June 2012

Mavado set to Drop New Collaboration With Popcaan, Tommy Lee & Snoop Lion

Posted on 31st August, 2012

Vybz Kartel may have good reasons to lash out against former Protégés Popcaan and Tommy Lee in an alleged statement released last week. Words reaching Urban Islandz are that both former Gaza members are working on a collaboration with Kartel’s greatest arch enemy, Mavado.

A close source to the Gullyside deejay told Urban Islandz that there could be some new unity between Popcaan, Tommy Lee and Mavado.

“The link was made through a third party and a popular producer in Jamaica,” the source said. “Mavado, Popcaan and Tommy Lee are the hottest artists in dancehall right now and we need unity in the industry. You never know you might just see a collab from Mavado and Kartel in the future.”

The source also revealed that Mavado will appear on a Snoop Lion track that also features Popcaan.

“Snoop and Popcaan did a track in February for his reggae album Reincarnation and Vado did some voicing that may be on the track,” the source said.

While declining to divulge much information, the source said Mavado and Tommy Lee may do some work together on an upcoming new Riddim.

After breaking away from Portmore Empire earlier this year, Popcaan released a lengthy statement proclaiming his interest in working with some unlikely stars in dancehall, including Bounty Killer, Mavado, Beenie Man and more.

Last week Vybz Kartel allegedly released an angry statement through his protege Gaza Slim labeling Popcaan and Tommy Lee as “opportunist” and “disloyal” individuals. It is not clear if that statement has any connection to this piece of news. However, Mavado working with Tommy Lee and Popcaan can only prove beneficial to dancehall.

Vybz Kartel Remanded While Cronies Bail Extended

Posted on 31st August, 2012

Vybz Kartel and his cronies are to return to court in November to answer to charges of perverting the course of justice.Kartel, and his co-accused ‘Gaza Slim’ and ‘Pim-Pim appeared in court yesterday but the trial was postponed because of the absence of the presiding judge and the non-disclosure of statements to the defence. Vybz Kartel was remanded into custody while Gaza Slim and Pim-Pim had their bails extended. The case is set for trial on November 12 in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court.Allegations are that Pim Pim assisted Gaza Slim also known as Vanessa Bling with a report she made to the Constant Spring Police last year that she had been robbed by Clive Lizard Williams after Kartel was arrested for his murder.Also charged with Williams’ death are fashion designer Calvin 'Moonie' Haye, deejay Shawn Storm, and another man.Vybz Kartel has been in lockup since October last year.

No Doubt Reveal New Reggae-Flavored 'Push and Shove' Single (Audio) Ft Busy Signal

Posted on 31st August, 2012

The band follows “Settle Down” with a song that bounces across various genres and tempos. This according to bassist Tony Kanal, who likened their new track “Push and Shove” to the Queen classic in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Check out the 'Settle Down' video below:

The track, which follows “Settle Down” as the second single off No Doubt’s comeback album, wildly crosses various genres and tempos, bouncing between reggae-infused beats and a slow, swooning chorus. The Diplo-produced song also features Major Lazer and Busy Signal.

“Push and Shove” made its world premiere on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show Wednesday. Listen below.

To promote their first new release in more than a decade, Gwen Stefani and co. are set to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Sept. 25, the same day the album will hit shelves. “One of No Doubt's very first stops on their reunion tour in 2009 was The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the band wrote on Facebook. “It's time to continue that tradition! The band will perform live on the show again next month during Push And Shove release week.”

Listen to the 'Push and Shove' single below:

Christian man says ... Tommy Lee needs prayer

Posted on 31st August, 2012

At least one member of the Christian community has declared that he has a problem with dancehall artiste Tommy Lee's song 'Uncle Demon'. According to Wayne Clarke of the Christian Fellowship World Outreach Church, the deejay is in urgent need of some serious prayer.

"I have to go and do some serious prayer for him and the church needs to pray. I have never seen a man call himself demon upfront but God did dun prophecy that these things gonna happen," Clarke said.

According to Clark, the entire Gaza fraternity is being influenced by demons.

"I would pray for him (Tommy Lee) because he is under some powers like Kartel. God wants Kartel too, and he should repent and turn over totally to God. Gaza is under the influence of demons. A man referring himself as demons can be a serious thing but I can't blame him still because it's prophecy fulfilling," he said.

However, Tommy Lee says Uncle Demon is just a song and he was simply being different from other artistes.

"It just come natural, mi listen to the rhythm and mi get that vibe. A long time mi a sey uncle demon suh mi decide fi put it in a song. The music video was influenced by Michael Jackson's Thriller. (It was) a little bit scary but a lot of work we put into it. Mi just hope the youth dem nuh tek it too far because a nuh mi a di first person fi duh dat. Maybe I am the first in dancehall but not the first in the world. The youth dem watch duppy show all time, at the end of the day mi love the people, and mi just want dem fi can defend dem country," he continued.

"The people dem run wid the song because dem did hungry fi a difference, mi just hope the big people dem understand because the youth dem understand. Mi love di youth dem mi just a duh my ting," he said.

Tommy Lee also said he is not a devil worshipper and mentioned that man is more dangerous to each other than spirits.

"At the end of the day I am not a devil worshipper. Mi believe inna di Creator who make Heaven and Earth. Everybody have dem fault and mi nah pree violence, mi only pree self defence. At the end of the day, nobody a nuh demon, it nuh mean nothing, it just sick. Yuh neva hear sey demon kill nobody and rob nobody suh it betta mi talk bout spirit than man," Tommy Lee said.

Check out the 'Uncle Demon' song below:

Song and Lyrics to Konshens - Stop Sign

Posted on 31st August, 2012

Oh Oh oh oh (skinout) Gyal come make me wyne inna di road mek me spend ah little time inna di road a de treasure mi find inna di road (dont stop) no Stop sign inna di road 2x have badman ah wine up inna clothes pon ur leg one if ah wine up inna ur hole pon di bed have man ah pose up like ah dubble six back shout ah aim offa u mi nah miss cocky ah the shout pussy ah di target no long talking readi fi start it whole night we ah talk it gyal stop it and skin out and do sumn like this Gyal come make me wyne inna yo hole mek me spend ah little time inna yo hole a de treasure mi find inna ur hole (dont stop) no Stop sign inna yo hole 2x oh oh oh oh oh oh(skin out)gyal oh oh oh oh oh oh(skin out)gyal 4x gyal dem nuff like sand pon di sea side marky sah him have ah gyal pon each side me nuh care any gayl ah gyal geh me dem cudda slimmas ah fatty wet up ten feet wide wen it com unto gyal we nuh use pride so konshens team ah di real side we nuh shy look inna me eye skin out ur pussy and and and Gyal come make me wyne inna yo hole mek me spend ah little time inna yo hole a de treasure mi find inna ur hole (dont stop) no Stop sign inna yo hole 2x oh oh oh oh oh oh(skin out)gyal oh oh oh oh oh oh(skin out)gyal music naf fi full song this

Dynamic Duo RDX Tours Europe And Represents For Jamaica!

