The extradition was officially carried out a few minutes after 10 a.m. Busy had been involved in a narcotics offence, allegedly committed in 2002, and waived his rights to an extradition hearing and would only face charges of absconding bail.

July 20

Deejay Ralston Fernando 'Shabba Ranks' Gordon tears the house apart on International Night One of the Reggae Sumfest Festival. He had been given a tumultuous reception at the Norman Manley International Airport on arriving in Jamaica, banners hailing the Dancehall Emperor's return put up around Kingston ahead of Shabba's arrival.

july 25

A 12-night series of concerts at the O2 in London, scheduled to coincide with the Olympics and Jamaica's 50th anniversary of Independence, starts. It features 50 performers, among them Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Mutabaruka, Jimmy Cliff, and Shaggy.

July 30

Rapper Snoop Dogg announces in a United States press conference that he has been transformed into Snoop Lion. He plans a reggae album,Reincarnated, and has the popular single La La La with Diplo and Major Lazer.

August 6

The One People documentary, done by Zachary Harding and Justine Henzell, premieres at the official Jamaica Independence Village. The filmis a compilation of opinions about Jamaica by a wide cross section of the society.

Bounty Killer is voted the number-one dancehall icon of all time in the online Guinness 50 Greatest Dancehall Icons of All Time competition. He compares the accolade by the public to winning a Grammy Award.

Deejay Beenie Man does a remake of his popular single Dweet Again

to honour the success of Jamaica's team to the Summer Olympics in London, England. As Beenie Man said, "When it come to tracks, Jamaica never flop/touch inna London the whole city lock/athletes stock medals by the box … we shell Olympic already an we go dweet again".

The video for Leftside and Konshens' Clap Dat, filmed in a go-go club and featuring full nudity, is released. Controversy abounds as the video includes a simulated blow job and breast fondling.

August 10

Bass Odyssey sound system marks its 23rd anniversary at a landmark session in St Ann, where Stone Love Movements and Kilamanjaro also play. It is the first time the three sound systems are playing at the same event.

September 6

In the year that he returns to the live performance circuit, Miguel 'Sizzla Kalonji' Collins stamps his class on the Arthur Guinness concert, held at the National Indoor Sports Centre, Kingston, in no uncertain terms. On a show which also features Popcaan and Mavado (making a disappointing return to performing in Jamaica after his previous showing at Reggae Sumfest 2011), Sizzla is head and shoulders above all.

September 16

A billboard at the Richmond Estate, Priory, St Ann, has identified it as the new home of the Rebel Salute festival, but it is confirmed by a newspaper article. Rebel Salute will also become a two-day festival, on January 18 and 19, 2013, for its 20th staging. Organised by deejay Tony Rebel, it is the festival's fourth home. The one immediately previous to Richmond Estate was the Port Kaiser Sports Club in St Elizabeth.

September 16

Retired Senior Superintendent of Police Anthony 'Tony' Hewitt is murdered off Red Hills Road, St Andrew. He was one of the legendary Jamaican policemen who, along with Sting organiser Isaiah Laing, Keith 'Trinity' Gardner, Cornwall 'Bigga' Ford and Reneto Adams, was enshrined in Jamaican popular culture by song. Among the song's Hewitt's name is in is Baby Cham's Ghetto Story, where he says, "I remember round '80 when Jamaica explode/dat time a Trinity an' Tony Hewitt dem a run road". Two decades before that mid-2000s song, the late Johnny Ringo had deejayed "bad bway oonu betta fit/fi run from Trinity an' Tony Hewitt".

September 25

Tarrus Riley's Mecoustic album is released in the Caribbean. It is one of a number of acoustic albums released by Jamaican performers in 2012, including Richie Spice's Soothing Sounds and Toots and the Maytals' Unplugged at Strawberry Hill.