Posted on 31st August, 2012

While the world was tuned to London for the 2012 Olympic Games, Dancehall Reggae Duo RDX was busy touring Europe and representing Jamaica as it celebrated 50 years of Independence. The dynamic duo held back nothing as they gave their European fans an unforgettable performance making them Jamaicans not by nationality but by the cultural vibe that has resonated across the world over the years. RDX documented their journey which will be done in a series to give their fans video clips, pictures and personal thoughts of the whole experience as they toured Europe and made Jamaica & themselves proud. The following is an excerpt from the continuing story documenting the journey of Dancehall/Reggae duo RDX as they invite us on the adventure of their 2012 European Summer Tour. Pt. 1 THE ITALIAN JOB! "RDX kicked off their much heralded Summer Tour in Europe at Termoli in Italy with a typical RDX-charged performance in front of a bumber hard core Dancehall crowd. They were joined on stage by local dancers who felt a sense of honor to be sharing the stage with the artiste who have brought so many dancers to the forefront. After driving for three hours to catch a plane in Napoli to their next destination, the infamous Sicily island, RDX got a glance of the various vineyards with outstretched arms across the Italian countryside with a dormant volcano in the back drop. On arrival in Sicily, home of the Italian mafia, RDX were shown sights of Mt. Etna, Europe's largest active volcano, enjoyed wines and of course... wood oven baked pizza! The show in the night in Rossolini erupted with excitement as RDX ran out to rock the full house of eager Dancehall fans. They couldn't get enough of the energetic duo who bounced across the small platform in there sleek summer wear, that typified the season. And it was from the venue to the airport for the flight to the next engagement in Calemera, near Lecce in Italy. One of Lecce's famous landmark is the "Arena", a former place that housed the Gladiators of old, and RDX were reminiscent of that era wielding hit after hit, cutting thru the warm Italian night as the blade of a gladiators' sword! It was a huge surprise when RDX arrived in Lisbon, Portugal at 19:00 (7pm) only to be told they were to drive approximately three hours to the venue in Sudoeste and go straight on stage, little did they know an even bigger surprise awaited. Delomar: "The experience of touring Europe is always a special occasion especially for RDX who are Dancehall artiste. Dancehall is growing in this region and us here giving a positive representation can only be a good thing for the music & RDX." Renigade: "We did a few festivals this time around so that is an eye-opening experience for us. And us performing on festivals in relatively new markets like Poland and Czec Republic makes us proud of the reach of our music".

Reggae Super Star Sean Paul to Perform in India

Posted on 29th August, 2012

Grammy-winning reggae star Sean Paul is all set to deliver his maiden performance in India, entertaining fans across various cities with his numerous dance hits.

The 39-year-old Jamaican dancehall superstar, who has collaborated with artists such as Usher, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Jay Sean, Justin Bieber and Beyonce Knowles, will begin performing in India Nov. 2.

“It’s your boy Sean and you heard it straight from me: India, get ready for my live show,” Paul said in a statement. The artist will be performing old hits and new songs from his latest album.

His hits “I’m Still in Love with You,” “ Never Gonna Be The Same,” “So Fine,” “Temperature,” “Private Party,” “She Doesn’t Mind,” and “Got 2 Luv U.”

Aidonia -Love It 2012 (Lyrics and video)

Posted on 29th August, 2012

Aidonia - Love It


Fuss Me Ago Send Yuh get smooth up ah di body spa
Den guh yuh nails done den guh yuh hair done
den mi tek yuh shopping get yuh dress and fit yuh body
bring yuh pon di hills and tun on di shower for yuh mommy

den mi ah guh tek yuh out to, di nicest restaurant
dinner under candle light and wi sippin white wine
den mek tek yuh dancing den mi ah guh tek yuh home
den mi ah guh skin yuh out an den mi ah guh shoob it een

Verse 1

Gyal just put it pon me
just put it pon me
siddung pon di buddy gyal
Ahhhhh Love how yuh move yuh body
gyal wine up pon di cocky
till me bruk like ah crockery
an den mi hol' yuh
yuh got mi, mi love it when wi fuck
mi love yuh punanni, na nani, na nani
Pussy fat, yuh bumpa cock up, yuh body nuh crawny
mi ah whine in ah yuh belly shift it an ah slant it
and mi affi tell yuh dis when time yuh cock it up.

Love it when yuh whi-ine, pon di buddy, whi-ine
love how yuh pussy feel, love how yuh pussy ti-ight
pon di buddy, whi-ine, pon di buddy, whi-ine
She seh she want it ruff ah di jack hammer ti-ime

Siddung pon di buddy gyal, whi-ine, brace pon di buddy gyal, whi-ine
Cotch pon di buddy gyal, whi-ine, mek wi mek ah ba-ay
bay, ay, suh gyal jus whine yuh,
pussy mek mi feel like mi ah fly

Verse 2
Gyal yuh know fi hol-ol me,
gyal whine pon di cocky til it bruck,
up in ah yuh belly when di cocky force up,
split pon it den tip pon yuh toe suh,
my buddy tuff but mi nuh stone up,
yur pussy good, yur pussy tight,
yur pussy fat suh you mi own up,
gyal mek mi caress yuh soft skin,
Fi yuh nuh darling,
often, every morning,
mi waah fi buss yuh jaw string,
love when yuh seh ahhhh,
love when yuh seh oooh,

gyal yuh pussy wet from di touch weh yuh ah get.

Love it when yuh whi-ine
pon di buddy, whi-ine
love how yuh pussy feel, love how yuh pussy ti-ight
pon di buddy, whi-ine
pon di buddy, whi-ine
She seh she want it ruff ah di jack hammer ti-ime

Siddung pon di buddy gyal, whi-ine
brace pon di buddy gyal, whi-ine
Cotch pon di buddy gyal, whi-ine
mek wi mek ah ba-ay-bay, ay
suh gyal jus whine yuh,
pussy mek mi feel like mi ah fly

Verse 3

Fuss Me Ago Send Yuh get smooth up ah di body spa
Den guh yuh nails done den guh yuh hair done
den mi tek yuh shopping get yuh dress and fit yuh body
bring yuh pon di hills and tun on di shower for yuh mommy

den mi ah guh tek yuh out to, di nicest restaurant
dinner under candle light and wi sippin white wine
den mek tek yuh dancing den mi ah guh tek yuh home
den mi ah guh skin yuh out an den mi ah guh shoob it een

Love it when yuh whi-ine
pon di buddy, whi-ine
love how yuh pussy feel, love how yuh pussy ti-ight
pon di buddy, whi-ine
pon di buddy, whi-ine
She seh she want it ruff ah di jack hammer ti-ime

Siddung pon di buddy gyal, whi-ine
brace pon di buddy gyal, whi-ine
Cotch pon di buddy gyal, whi-ine
mek wi mek ah ba-ay-bay, ay
suh gyal jus whine yuh,
pussy mek mi feel like mi ah fly


Gyal just put it pon me
just put it pon me
siddung pon di buddy gyal
Ahhhhh Love how yuh move yuh body
gyal wine up pon di cocky
till me bruk like ah crockery
An den mi hol' yuh
yuh got mi, mi love it when wi fuck
mi love yuh punanni, na nani, na nani
Pussy fat, yuh bumpa cock up, yuh body nuh crawny
mi ah whine in ah yuh belly shift it an ah slant it
and mi affi tell yuh dis when time yuh cock it up.

Follow-up needed to benefit from Brand Jamaica

Posted on 29th August, 2012

MANAGING Brand Jamaica is clearly not the easiest job in the world. We are a curious people -- enigmaTIC even. Rambunctious, friendly, and according to the Happy Planet Index, this year we ranked sixth (right behind El Salvador) on the list of happiest countries in the world. We have produced some of the swiftest sprinters on the globe and in the creative arts we have a worldwide reach as no matter where you go everyone knows about reggae music and of Bob Marley in particular.

On the other hand, our name is also to be found on the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime's 2012 (UNODC's) list of countries of high homicide rate. In Jamaica you will find a church within a few short steps of a wayside bar. Jamaica, in fact, has the most "churches" per square mile than any country in the world. (Source: Guinness Book of World Records). As a people, we are "a riddle wrapped up in mystery inside an enigma" and so it might be a tad challenging for any organisation or person who might have to communicate Brand Jamaica to the world.

Earlier this month — with our athletes' successes in London the venue of the Games of the XXX Olympiad it proved to be the perfect melting pot with the ideal temperature to unleash the positives of Brand Jamaica, as well as to highlight the celebration of the nation's 50th anniversary. JAMPRO — Jamaica's investment and export promotion agency — established in 1988 to stimulate, facilitate, and promote the development of trade and industry, and export and investment activities in all sectors of the island's economy — had the mammoth task to communicate the country's brand to the world.

"For ten days, between August 3-12, we had an excellent space to parade Brand Jamaica before the eyes of the world. Our national colours and our products had maximum attention from the thousands of persons who streamed through the event. It is not likely that we will ever get another opportunity for exposure as we did this month," says JAMPRO's Corporate and Communications Manager Mark Thomas.

The centrepiece of the strategy was 'Jamaica House' 2012 — a hospitality house and the country branding initiative organised by JAMPRO, the Jamaica Tourist Board in collaboration with the Jamaica 50 Secretariat, premised upon projecting the attributes of Brand Jamaica. Jamaica House was one of several national houses and other countries which utilised the strategy to project their country's brand included, USA and Russia (located in Hyde Park, they faced each other); Switzerland and Taiwan, among others also had hospitality houses.

The concept of the Olympics' National Hospitality Houses was to provide a venue for entertaining athletes, VIPs and members of the public, and to host exhibitions as well as other events. Jamaica House was located in south east London in the Northern Greenwich arena, a few minutes away from the Olympic Park which was a major venue for basketball and gymnastics. This put the country's brand within the eyes and ears of an average of several thousand persons from across the world each day who passed through the venue each day, says Thomas. The House, which was opened from 4:00 pm to the public each afternoon, accommodated one thousand persons. JAMPRO utilised the early evenings at the House for business sessions with persons in the Diaspora and international investors in the key sectors of manufacturing, ICT and Tourism.

Managing media attention for the Jamaican brand was also a dream come through as the country rode on the crests of the wave of the feel-good high as a result of the gold medalling of our athletes. JAMPRO was in fact successful in convincing the BBC's editors and producers to broadcast live from Jamaica House on August 6, Independence Day, via the BBC World News Service, on the hour every hour, for 8 hours. Additionally, the BBC also confirmed their interest in covering the Brixton Splash event on August 5. Presenter for the historic BBC broadcast from Jamaica House was well known BBC journalist David Eades, who conducted seven interviews in 10-minute segments on the hour, every hour, that was transmitted to a global audience of over 300 million. Securing the BBC coverage of Jamaica House by the BBC World News was reported by JAMPRO to be unprecedented as none of the other national houses at the Olympics managed this feat. Of course, we at home had the privilege of tuning in to our morning shows to hear some familiar voices and programming as local stations also used the opportunity to broadcast from the centre of the action in London.

Now that the dust has settled from the Olympics and life is returning to normal, only time and ardent follow-up will reveal the tangible benefits and returns on investments from the strategy used here to brand Jamaica to the world.

Yvonne Grinam-Nicholson, (MBA, ABC) is a Business Communications Consultant with RO Communications Jamaica, specializing in business communications and financial publications. She can be contacted at: Visit her website at and post your comments.

Source: The Jamaica Observer

Mavado - Real Niggaz Do Real Things (Raw) - Pre-Release Riddim

Posted on 28th August, 2012

Navino Speak his mind - JOP get diss UP WICKEDLY

Tommy Lee refusing to leave the Gaza Camp; Believes Kartel press release is a hoax

Posted on 25th August, 2012

There may be some trouble brewing in the Gaza once again. This time the controversy apparently surrounds the embattled figure of Vybz Kartel and the red hot artiste Tommy Lee who has rocketed to fame in recent months as Kartel's most trusted protege.

The two have always been said to be pretty close but reports are that their association has hit a major speed bump.

Tommy Lee is in shock following an alleged text message from jailed dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel which questioned his affiliation with the Gaza.In the text message Vybz Kartel reportedly states – “ I jus want u to let the ppl kno that all a dem runnin aroun sayin g*z* g*z* are not real. Before I came here we were 'good'. No animosity but within a week of my *rr*st,they started giving other ppl managerial and booking positions. But where were these ppl when I was building their c*r**rs. ? When I was investing time and money to transform them from nobody to somebody?They are upportunists and fake. I'm not surprised because this is d*nceh*ll and I have no problem with them making their money. But I jus don't want them to be all over the place exploiting a movement that I built with blood sweat and tears when they and I kno they aren't real. I want them to stop. The only two loyal ppl are slm and shb (the girls) and maybe its because they haven't fully realised their potential. Yours truly.....”Tommy Lee said that he doesn’t believe that the alleged text message was written by Vybz Kartel as there is no animosity between them.A few months ago a similar situation reached entertainer PopCaan, former Gaza prefect. Kartel had sent a detailed letter from behind bars discontinuing the Portmore Empire and forming PG 13 a group with only Gaza Slim and Tommy Lee with the obvious exclusion of PopCaan.In relating news, Vybz Kartel, Gaza Slim and Pim-Pim are expected to go before the courts on August 29 to answer to charges of perverting the course of justice.

Information reach THE WEEKEND STAR is that Tommy Lee was interviewed by Anthony Miller regarding the text which would appear to question his loyalty. It is understood that the deejay however made it clear that he will not be leaving the Gaza anytime soon, no matter what was stated about his loyalty.

"Mi born Gaza, mi live Gaza and mi ah go die Gaza," he reportedly said during the taped interview which is expected to be aired tonight on TVJ.

Interview: Mavado Talks We The Best Projects, “Suicidal” Video, Shuts Down Haters & Shouts Out Vybz Kartel

Posted on 24th August, 2012

Mavado AKA The Gully Gad Reasons With Reshma B. As one of the few dancehall artists in the game with a major label deal, Mavado feels as though he’s carrying an entire genre on his back right now. And even though he’s been away from home while he handles his biz, trust and believe that Jamaica is never far from his thoughts. The Reggae Girl About Town caught up with Mavado last night for an exclusive half-hour interview, and he had a lot on his mind. And you’ll never guess which fellow dancehall artist he keeps in his prayers.
“Shout to Vybz Kartel… Freedom is a must.” Let’s go to the video tape…

Sample tunes... Dancehall style

Posted on 24th August, 2012

A number of songs by Jamaican artistes have been sampled by high-profile pop acts.

Here Comes The Hot Stepper by Ini Kamoze; Ring The Alarm by Tenor Saw; One In A Million by Sanchez; and You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) by Dawn Penn are recent examples.

* In 1990 Ini Kamoze scored a chart-topper with Hot This Year. Retitled Here Comes The Hot Stepper four years later, the song soared to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and number four in Britain.

* In 2003, Here Comes The Hot Stepper was sampled by Beyoncé on the hit Baby Boy, which featured Sean Paul.

* It was also used in the remix for rapper Ghostface Killah's Cherchez LaGhost

* The 1985 hit Ring The Alarm was Tenor Saw's signature song. Recorded on the Stalag rhythm, Ring The Alarm found a new audience in the 1990s thanks to sampling by punk/ska group 311 for its song Prisoner.

* The rap group Fu Schnickens also did a version of Ring The Alarm, so too did Daniel Lanois' Black Dub for their self-titled debut album. The song Fell, Destroyed by Fugazi includes the line 'Ring the alarm or you're sold to dying'. Its lyric sheet pays homage to Tenor Saw.

* Rapper Brother Ali sampled Ring The Alarm for his song Champion, while Mos Def referred it in his single Universal Magnetic.

* One In A Million You was originally recorded by soul singer Larry Graham. Graham, who is the uncle of hip hop sensation Drake, was a bass player with Sly and the Family Stone and front man for his Graham Central Station band. One In A Million You was covered with great success in the 1990s by Sanchez.

* Sanchez's intro to his version was sampled in Dipset Anthem, a song by rap group, the Diplomats, which featured Jim Jones, Cam'ron and Juelz Santana.

* Dipset Anthem reached number 64 on Billboard's R&B Hip Hop Singles and Tracks chart.

* Veteran singer Dawn Penn experienced a turnaround in fortunes in 1994 when she updated her 1967 hit You Don't Love Me (No, No, No), which peaked at number three on the British national chart. Over in the United States, the song stalled at number 58 on the Billboard Hot 100.