October 2

Clifford 'Mr Vegas' Smith sets off a dancehall tsunami as he takes to Twitter and Facebook to vent his rage at his former lover and mother of his daughter having sex with another man in Vegas' home while their daughter was present. The action was caught on security video camera, with the little girl coming into the room after the sex was over but the couple was not quite covered up. Vegas posted "no one knows my hurt, until you can relate to this, you can't advise me what to do. I am human, blood run through my vein, this is not out of malice." The saga plays out for the next two months or so, and the Twin of Twins release So Much Things To Say about it a few days after Vegas' social media outbursts.

October 9

The KLE Group, which operates popular nightspot Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records, has an overwhelming response to its initial public offering. Seeking $94.6 million at $3.70 per share, before 10 a.m. there is $107.3 million in applications. The offer should have been open for a week, but was closed when there was a 13 per cent overrun in subscriptions. The most popular event at Tracks and Records is the weekly Behind the Screen live-performance series, featuring Konshens, Vegas, Richie Spice, Queen Ifrica and Assassin among the performers.


Posted on 2nd January, 2013

Legendary Jamaican Songstress Tanya Stephens thrilled her fans with a “Boss” of a performance on December 24, 2012 at the “Woman is Boss” show at the Woodbine Ballroom, Brooklyn NY. The show also featured the true Empress “Nadine Queen”, Princess Menen, Thunder Bolt and Noah Di Youth with Di Powa.
The night began with a high energy performance by Thunder Bolt and Noah Di Youth with Di Powa. Thunder Bolt was a popular Jamaican music group in the 70’s to 80’s who put out the “Born Jamaican” Album which was a popular hit at that time. The vibes was also set by Noah Di Youth with Di Powa which is a Hip Hop Reggae and R&B artiste from Brooklyn. The next act for the night was Nadine Queen who thrilled the audience with a powerful cover of Adele’s’ “Someone like You' and “So much Trouble” and “I Believe” which was well received by the iaudience. This act was then supported by a spirited performance by the youthful and self-confident Ghanaian born artiste Princess Menen who raised two of her hit songs “Mi Ready” and “Dem No Genuine”. The audience rocked to the beats of her melodious tones as they sang along to her conscious lyrics.

The crowd was now in high spirits by all the acts of the talented performances of the night and was now anticipating the “return” of Tanya Stephens to the stage. Tanya Stephens is no new name to the Jamaican music scene, having been around since the early 90s and continues to make hits today. Pandemonium broke loose as the talented vocalist made her way to the stage. Tanya hit the stage with her famous song on the “Joy Riddim”, “Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet” (which was the song that launched her music career). Tanya is known for popular hits like : "Goggle", "Turn The Other Cheek" "Boom Wuk", "Handle The Ride", "Big Heavy Gal", "Too Hype", "What A Day", "Draw Fi Mi Finger", a new song "Weather Changes" "Pon De Corner", "Can't Breathe", "After You", "The Truth", "Do You Still Care", "These Streets", Tanya ended her set with "It's A Pity". With such a revolting performance she could not leave the stage with her little over one hour performance, as the D.j requested for her to do one more of her mega hit "119" and from the loud reaction of audience, she could not leave without doing so, they were not ready for Tanya to leave, before she did that song.
The tone of this performance was extremely mellow, high energy and also a sing along as lyrics of all the songs were being heard belted out by audience as they raved for their favourite song. This live performance is just a teaser for her latest album “Guilty” which is slated to be released early next year by Stephens. Stephens explained that she chose the name “Guilty” because she was accused so much and admits in a cheeky way that she accepts that she is guilty. This album was actually slated to be released this year however Stephens explains that she missed the mark and it is now ready for early next year.

A chance to start afresh - Dancehall artistes give year in review, promise a better 2013

Posted on 2nd January, 2013

Artistes who did not necessarily have a great year claim they have big things on the agenda for 2013.

Laden, who has been noticeably absent this year, for instance, told The Gleaner 2012 could have been a better year for him.

He contends that, although his songs were receiving airplay on both local and international radio stations, his music did not have a great impact in the dancehall space.

"2012 could have been better in terms of shows and plays in dancehall. My songs were playing on the radio, but I didn't have that street song in the dancehall. Also, I voiced on most of the top rhythms this year, but people only focus on one person that is on the rhythm. I was voicing a lot in 2012, I just didn't have that impact," he said.

He went on to say that, in 2013, he will prove to the industry that he is "well bad".

"There's definitely gonna be more maturity in my music. In 2013, I'm gonna sing more songs that I was once scared of doing. I'm not saying that I am gonna go the negative way, but I'm definitely going to be doing more songs for the ladies and songs for the yutes inna di streets," Laden explained.

Recording artiste Munga Honourable told The Gleaner 2012 was a good year for him.

"I spent most of the year recording and I've been seeing and hearing results of those recordings that I put out. A lot of my time was also spent honing my skills in production and the interior part of the business. I also established Hilltop Records, and now the slang and brand is a fixture in the streets."

For 2013, Munga says he will definitely be working harder.

"Fans can look out for the new artistes signed to the Hilltop Records label and also I'll be releasing more videos and a new EP that is yet to be titled," he said.

Although he, too, did not have the greatest impact in 2012, artiste Khago believes that 2012 was one of his better years in the music industry, based on his overseas tours.

He said his extensive tours have allowed him the privilege of being one of the better artistes last year.

"2012 a mi greatest year overseas. A me tour the hardest since year. Mi go more than two dozen states a USA, Canada and the Caribbean. I am one of the top deejays in terms of tours. Mi nah hype miself, but mi ting good out deh," he said.

Khago also added that he had recorded close to 100 songs in 2012, but was unable to fully promote them because of his touring.

"My songs didn't get the promotion they deserved this year because of the tours I was on, but that will change in 2013, because I plan to be based more in Jamaica and focus on promoting my reggae album," Khago said.

Reggae World Unity Festival

Posted on 2nd January, 2013

Reggae World Unity Festival scheduled for Sunday, January 20, 2013 Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend at Grand Central Park in Downtown Miami.

Get ready to be swept away by the sounds and food of the Caribbean. Downtown Miami's aroma will be filled with a sweet cool breeze from the West Indies of Carribean Delicacies and Reggae Music. The Reggae World Unity Festival offers up a jam-packed cavalcade of stars, a day of peace, love & unity and good old sound system vibes of when dance was nice on January 20th 2013 at Grand Central Park in Miami, Florida from 2pm – 11pm.

The festival will feature music headliners, Beenie Man, Kymani Marley, Baby Cham, Half Pint, Mr. Vegas, Lady Saw, Elephant Man, Christopher Martin, Honorebel, Tifa as well as some of reggae music's most promising up-and-coming talent. This Festival will feature a full day of family-oriented activities, great reggae music, authentic Jamaican cuisine, cultural arts & craft and info about Jamaican history and the progress of the music.

Reggae music is the indigenous music of the island paradise Jamaica. A music born out of the genre blending of R&B, Country & Western, and African Rhythms blended with its own unique Caribbean flavor. The Reggae genre umbrellas Ska, Rock Steady and Dancehall, some of which are highly spiritual while others are simply fun.

In addition no festival is complete without another thing Jamaica is famous for, its mouth watering Jerk. Jerk is a specific seasoning style created in Portland Jamaica from ancient African formulas blended with secret Jamaican ingredients. Come sample some of the most popular and tasty Jamaican recipes. Jerk Pork, Jerk Chicken, Jerk Fish, Cow Foot, Oxtail, Escovitched Fish, Steamed Fish, Brown stewed Fish, Grill Lobster, Curried Chicken, Curried Goat, Rice and Peas and Ackee & Codfish, Jamaica's national dish.

Produced by Effective Entertainment, Inc Reggae World Unity Festival is an event created for the unification of people through Reggae Music. The great Bob Marley was the catalysts that preeminent the Reggae movement to the four corners of the earth. Reggae world Unity 's goal is to continue this movement, inspiring and encouraging world peace with events that brings diverse cultures and people together in one harmony. Peace and Love.