* You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) is an interpretation of American singer Willie Cobbs' 1960 song You Don't Love Me, which was inspired by guitarist Bo Diddley's 1955 recording She's Fine, She's Mine.

* Penn's version has been sampled and covered by artistes including British rapper Kano (who is of Jamaican parentage), Ed Solo, Hexstatic, Ghostface Killah, Mims and Eve featuring Stephen Marley.

* Singer Lily Allen sampled Penn's hit in her single Shame for You. 311 did the same for their song Omaha Stylee. No, No, No was also sampled by Rihanna on her 2005 debut album, Music Of The Sun and by Beyoncé on her 2009/2010 I Am... Tour.


Sample tunes... Dancehall style

Source: The Jamaica Observer

Zimbabwe: Reggae/Dancehall Cup Clash On This Saturday

Posted on 24th August, 2012

Reggae/dancehall emcees are set to converge at City Sports Centre this Saturday for the crunch Harare Show Cup Clash 2012 that promises nothing but fireworks. The official clash, which marks the end of the Harare Agricultural Show Week, will see over 100 emcees battling on stage where the audience will judge the winner depending on the punchlines, sting and delivery.

Hosted by Stereo 1 International sound system, the clash will be graced by renowned chanters among them Guspy Warrior, Lady Squanda, King Shaddy, Jah Prayzah, King Labash, Cello Culture and Freeman of the "Danger Zone" fame.

If there is one gig that dancehall lovers do not want to miss, it ought to be this one.

Freeman, King Shaddy and Guspy Warrior have made huge strides inasfar as Zimbabwean dancehall music is concerned.

Freeman, who made his breakthrough with his chart topper "Joina City" and has never looked back, weaving his way up the music ladder.

But King Shaddy is no pushover as the youthful emcee has been there and done that.

He boasts a long list of hits among them "Chipanera", "Mai Huni" and "Tsoka YaDumore" to mention but a few.

Not to be outdone is Guspy Warrior, whose hit song "No Way" has endeared him to multitudes of fans.

Although Lady Squanda is the only female emcee on the line up that doesn't make her any less important.

In fact, she exudes confidence and stamina just like her counterparts and you just have to attend the show to appreciate how gifted she is on the microphone.

She made her presence felt when she curtain raised for Jamaican artiste Agent Sasco, where she sent the crowd into a frenzy with her high energy act.

Jah Prayzah will be the cherry on top at the gig when he seals the show with his singalong tune "Gochie Gochie", a favourite of many.

Over and above the performing line-up there will be at least 100 emcees and music selectors competing on the decks.

The contest, which is held in the same format as the famous Reggae Summer Splash in Jamaica, will see emcees rotating on the mic, displaying their lyrical prowess and whoever gets the loudest cheers from the crowd becomes the winner.

Show organiser Partson "Chipaz" Chimbodza said the City Sports Centre clash was the official gig marking the end of the agricultural show.

Chimbodza said it was time to unleash new talents on the dancehall music scene.

Mavado stabbed twice in Miami now in critical condition in hospital

Posted on 23rd August, 2012

According to a release from mavado facebook account: "David Brooks reggae sing jay known better as Mavado was stabbed twice in a robbery attempt for his braclet in Miami. David Brooks was stabbed firstly just below the right side of his chest, then secondly on the right side of his abdomen. Mavado and close friend Junior Skeng were making their way to 4 Star Recording Studios in Miami, FL South Beach to meet with rapper Busta Rhymes to finish the final touches of the newly recorded "Soulja Girl Remix" when the attacker and two other males approached him asking for a picture then 2 of the males reportedly tried to un-clip the braclet from Mavado in failure to do so, one of the males pulled out a flip pocket knife and then delivered the attack on Mr Brooks. The attack happened around 8:15PM where Mavado and his close friend Junior were rushed to Urgent Care Centers in Miami, then later transfered to Jacksons Memorial Hospital where the sing jay remains in serious condition. Latest reports from the raggae singers close friends that he was recently put on high dosage of blood thinners to prevent any blood clots in the upcoming hours".

Dancehall Days: The Vybz Kartel Record Release Party

Posted on 23rd August, 2012

A crowd of music fans, including Fab Five Freddy, spilled out onto West Houston Street on a clear night last week. The occasion was the record release party for Kingston Story Deluxe Edition, the latest album by Jamaican dancehall superstar Vybz Kartel, a k a the World Boss, a k a Gaza Don, a k a the Teacher, a k a Adija Palmer.

The event featured two DJ sets—one by the album’s Brooklyn-based producer, Dre Skull, and another by Max Glazer—made up of bumping Kartel remixes and “dub plates” streamed live on the restaurant’s internet radio station. The album, which originally received a digital release on Mixpak records in 2011 but had been repackaged with additional tracks by Vice’s Noisey Records, was for sale in CD and vinyl formats, as was Mr. Kartel’s recent memoir, Voice of the Ghetto, a heartfelt jeremiad directed against the forces of “Babylon,” the powerful interests who seek to enslave the rest of us. Little buttons bearing the word Gaza, one of the two sometimes warring musical syndicates that dominate Jamaican music, were also available, though as one attendee pointed out, the logo “could be misconstrued.”

So what was missing?

There appeared to be no Vybz premium handcrafted Jamaican rum on hand, for one thing. Mr. Kartel’s self-branded Daggering Condoms were nowhere to be found, nor was any of the Vybz Kartel cake soap the recording artist marketed a while back, after claiming that he used a similar product to lighten his skin. (Mr. Kartel’s unabashed defense of bleaching has sparked a soul-searching debate throughout the Caribbean—though cake soaps, which are used for laundry, are not actually effective for the purpose.)

Perhaps the most conspicuous element missing from the proceedings was Mr. Kartel himself. The DJ, who is widely considered the most talented and prolific performer to emerge from the dancehall scene, has resided at the Horizon Adult Remand Centre in Kingston for 11 months, awaiting trial in connection with two murders.

It’s an awkward situation. Mr. Kartel’s influence in Jamaican society is hard to overstate. Olympic runner Usain Bolt flashed a “Gaza Empire” hand sign after his 200-meter run, and a number of other Olympians adopted the gesture. Not only does Mr. Kartel’s music and that of his protégés dominate West Indian radio, he is a beguiling provocateur—a little like Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol rolled into one.

“He’s truly a conceptual artist, in my mind,” said Dre Skull, the album’s soft-spoken, impressively bearded producer, who studied critical theory at Penn before entering the music business. “He still dictates the cultural discussion in Jamaica. In terms of what pop stardom can be, he is pushing it beyond what’s been done anywhere.”

Dre Skull and Mr. Kartel recorded the album in Kingston, and they were set to produce a video when the singer was arrested. “I didn’t have even the remotest sense that it could be something serious,” he said. “And when it came out that there was a murder charge, I was just totally shocked and surprised.”

Like most of the party attendees The Observer spoke to, Dre Skull said he had no idea whether there was any truth to the accusations. The Jamaican criminal justice system is notoriously corrupt, and there is no shortage of conspiracy theories claiming the charges were invented to silence a critic of the island’s power elite (a k a Babylon).

In any case, there seemed to be little question about Mr. Kartel’s musical output. Vice cofounder Suroosh Alvi said he became “obsessed” with Kingston Story while in Jamaica earlier this year making a documentary about Snoop Dogg’s new reggae-inspired album which Dre Skull helped produce. “Kingston Story became the soundtrack to my life,” Mr. Alvi said. “I just thought, ‘This guy Dre Skull is incredibly talented and has made a gem of an album—poppy and melancholic and so different than a lot of dancehall—and it needs to be heard by more people. So I suggested we do a rerelease.”

Mr. Alvi recalled his first encounter with Mr. Kartel’s oeuvre during an earlier visit to the island. He had landed at 5 a.m., “unaware of Vybz Kartel’s mythology,” he said. But during a four-hour drive to his destination, the driver blasted Kartel the whole way. As Mr. Alvi became hooked on the music, the driver grew wistful about the incarcerated superstar.
“I miss him so much,” the man told Mr. Alvi.