Through the universal language of music, as well as vision for the arts and cultural media, RCKZ MVMT and its president and CEO Alfonso D'Niscio Brooks have been striving to change the world for the better by empowering people to make a positive difference. We believe this event to be another great asset to the market place in helping Miami to be a staple in transforming the world through music.

This year, part concert proceeds will be donated to the Manchioneal Children's Fund and we have included a food drive benefiting Curley's House of Style an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for low-to-moderate income individuals, families, the elderly, youth-at-risk, the abused, and HIV/AIDS infected individuals by providing the nutrition they need. Guests will be asked to contribute two or more cans of food as part of the cost of admission.

The Reggae World unity Festival is scheduled for Sunday January 20, 2013 at the brand new Grand Central Park 721 NW 1st Ave in Downtown Miami. Festival officials and their media partners also are encouraging attendees to use public transportation to get to the concert. A Metro Mover station is conveniently located right at Grand Central Park (Knight Center Stop).

A special feature for the Reggae World Unity Concert will be the original dancehall sound system with a 21st century flavor. Mello Sound from out of West Palm Beach will be in its glory when he displays his 100,000 WATTS of Reggae power, Mellos 24 double eighteen speakers will recapture the sounds of the ghettos of Kingston.

Selectors, Martel the Mixer and up and coming DJ sensations, Fergie and Springer of Power 96 FM will contribute their flavor to the sounds of Rub-a-Dub.

For additional information about corporate sponsorships and ticket sales for the 2013 Reggae World Unity Festival contact Luther McKenzie at 954-338-4608 or email at

Merciless management claims artiste was sabotage at Sting

Posted on 1st January, 2013

Dancehall artiste Merciless is claiming he was sabotaged at Sting 2012.

According to Wayne Lonesome, who operates as road manager for Merciless, the promoters already handpicked who they wanted to win the tag team clash between Merciless, Tony Matterhorn, Ninja Man and current clash champion KipRich.

"A nuh suh clash guh, Jamaica music a guh back way. When yu duh clash people wait until when yu sing then dem counteract yu. Dem set this clash long-time and know who a guh win already," an upset Lonesome said.

He also blames MC Nuffy, who he says, set the precedence for Tony Matterhorn and Merciless to lose the clash.

"Dem sey the last one come out always have a disadvantage and when Nuffy a introduce the artiste dem, him call out KipRich first because dem want KipRich fi win. If dem a duh it like boxing each contestant should be in a different corner of the ring, but instead they introduced KipRich as a champion and dat nuh fair. KipRich all a chat four tune before the man dem chat one and a mek up noise when dem a talk. Is a plan ting," the manager said.

Lonesome also had some strong words for the reigning Sting champion.

"KipRich fi keep him likkle mouth shut because him nuh know nothing bout clash, him fi guh sidung. And when dem a duh clash dem fi have rule. Dem all a tun dung Merciless mic one a di time and Laing muss mek sure sey dem thing deh cut out or else more artiste a guh boycott the show," he said.

According to Lonesome, the crowd was biased because KipRich brought them.

"I don't even think that KipRich forwards were legitimate. A bogus forward dem deh; a pure bus load a people him carry wid him. Wi neva carry nuh supporters, a just the management team. KipRich pay people and pack dem up inna van carry dem guh Sting. A nuh clash dat man a punk dat man," he said.

The manager/producer at Run Things Studio said Merciless will release a series of songs in 2013. He disclosed that Merciless is recording a song called Dat A Nuh Clash which reveals what really happened at Sting 2012.

In his defence, Clash Referee/MC Nuffy said Merciless would not win the clash even if he was called out first.

"If mi call out Merciless first or call out Matterhorn first it would have been the same result. They were too slow for KipRich. Once I called up Merciless on a show and he took 15 minutes to come on stage so it's his regular habit to come on stage late, Merciless did drunk a Sting man, mi did see it inna him face. KipRich neva talk during dem time, it's just that they talk too much and KipRich is not into no long talking, him just deejay. If Merciless did bring the whol a Jamworld fi cheer fi him, the results wudda be the same," MC Nuffy said.

GT Extravaganza delivers again

Posted on 1st January, 2013

Despite the challenges in securing major sponsorship, entertainers and patrons came out in droves to support the annual GT Christmas Extravaganza stage show in Black River, St Elizabeth on Christmas night.

The experience of veterans like Yellowman, John Holt, Bounty Killer, Sizzla, Ninja Man and Beenie Man gave the entertainment event a diverse package that left each patron fully entertained and eager to experience its next staging in 2013.

Without a doubt, Sizzla's performance resonated well with the crowd who he engaged from start to finish, as he gave them a musical journey throughout the genres of music he has contributed to in his extensive career. With a catalogue that would trounce many celebrated young acts in Jamaica's music business, Sizzla delivered concisely to the satisfaction of his loyal fans.

Dancehall veteran Ninja Man was spot on with his pre-Sting performance at GT's Christmas Extravaganza. Arriving in a stretch limousine to complement his colourful persona, Ninja Man's brief-yet-effective performance was enough to generate interest in what he had planned for Sting.

Reggae's supremacy reigned with the likes of John Holt, Romain Virgo and fast-rising star Nature. With old hits like Carpenter and Stealing, John Holt ignited the audience and had them engaged in a constant singalong. His music catalogue demanded an encore that time could not facilitate, as several other entertainers had to get their time in the spotlight.

The future of reggae is in good hands as Nature's excellent performance of his hits Trying Man and World Peace sent patrons in frenzy that showcased his ability to captivate any audience. Romain Virgo was superb as he dazzled the crowd with his lyrics and vocal range that connected with all who have been following his growth since Digicel's Rising Stars.

The Alliance New Generation artistes were lacklustre in moving the crowd. The only exception was Kalado, who is blossoming well in his own right.

Iba Mahr, Renegade, New Kidz, George Nooks and Anthony Cruz energised the crowd as they represented themselves creditably well.

For female acts, Lady G, who has been absent from the local scene, showed class and experience as she delivered well at the event. She used the platform as well to rebuke the trend of violence against children and women, that scored well with the crowd.

Jamaican PR receives threats over controversial Busy Signal article.

Posted on 1st January, 2012

A Jamaica PR personnel is claiming to have been getting alot of scolding and threats since he took upon himself and wrote an article about Busy Signal. 

The article titled 'Busy Signal: The Simon Cowell of Dancehall' has blown up over the internet but has not sit well with the dancehall community. The article questions Busy Signal moral compass and right to critique dancehall artistes, made particular reference to Busy Signal song 'Artiste'.

Here is the article he had posted which he got threats about.

The Jamaican Reggae Dancehall music industry has always been a thing of the people and for the people. Its been a reflection of the country’s society by its own. Since hisrelease Busy Signal has been trying his best to salvage whats left of his career. With scheduled press conferences and interviews done, he has yet to or his team has failed to, reintroduce him in a manner that’s fitting for an artiste who brought Jamaica’s reputation once more into disrepute.

This is evident as he his yet to release music that could wet the appetite of his audience which extends beyond the shores of Jamaica. It appears as if his tactics to regain some form of popularity is to question the artistry and character of other artiste in thebusiness, to which Bounty Killer & Tony Matterhon are already a master of.

In one of his recent single titled “Artiste”, Busy Signal questions the state of the music industry in particularly those who call themselves “artiste”. He alludes to the fact that Ghetto Youths who aspire to be more than they currently are such as Windscreen wipers, nuts man, gardeners, security guards aren’t qualified to become artiste /artists in their respected rights. The fact that they have tried to become such has brought the music industry to an unconventional state and is in dire need of some “professional purging”.

He implies that the ordinary man’s quest to become more than what society expects him to be is wrong. His stance his blatant evidence of Bad-mind & the Hypocrisy that exist not just within him but amongst other artiste within the music industry at large. Just by his list he has condemned a majority of artiste who has already established themselves in the industry. One would now ask if they should leave who would be left?