Usain Bolt wants to do reggae with Rio

Posted on 23rd August, 2012

Jamaica's athletic superstar Usain Bolt wants footie ace Rio Ferdinand to help him give reggae music a boost.

The world’s fastest man wants to meet the Man Utd defender in the coming months so they can team up to bring music from his native Jamaica to a wider audience.

He reckons Rio, 33, has the right film and music contacts to help him. The triple Olympic gold medal winner said: “If we do this together we could take it to a new level.

“Not since Bob Marley have we had a musician famous all over the world — and believe me it’s nothing to do with lack of talent. Our musicians are as good as our sprinters.

“It just needs people with global fame like me and Rio to move things.”

The two men got talking after ex-England captain Rio contacted Usain on Twitter when Bolt said he wanted a trial at Old Trafford. Rio wrote: “If you want that trial at Man Utd shout me, I’ll speak to the boss!”

Bolt — who won gold in 100m, 200m and 4x100m at London 2012 — insists promoting Jamaica’s music will be one of his priorities once he’s hung up his spikes.

He said: “We could have a side part of the business that organised music videos for artists in Jamaica.

“If Rihanna wanted to film one I’d personally go and pick her up from the airport while Rio was at the beach overseeing the film crew!”

21st Hapilos Digital Productions Launches First Project SWA (Sleep With Angels) Riddim

Posted on 23rd August, 2012

As an all around veteran in the music business, Johnny Wonder has worked and produced some of the biggest name in the reggae/dancehall music business. From playing sound systems, working alongside legendary King Jammy to Being a Record Executive and A&R for over 20 years, his keen ear for music makes this latest project "Sleep With The Angels" riddim an instant success. Enlisting stars of reggae and dancehall gives the riddim a diversity in rich sound and style. From the intense dynamic vocals of international recording artist Tarrus Riley on "Nah Mek You Mad Me" to the energetic deep sound of Spragga Benz "SWA (Sleep With Angels)", the riddim offers music lovers distinct songs that are sure to please even the harshest critics. The riddim also features Demarco with "Ketch the Light", Bugle "Nuff Man Gone", I-Octane "Yuh Bredda Dat", Jah Vinci "When the Party Hot", Khago "Pushing Me Away", Charly Black "She Loves Me Now", Flexxx "Party from Mi Born", Navino "Gal Never Look Dem Yet", Stein "Wine Yuh Waist" and Ishawna "I Can't Love You". The riddim was created by talented duo Jordan & Hizzle of Chimney Records who hold under their belt a long list of hits such "Star Bwoy Riddim" and "Chill Spot Riddim". This feel good riddim brings a reminiscent sound an old school era injected with a 2012 freshness. Sleep With Angels riddim is now available on itunes via digital distribution giants 21st Hapilos.

Check out SWA riddim mix below:

Wayne Marshall making big moves with seasoned reputation

Posted on 22nd August, 2012

Dancehall singjay, Wayne Marshall, has undertaken a variety of new efforts since the start of 2012. The Dancehall star recently produced a new track consisting of unique elements; a collection of hard-hitting dancehall acts for a hardcore song. He is also currently working on his upcoming album with his new family at the Marley-owned label, Ghetto Youths International.

The song, Go Hard, has gained the attention of listeners not only for the lyrics dropped on the punchy rhythm, but also the never-before-seen synergy of styles on one song. Go Hard hears the voices of fellow Ghetto Youths International compatriot, Damian Marley, alongside Sizzla, Assassin, Aidonia, I-Octane, Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel. According to Jamaican DJ, DJ Nicco, “the song sick….it shows that Wayne Marshall is able to promote and make unity possible in the Dancehall scene.”

Internationally acclaimed DJ, Gee Fus, says “Mi like it,” when asked to address the new single. He continued expressing that, “the song a guh hard for real…give you an old school vibe…the freestyling makes you feel like you’re at a stage show and the mic a pass roun’….yeah man, it bad!”

Wayne Marshall is currently working on his new album Sophomore which is being produced executively by Reggae superstar, Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley. He is enjoying the new environment thus far as expressed by the artiste in a recent tweet saying “Great Night in studio! Jr. Gong at the controls!” Marshall signed on to the Marley-owned Ghetto Youths International label is now exploring the new set-up. In recent months, Wayne Marshall has released many new singles which include Wah Happen Afta, Rookie Love, Here We Go Real God Bless Country, Good Ole Wife and TGIF. The songs showcase a more mature Wayne Marshall who has been on somewhat of a musical honeymoon. These singles have created a steady ground of expectancy for the forthcoming album. The artiste is currently on tour with the Ghetto Youths International family which includes Marley brothers, Damian, Stephen, Julian, as well as Christopher Ellis, Black Am I, and more. The tour entitled Respect Jamaica’s 50th took the family to Europe and saw them perform on Thursday, July 26. Wayne Marshall has stormed the Dancehall scene from a young age, but released his debut album, Marshall Law, in 2003. Forbidden Fruit and Tru Story followed in 2004 and 2008 respectively. The singer has collaborated with a vast amount of Jamaican artistes like Sean Paul, Elephant Man, Beenie Man and Tami Chynn.

Check out Wayne Marshall latest single featuring a host of other artist incluniding Vybes kartel, Bounty Killer and Damian marley 'Go Hard' below:

DJ Khaled Ft mavado -Suicidal Thoughts/Action Pak (Official Video)

Posted on 21st August, 2012

Dancehall Icon Ninja Man comes to the defense of female artist Stacious; warns Twins of Twins and Beenie man

Posted on 21st August, 2012

Dancehall icon Ninja Man has come out in defense of female artiste Stacious after she was lyrically attacked by dancehall artistes Twin of Twins in a recent recording.

The female deejay was strongly chastised by the twins after she had previously made comments in her single Talk that Tony Matterhorn defeated them at Sting 2011 and they blamed it on liquor.

According to Ninja Man, Twin of Twins should direct their energy towards defending their honour at this year’s staging of Sting instead of picking on females.

“Dem fi guh look war wid man and stop pick pon female artiste. Tony Matterhorn is a selector and him kill dem suh dem fi guh kill him back and get back dem career and stop fight woman. If dem nuh have nothing betta fi duh dem can guh clash wid some comedian then,” Ninja Man said.

The veteran deejay said that females are marginalised in the dancehall and should get more support from the males instead of being targeted negatively. “We need more strong women in the dancehall and wi nuh waah nuh more man a try push dem over. Mi defend woman at all levels. Me same one did defend Spice when dem did box har. If yu diss Spice mi a guh defend it, if yu diss D’Angel mi a guh defend it, suh when di woman dem a try mek something positive with dem life and dem career, don’t belittle them,” Ninja Man said. The artiste also said he himself would not challenge Twins of Twins in a lyrical battle as they are not on his level. “If dem flip up mi just send Predator or General Trees guh deal wid dem mek dem know sey fi be careful and leave the woman dem alone. Mi nuh clash wid likkle deejay,” he said. Ninja Man also issued a warning for self-proclaimed King of the dancehall, Beenie Man. “Beenie Man need fi give a world-wide apology to Shabba Ranks else him haffi guh deal wid mi. Mi a guh tek the crown offa him head and give it back to King Yellow Man and tek back the Doctor from him and give it back to Early B. Yellow Man is the king of dancehall, none of the accolades wey Beenie Man have di people dem neva give it to him,” Ninja Man said. In response to the Twins verbal assault in their song, Stacious said their negative response was unexpected. According to the female deejay, they heard the song in its early stages and said it was good. “I didn’t expect that the Twins would find it insulting because they heard the song at a stage show and they said it was bad, so hearing their response and the degrading way in which it was done was very strange,” she said. Following the Twins’ song, Stacious has also recorded a song unleashing her own form of assault back at them. The song has an introduction that features Ninja Man. “Ninja is an icon and war and clash is his thing. He is the best at that. I called him and told him about the situation. when he heard the song, he went straight to the booth and spoke his mind in one track,” she said. The STAR was unsuccessful in getting a comment from Twin of Twins despite several attempts. Stacious has also recently recorded new singles such as Ecstasy and Wine Up Mi Body. While the Twins released a new single called Lie Song.