Its quite evident that you Mr Busy Signal doesn’t have the commanding presence and the moral authority to carry nor question the Jamaican Music Industry as you yourself can be considered as an intermediate artiste – not yet advanced and most definitely NOT an icon.
We understand that controversy sells but what sells more is always a “rags to riches”story which the local music industry has been built around. Mavado said it best in one simple line “from nothing to something” and he himself was an ordinary ghetto youth rumoured to be Barber and now is an International Artiste.

One thing i know for sure is that even gunman, rapist and drugist have been/are artiste themselves which we all decorate with various accolades.

Since Dancehall is a business and Busy Signal has evidently nominated himself as CEO, since he is so displeased with his Dancehall employees he should release a ‘HELP WANTED’sign with a detail job description of what is required of potential dancehall artiste. Bearing in mind also law breakers whether it be home or abroad should be subjected to the same scrutiny as aspirants such as Fireman, Security Guards and others.

Stone Love 40th Anniversary a massive success

Posted on 1st January, 2013

The magnitude of Stone Love's 40th anniversary celebration was evident from the number of cars on Spanish Town Road, St Andrew, in the earliest hours of yesterday morning.

There was no room in the general parking provided across the dual carriageway from Red Stripe's HQ and, for approximately 100 metres in either direction from the entrance to the facility at number 214, motor vehicles occupied the verges and the median.

People poured from these vehicles into number 214 in a steady, striking stream, many of the ladies undressed (and dressed) for maximum effect, stalking on high heels and flashing much flesh.

Inside, the crowd that turned out to honour Winston 'Wee Pow' Powell and his Stone Love movements threatened to overflow the large area cordoned off for the dance, making for a huge affair guaranteed to warm any promoter's heart.

However, the potential pitfall for any Stone Love anniversary is not the occupancy level of the parking or audience areas, but the stage, with hordes of selectors and artistes determined to pay tribute to 'Father Pow' - and make a good showing in front of a guaranteed crowd. And the landmark 40th anniversary was no different, making for a see-saw dynamic of competition for time among the show's varied elements - sound system, live performance and awards.

At close to 5:30 a.m. the remainder of the huge crowd had enough of the live performances and was determined to party, sending Ataru on his way with handclaps as he tried to croon for the ladies. There had been no hounding handclaps nearly three hours earlier when, in the early going of the live performances and after a fashion line presentation, Toya gloried in the power of gripping glamity. The audience simply stood and looked at her, the spatter of staged firecrackers doing more to distract from already weak vocals than enhance Toya's presentation.

The live show started after Stone Love, its selectors, decked out in all their formal finery, reminded all of its rub-a-dub side with the Real Rock rhythm dubplate selections peaking in the Wayne Wonder/Buju Banton combination Forever Young. There were tracks from Chan Dizzy to Psy before Miss Kitty took over hosting duties and Stone Love's guests took over the stage.

Sponsoring brands Guinness and Ciroc had their hands in the awards that were a part of the proceedings from that point, representatives presenting a plaque to Powell. In accepting the award, Powell reminded all of Stone Love venues like Tropics in New Kingston and House of Leo on Cargill Avenue, where they used to sell 300 cases of Guinness without any sponsorship. And he said selector Rory joined Stone Love when it was 10 years old, making it 30 years since he has been associated with the sound.

Richie Stephens raised a musical toast to the hardworking people and adjusted a line in Change Gonna Come to honour Stone Love. From the opening lines of She Loves Me Now Cocoa Tea was a hit with the audience, dropping a series of R&B tunes on the rhythm to the delight of the ladies especially.

Tune In preceded his combination track with Buju Banton "designed for 18 and over", Cocoa Tea ending on a high filling in for the missing Gargamel.

Selector Alanzo Hawk took the night into soul, including Jah Cure's Unconditional Love, the ladies especially appreciating the segment which Hawk said was "up close and personal, like deodorant". He dropped a few Sizzla tracks for Powell.

Boom Boom had a good run, delighting in his award for Best Solo Selector, Mavado's Messiah among the tracks he dropped as the Guinness girls stepped out to drop legs and other body parts to the beat.

Black Scorpio accepted its award for over 40 years contribution to dancehall and Duane Pow was the Most Improved Selector from Stone Love.

Performer Shemari was dismissed with handclaps, Romain Virgo roused the audience from the opening notes ofCan't Sleep and said that his first live performance on a sound system was with Stone Love at a Weddy Weddy dance. I-Octane capped off a very well received showing with Lose a Friend and Mama You Alone, the roars going up for the surprise appearance of Bounty Killer for his combination with I-Octane.

It was a surprising introduction to Bounty's performance, Killer noting that Stone Love never used profanity or bad words to get a forward. Bounty shared his stage time with Bling Dawg, the K Queens, Nitty Kutchie and Iyara, dropping his popular tracks to good effect even though there were brief microphone clarity issues.

Beenie Man, his outfit reminiscent of a sheikh, used a medley of 1990s tracks to rouse the audience, Slam andRomie among the batch, the dancehall doctor running through the songs non-stop to very good effect. Dweet Again and It's Okay brought the set into later days. However, the end of his set, in which the Sample Six crew took the stage, marked the beginning of the decline in the show and the audience, the latter dwindling as some made it to the exit.

Voicemail, Chevaughn, Bugle (who had a decent reception for his "all white" memories), Vibrant and Jimmy Riley followed, the crowd continuing to diminish. Sample One's jokes and imitations of Nicodemus hit home, but after that those who remained were in the mood to party.

After the impatience with Ataru, Sadiki insisted on having a talk, making the Stone Love connection with younger generations as he said he had been listening to Stone Love from he was 13 years old and is now 33.

Then it was party time, with a Tommy Lee tune, the die-hard party people got down to business.

Busy Signal to Perform at Superjam

Posted on 1st January, 2013

DANCEHALL artiste Busy Signal will be among several performers slated for Superjam at PULS8 on Trafalgar Road, St Andrew, on January 3.

"We are delighted to confirm that the talented and highly sought after Busy Signal will grace the stage at Superjam 2013," said Safia Cooper, Pulse's director of sales and marketing. "This will be only his second appearance in a long time and his first for the new year. We are very excited."

Other artistes booked for the show are dancehall queen Lady Saw, roots-reggae artiste Sizzla, Christopher Martin as well as up-and-coming artiste Chronixx.

British Girl claim to have dumped Usain Bolt

Posted on 1st January, 2013

A British newspaper is reporting that a 22-year-old British office accounts worker is claiming that she recently ended a relationship with Jamaican track star Usain Bolt.

Megan Edwards, who is reported to have been in a relationship with Bolt since the London Olympic Games, told the Internet publication,, that she ended the union since the track athlete resides too far away.

According to the article, she ended the relationship with the world’s fastest man after he flew her to Jamaica to meet his family.

globetrotting lifestyle

Edwards is quoted as saying that she decided that the 4,600 miles between her and the sprinter was too much to handle and that she would not have been able to measure up to his globetrotting lifestyle.

The article reports that Bolt, 26, was devastated at the split and begged her to change her mind.

Edwards is quoted as saying, “In the end, I had to let my head rule my heart. It was amazing out there, but that’s when I decided it couldn’t go on. He was talking about having to fly here and there and I was going back to my office job,” she said.

She continued, “So when I got home, I rang him and told him it wasn’t going to work. I said the distance thing and not being able to see him often enough was a problem for me. He was very upset and said don’t do it, what can I do? I told him there is nothing you can do. You are who you are.”

Edwards, who also runs for Dartford Harriers Club in Kent, caught the eye of the 100m world record holder when she had been chosen to model Jamaica’s team kit for the Olympic Games and appeared on the catwalk alongside him.

The article further reports that since then, numbers were exchanged and text messages sent before they went on a string of romantic dates.