Brand Jamaica to get protection

Posted on 19th August, 2012

JAMAICA can mean anything these days. It could describe the world's fastest man, it could be the name of a French Rock band, or it could indicate the home of the late reggae icon Bob Marley.

So popular and intriguing is brand Jamaica that the Government plans to sign the Madrid Protocol, a treaty that protects international trademarks. "Brand Jamaica is most exploited," said Carol Simpson, executive director of Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO).

The country has performed well in the creative industries, notably, music and fashion and most recently the sporting arena, thus attracting copycats.

The international community's penchant for brand Jamaica, without regard to authenticity, means the island should protect its image, Simpson said.

JIPO was displeased when a French rock band named itself Jamaica, but had no power to intervene, she said.

"Negative connotations can be associated with the name Jamaica," Simpson said. And once an impression has been created it becomes hard to change.

JIPO unsuccessfully lobbied the United Nations' World Intellectual Property Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland, for the protection of county names via an amendment to another treaty, the Paris Convention, she said.

"Everything Jamaican cannot be protected, but some products can be." Anthony Hylton, Minister of industry, investment and commerce, said at a meeting with stakeholders that Jamaica will sign the protocol once the Trade Marks Act has been amended.

Under the protocol, Jamaican companies and businesses marketing and distributing products and services internationally would be confident that their brands and trademarks were protected.

The signing of the protocol is timely, said Simpson, as the government is pushing businesses to export.

Konshens and Leftside defends their adult video for single 'Clap Dat'

Posted on 19th August, 2012

Dancehall artistes Leftside and Konshens have come under immense scrutiny from some of their fans.

Both artistes collaborated on a new track titled Clap Dat, for which a video was shot on location at the Taboo exotic nightclub. The video was released Tuesday on social-media sites.

The video showcases strippers in the nude on the pole, while others can be seen dancing with the artistes and each other. Since the release of the video, there have been mixed reactions from the fans.

While some fans took to Twitter to state that they loved the video and its concept, even more fans were seen posting messages describing the video as “pornographic”, “disturbing”, “disgusting” and “sick”.

Konshens told THE STAR that the beginning of the song has an age advisory for adults. “That’s life. It’s reality. Nutten inna the video a nuh nutten from out a space. The space people who a criticise the video, you can buck them up inna the same space weh the video shoot. Mi record 17 one-drop songs since mi sing Gyal a Bubble, ask all who a comment if dem know none a dem song deh,” Konshens said. He went on to say that there are no plans to release a ‘clean’ version of the video and that those who do not like the video should not watch it. “If you don’t like the adult version, then too bad for you,” Konshens told THE STAR. Clap Dat, which has since been pulled from Leftside’s YouTube account, now requires individuals to sign in to see the video and also issues the following warning: “The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially offensive or inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised”. According to Leftside. the song mentions the names of various strip clubs, so it should not come as a surprise that the video was actually shot in one. “Wha dem did expect fi see? Girl Guides? Nuns? How we conducted ourselves as artistes was pretty standard for individuals who are in a strip club. It’s not for commercial tv. The video has a disclaimer, so who nuh like it, a just so,” he said. Lesftide also believes that there are other videos on YouTube which also deserve to be censored. “I can’t tell dem how to run dem ting, but I see a video with a little boy who is around three years old cursing bere profanities and mi nuh hearnobody a say nutten bout dat. Dat a big hypocrisy. If you don’t want to watch our video, then don’t watch it,” he told THE STAR.

Tapping into dance

Posted on 19th August, 2012

Below: Pictures of dancers Orville and Overmars

DANCEHALL music would not be complete without dancers. Inner-city choreographers like Bogle were as popular as deejays Bounty Killer and Beenie Man back in the 1990s.

In recent years, names like Ice, Ovamarz, Ravers Clavers, MOB, and Bermuda Squad followed in Bogle's footsteps and became easily identifiable in the dancehall. But there are some in the movement such as Dance Xpressionz' Orville Hall and Marlon 'Ovamarz' Hardy, who do not think Jamaicans are appreciative of the dancer's contribution to a multimillion-dollar industry.

Hall is appealing to the Jamaican government to play their part in promoting the island's dancehall dancers, given their international appeal.

"Dancehall music and dances is taken on by almost everyone in Europe and Russia. I have witnessed it!" Hall told the Jamaica Observer. "The dance history and culture is so rich that the Japanese is teaching dancehall in Japan. Imagine that," he said.

"They visit the island, learn our moves, and then make a lot of money by what they learn from us. Dancers need to learn the language of dance as would a musician does to his music," Hall stated.

Ovamarz agreed: "We are not getting our fair share and we play a major role in the dancehall. I must say that some of our dancers are not dedicated and are only performing for the hype and not from the heart."

Hall is no stranger on the dance floor. In 1998, while a full-time student at Excelsior Community College, he conducted classes in which he taught popular dancehall moves.

"Myself, Patsy Rickets and Kenny Salmon were responsible for writing the course for the Urban Contemporary Folk (dancehall course)," he recalled.

In 2000, Hall graduated from the institution but went back one year later, this time earning an Associate Degree in the Performing Arts. Hall said he stayed with the community college for several years, writing skits and getting the school involved in Jamaica Cultural Development Commission activities.

During his time at Excelsior, Hall formed an in-school dance group called Theatre Expression which evolved into Dance Xpressionz. Founding members were Shelly-Ann Callum and Stacey-Ann Facey who were later joined by Kevaughn Scott and Safiya Mackinson.

Since their inception, the five-member group have performed at venues islandwide and on the international circuit including the United States and Europe.

It was in that period that dancehall really started taking off in the United States, with Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, Lady Say, Shaggy, and Sean Paul all scoring hit songs. Bogle and his flamboyant Black Roses Crew were also hot, so hot that Beenie Man (World Dance) and Buju (Bogle) paid homage in song.

Four years ago when sprinter Usain Bolt won the sprint double at the Olympics in Beijing, China, he saluted Jamaican dancers after each victory by performing the Gully Creepa, made popular by Ice.

Such recognition has not earned dancers any respect, Hall believes.

"We are not even close to getting the recognition that we deserve. Artistes sometimes take a dancer for granted as some will perform free just to get in the spotlight," he said. "However, in order to achieve recognition, dancers need to educate themselves holistically about dancing then choose the genre that appeals to them."

He noted that dancing is also about professionalism, presentation and versatility. He says his group, while it embraces the dancehall, are versed in the tango from Argentina and Brazilian salsa.

"Dancers must aim at being marketable to not only corporate Jamaica but the entire world," Hall said. "We have to bear in mind that we are not dancing for ourselves and for leisure only. If the aim is to just make dancing a career, we have to remember that our employers will have visions of what they want, so we should be able to adjust to their desires," he added.

Source: The Jamaica Observer

Rihanna Cries to Oprah Winfrey: Chris Brown "Needed Help" After He Assaulted Me

Posted on 17th August, 2012

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In a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey airing Sunday on Oprah's Next Chapter, the 24-year-old singer gets very emotional discussing her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. "It was embarrassing, it was humiliating," Rihanna tells Winfrey, 58, via an excerpt released Thursday to ABC. "I lost my best friend. Everything I knew switched, switched in a night, and I couldn't control that." The 23-year-old performer got into a physical altercation with Rihanna the night before the 2009 Grammy Awards in February. He pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced to five years probation, community service and one year of domestic violence counseling.
"It became a circus and I felt protective. I felt like the only person they hate right now, is him. It was a weird, confusing space to be in," Rihanna says while fighting back tears. "As angry as I was, as angry and hurt and betrayed, I just felt like he made that mistake because he needed help ... and who's going to help him?""Nobody's going to say he needs help," the "We Found Love" singer explained to Winfrey. "Everybody's going to say he's a monster without looking at the source . . . and I was more concerned about him." Rihanna's interview on Oprah's Next Chapter airs Sunday, Aug. 19 at 9 p.m. EST on OWN.

Sean Paul Continues International Dancehall Takeover with “Tomahawk Technique”

Posted onn17th August, 2012

Twelve years after his debut album, Sean Paul still knows how to get a party started (and keep it going) on his latest effort Tomahawk Technique (Atlantic Records).

Sean Paul doesn’t drop an album every year, but when he does release a studio effort, you know it’s ready for replay – and that’s what one listen to his fifth studio album Tomahawk Technique lets you know. Last night at the Darby in New York City, Sean Paul previewed his new album, which has already been released internationally, to a group of industry tastemakers, of whom were in good spirits mostly due to Paul’s live set. The singer performed favorites like “Get Busy” and his latest on “Hold On”. Also in the building (and in VIP) was record producer Irv Gotti, 105.1 New York radio host Angela Yee, and a host of familiar faces celebrating the release of this dancehall record.

On Tomahawk Technique, Paul relinquishes his old techniques, with the addition of Euro-pop high tempo dance tracks that immediately produce a fist pump from any listener. Though Paul has found strength in a more energized sound, he remains true to what got it all started from his debut Stage One when “Deport Them” first hit the radio and made American audiences pay attention to this Jamaican don.

On “Hold On”, the song used to personally inspire Jamaican Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt, Sean Paul keeps the grooves coming. He performed “Hold On” live on this night, while giving over 50 direct onlookers a treat as they shook and moved to the beat. They can thank the complimentary Voli Light Lemonade for assisting people with the loosen up.

Tomahawk Technique will see a September 2012 release.

Sizzla gives his blessings to Snoop Lion

Posted on 15th August, 2012

"He has got to come and prove to the people". An emphatic statement about Snoop Lion by Sizzla Kalonji. Sizzla Kolonji has given Snoop Lion his blessing following the rapper’s transition to embrace the Rastafarian faith.

Sizzla went on to express "This is were we are right now and black people has been through alot of persecution, torturing, Lynching, so having a great Icon like Snoop to come and even make mention of Rastafari, and embraces the culture, me really like that, we greatful for that". In effect Sizzla by his choice of words has given Snoop the green light and a warm welcoming for Snoop to Reggae music and the Rastafarian faith.

Snoop’s decision to drop the “Dogg” from his name after finding the Rastafarian faith has sparked chatter among many who criticize and ponder if his move is genuine.

In February, Snoop Dogg visited Jamaica as he shot footage for a documentary focusing on the Rastafari Movement as well as the island's culture. The reggae album dubbed Reincarnated is a 3 step process which comprises of an album, a film and a photo book.

Mavado tours with Drake - Does collaboration with several hip hop acts

Posted on 14th August, 2012

Mavado might be absent from the local dancehall scene, but internationally he continues to gain traction with several collaborations and tour with Drake now being added to his ever-growing résumé.

In recent times, Mavado seems to have somewhat graduated from the realms of the Jamaican dancehall scene. He has taken his brand in hand and is heavily targeting the international market with his singjay method of delivery. He has had success in this area. He has nabbed a spot at one of the biggest record labels, YMCMB, via a merge with DJ Khaled’s We The Best label (to which he was originally signed), and he’s had a few collaborations with big name acts such as Sterling Simms and Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill. He has also had a touring gig with Drake.

He told The STAR of the impact that Drake’s decision to bring him on stage for a cameo at several shows has had on his career.

“Drake is like family so when he invited me to be a part of his tour I didn’t have to think twice. I think Drizzy was a bit surprised just how many of the white people in the audience were singing along to my songs when he brought me on stage! He knew I was big but this opened his eyes as well as mine – we were singing to 20,000 people in sold out arenas to people of all nations and they were singing my songs word for word,” he said.

But that’s not all the entertainer who rose from the depths of the Cassava Piece garrison asking Wah Dem A Do to the heights of stardom chanting So Special has up his sleeves.He’s currently working with a lot of different international/local producers and artistes in getting his name to the level he believes is possible.“I have songs with a lot of the hot rappers out there as well as some of the big icons. We’ll be dropping them over the coming months, starting with a remix of Like Me done by Fabolous – a song I originally did for Chimney Records. I’m getting in studio with Swizz Beatz to work on some material soon and I have a crazy dancehall song for the girls produced by Dave Kelly that I’m confident is going to be a big problem. I just feel so blessed to be working with so many legends, it’s an honour. What’s humbling is that when I meet all these superstars and legends they all tell me they’re big fans of my music, sing my songs to me and say they ready to work with me,” said Mavado.He continued, “I just did a remix for Kanye West and Rick Ross’ I Wish You Would record, and just shot a video for So Suicidal, a track I have on DJ Khaled’s new album Kiss The Ring that’s dropping August 21. YMCMB boss Baby came through on the set to make a cameo appearance and give me a strength in the video so it’s just a family ting. The video mad, we had Ferraris and Rolls Royces on set, flame torches, nooses all kinda tings! I think it’s gonna come out great and definitely give me more exposure again. It should premier on next week and get some airtime on MTV Jams and BET.”His recent collaboration, Tell Her Again, with the newly signed Sony act Sterling Simms and Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill samples Barrington Levy’s popular Murderer. It uses a similar rhythm and the popular “woii!” and “murderer!” lines.Mavado said Simms was a fan of his music and added that the reggae flavour of the track caused the artiste to reach out for him to feature on it alongside Meek Mills.“There are a lot of hip hop and urban records out there now that are sampling our music and adding that Jamaicans, swerve to their ting and I think it’s very positive for the genre. It can only help tune in more people’s ears to our sound so that when we come with that big record the public will love it even more,” he said.

Video: Rihanna Takes Oprah To Her Old Home In Barbados

Posted on 14th August, 2012

Above: Rihanna seen shooting for a Barbados tourism campaign on the east coast of the Caribbean island today. || Photo Credit: Splash

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey traveled down to Barbados for a sit down chat with Rihanna earlier this month.

Instead of a badass chick, Oprah came across a young pop superstar who is vulnerable, emotional, and very humble. RiRi drove Oprah around giving her a glimpse of the island paradise show grew up in. Rihanna brought Oprah to her homeland for a sit down to air on OWN's Next Chapter and she blew the legendary host away. They also visited Rihanna’s old house where she grew up. The duo mingled with Rihanna’s neighbors and other locals.

Oprah opened up about the interview:

"I thought she would have been kind of a bad-ass kind of a rocker hard-edge woman. Nothing could have been farther from the truth, She was thoughtful. She was very emotional. She was vulnerable."

You can check out a preview of the interview which will air on OWN, August 19th.


VIDEO: Esco & Bounty Killer Ft Various Artists – Haters Warning

Posted on 14th August, 2012

Esco teams with dancehall legend Bounty Killer, and various artist including; Chino, Bramma, Rholin X, Ward 21, and Chan Dizzy. Dancehall supersar Sean Paul also made a cameo in the all star video.

Check out the video below:

Dancehall artiste Bugle "PSALMS Mixtape" free download

Posted on 13th August, 2012

Dancehall artiste Bugle has released a mix tape, entitled Psalms. The project, which features 43 tracks, is a journey through the artiste's decorated career.

Bugle, whose real name is Roy Thompson, said there was some significance to the title of the project.

'I think Psalms is one of the most informative chapters of the Bible so, based on the content of this mix tape, I chose the word Psalms as the title," Bugle explained.

Psalms was produced by Sean 'Razz' Cousley from the turntable/selecting duo of Razz and Biggy.

Feedback to Psalms has been quite overwhelming.