She is also reported to have told her friend that, “I did occasionally think about being Mrs. Bolt and living in Jamaica with lots of little Bolts. My feelings were pretty strong for him, strong enough that I wanted to go to Jamaica,” said Edwards.

Bolt, who flew Edwards first class to Jamaica, took her to meet friends and family and made several outings to restaurants and to the University of the West Indies where he trains.

“We went out to restaurants – well, more like shacks – but it’s what they have in Jamaica. We would go out at 1 or 2 a.m. to nightclubs and we danced to reggae until 6 a.m., drinking lemonade and cranberry juice to keep cool,” Edwards is quoted as saying.

Recording Artist G. Whizz Thankful For Being Alive After Accident In St. Kitts

Posted on 1st Jamuary, 2013

Recording dancehall/reggae artist G. Whizz is thankful once again to the Almighty for sparing his life and that of others, as he along with his management team were in a vehicular accident in St. Kitts early this morning.

The artist was a special invited guest performers at the 33rd annual Digicel Haynes Smith Miss Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant held in St.Kitts on December 29th 2012 .

G Whizz and his team were headed back from the show when by all accounts, the designated driver lost control of the vehicle which made impact into a electricity pole.

G. Whizz along with his management team suffered injuries and were treated but was adamant to leave the island to return home to spend the Holidays with Family, Friends and love ones. The artist who is now back in Jamaica is giving thanks for being alive as it could have been worst. The artiste states ‘yea am alright suh far, jah know big accident ova suh, good ting jah a guide it coulda worst’

Though still traumatized, G. Whizz is anxious to make a speedy recovery as he prepares for other appearances and hitting up the studio.

Zimbabwe: It's Sungura Vs Dancehall!

Posted on 1st January, 2012

Alick Macheso wrapped up a memorable year by performing at his fortress in Chitungwiza at Mubaiwa Hotel on December 31. Dubbed "2012 Closing Show," the gig also boasted 2012 top performers in the mould of King Shady, Freeman, Lady Squanda and Sniper Storm.

The beauty about this year-ender was that all the artistes billed to perform have been on top of their game.

Macheso has been performing all year round, and he capped a fine year by releasing his ninth album "Kwatabva Mitunhu (Kure Kwekure)", which has been accepted by his diehard fans.

King Shady has transformed himself from a dirty lyric singer to a serious musician who can be counted among the best in the dancehall circles.

The dancehall musician has also released top chatting hits this year.

Freeman has had an eventful year in which he spread his tentacles by invading other countries. The young musician has spread his wings outside our borders and his music has been received well in South Africa.

If Freeman's performance would match his act at Zulu Bar, Cape Town, last month, then he is guaranteed a standing ovation from his local fans on New Year's Eve.

Arguably the best dancehall female performer this year, Lady Squanda could easily steal the show at Mubaiwa Hotel.

The young lady has outperformed many male artistes and she came out tops in many clashes with her male counterparts.

Sniper Storm has also re-invented himself and the chanter is enjoying fine form.

"The General", as Sniper Storm is affectionately known, has won the hearts of the ladies with his lyrics which denounce gender based violence. With a fired line-up like this, the closing gig has all the ingredients of a thriller.

While Macheso would retain his title as the sungura ace, it remains to be seen who among Sniper Storm, Freeman, King Shady and Lady Squanda will emerge as dancehall champion.

Shaggy and friends bring gifts for Children

Posted on 1st January, 2012

Shaggy and Friends continue to bring Christmas cheer to patients at the Bustamante Hospital for Children in St Andrew.

Thou there won’t be a 2013 staging of the annual event, Shaggy and Friends yesterday, brought gifts for the children.

Shaggy was assisted by Konshens, Tifa, Ity and Fancy Cat, Aidonia and Tarrus Riley.

Shaggy has had a long-standing relationship with The Bustamante Hospital For Children as His Shaggy And Friends Fund-Raiser has seen him donating millions to the institution.

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