"The feedback has been positive and the fans enjoy the tracks that they hear. They have been asking me about my album so I just wanted to give them something to keep their ears in gear until they get the official album, and to let them know that my standard of music hasn't dropped. I am still doing great music so they don't have to wait until they hear a song from Bugle on the radio or in the dance, enjoy what I have been working on. They can listen to the mix tape at their own convenience," Bugle explained.

The Daseca/Major Links recording artiste revealed that the mix tape features guest appearances by a number of his friends.

concept behind the project

Among those who appear on Psalms are Dillinger, Etana, Vybrant, Jahmiel, Proppa Fade, Ding Dong, Blak Diamond and Oriel.

He said the concept behind the project is to keep his fans up-to-date on what he has been working on.

Aside from the release of the mix tape, Bugle has been quite busy working with some of the top producers of the day including TJ Records, Daseca Productions, CR203 Productions, Notice Production, Romeich Records, UIM Records and Frass Records.

Among his recent singles are Jah Be with You, Life Span, Only Human Live My Dream and Rave til a Morning.



Posted on 13th August, 2012

25 years deep, 12 albums strong, the GRAMMY-nominated reggae pop star will unleash his first album in six years, My Way, available in early Fall on his own label Singso Music. Recorded in his primary residency of Florida as well his native country of Jamaica, Kingston meets Miami on this 14-track opus of tropical pop anthems and sexy club bangers. My Way features guest vocals from Shaggy on "Don't Say No" and r&b sensation Mya on "If I Ever." While Wonder breathes new life to his sound, he stays true to his signature blend of irresistible island rhythms, catchy hooks and flawless vocals. This is the winning formula that catapulted him to the national spotlight in 2003: earning him a live performance on NBC's Saturday Night Live, a MOBO Award for Best New Reggae Artist, one of year's biggest hits “No Letting Go” (peaking at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart) and a GRAMMY nomination for Best Reggae Album on No Holding Back (Atlantic Records). 2012 TOUR SCHEDULE FROM: Fri. Aug 10 @ Opium Nightclub Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida Sat Aug 11 @ Private Event in Los Angeles Sat, Aug 18 @ Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala, Uganda Sat, Sept 1 @ Pulse 48 in Brooklyn, NY Thurs, Sept 6 @ Mingles Cafe in Bronx, NY Sat, Sept 22 @ Dunns River Island Cafe in Tampa, FL Sat, Nov 10 @ Malibu Fun Spot, Castle Coakley, Christiansted, St. Croix (USVI)

Leftside - The Transporter Mixtape Volume 1 mixed by Mr. Shaun from Coppershot

Posted on 13th August, 2012

Fresh music to drive to. Leftside teamed up with Mr. Shaun from Coppershot to bring you The Transporter Mixtape Volume 1.


1. Intro
2. Do U Know Who I Am
3. Jet Blue Ft. Zia
4. High
5. Booty Clap
6. Evil Freestyle
7. Cupid Arrow Ft. G-Anna
8. Clap Dat Ft. Konshens
9. Luv How U A Bubble
10. Head Top
11. Tic Toc
12. Lefty Freestyle
13. Camel Toe (Interlude)
14. Want Yuh Body Remix Ft. Sean Paul
15. Keep Him Ft. Zia
16. Mercy Freestyle
17. Act A Fool Ft. J-Diggz
18. Party Settings Ft. Stagalog
19. Act Silly
20. Bubble 4 Me
21. This Girl
22. Home Alone
23. Begginz Ft. Tinkerbell
24. Rotten Rich
25. Dem A Hate

Listen to Leftside 'Transporter' mixtape below


Calado Interview on Soundboy TV 2012

Posted on 13th August, 2012

T.O.K Europe Summer Tour 2012

Posted on 13th August, 2012

T.O.K is coming to EUROPE!!!!!

Friday 10 Aug. - Zurich, Switzerland - Heitere Festival (venue)

Saturday 11 Aug. - Manheim, Germany - Rude7 (venue)

Sunday 12 Aug. - Sicili, Italy - Valle Ventura park (venue)

Monday 13 Aug. - Salento, Itay - Gusta Dope al Sole (venue)

Tuesday 14 Aug. - Tremoli, Italy - Buena Vista Social club (venue)

Friday 17 Aug. - Malmo, Sweden - Claffbron (venue)

Saturday 18 Aug. - Galve, Sweden - Furuvik Reggae Festival (venue)

**Saturday 25 Aug. - Ubersee, Germany - Chiemsee Reggae Festival (venue)

**Saturday 25 Aug. - Stuttgart, Germany - Rockers 33 (venue)

Friday 21 Sept. - Tel Aviv, Israel -

Saturday 22 Sept. - Brugge, Belgium - Elements Festival (venue)

Beenie Man Booed at Dream Weekend Party 'Yush'

Posted on 9th August, 2012

Despite being greeted with loud cheers at Yush in the wee hours Sunday morning, Beenie Man was snubbed by majority of the patrons.Several pockets of patrons around the venue clapped and booed the King of the Dancehall forcing him to leave the stage. Beenie was later called on for an encore by the request of select Delano, as the crowd belted out a resounding no when he questioned if the audience wanted to see Beenie Man again. Yush patrons really wanted to party and weren't appreciative of the stage show vibe Beenie Man provided.Renaissance was the favorite of the night, their party juggling had the massive engaged. Silver Hawk also represented while Stone Love failed to read their audience. Elephant Man and Bounty Killa were some of the celebs in attendance. Yush is a part of the Dream Weekend parties in Negril.

Judge rejects Buju Banton plea for new trial: He is now facing more time

Posted on 9th August, 2012

A federal judge has denied reggae singer Buju Banton's request for a new trial, saying there's no need because of a previous appeals court ruling.

In June, the federal appeals court in Atlanta upheld the Jamaican singer's 2011 conviction on cocaine conspiracy and trafficking charges. The three-judge panel also sided with a Tampa jury's conviction of Banton on a gun possession charge, which the trial judge tossed at his sentencing.

The appeals court rules that there was sufficient evidence to convict the singer, whose real name is Mark Myrie, on the gun charge.

Banton's attorney filed a motion in July seeking a new trial. Judge James Moody in Tampa denied that request Tuesday.Banton is serving a 10-year prison sentence. The gun charge carries an additional five-year sentence.

T.O.K. breaks from record label - No longer signed to VP Records

Posted on 9th August, 2012

Dancehall group T.O.K says that they have now officially been released from their VP Records contract.

The group, which consists of Alistaire 'Alex' McCalla, Roshaun 'Bay-C' Clarke, Craig 'Craigy T' Thompson and Xavier 'Flexx' Davidson, rose to fame in the 1990s and signed a contract with VP Records soon after.

According to group member Bay-C, this partnership marks the end of a bitter, sweet relationship.

"Nuff respect to VP Records, they helped to build our brand around the world. However, for many years, we felt as if our hands were tied and we made the move to get out of the contract. We did what we had to do and at the end of the day both parties are comfortable," Bay-C told THE STAR.

Alex also echoed Bay-C's sentiments, telling THE STAR that the parting was inevitable. According to him, the group had reached the point where they had to make a change.

"Right now we are just focused on getting more stuff done, and we are really looking forward to the future. We have more creative control now which is what we really wanted. I think we are making a positive step towards the future," Alex said.

With their contract based on the number of albums released, Bay-C told THE STAR that the albums had been taking a long time to be released and based on that, they were tied to the label for a long time.

Flexx said that this year was not only Jamaica's 50th Independence, but also represented TOK's new found independence.

"This is independence for us. For the last couple of years we have had problems with the release of our albums. But now we are re-inventing ourselves and coming with new recordings," he said.

Efforts by THE STAR to contact VP Records for a comment proved futile up to late yesterday.

In the meantime, the T.O.K members say they are currently working on elevating their own X.C.A.R label and are also working on a new album that is set to be released in Japan soon.

Source: The Jamaica Star

Carl Lewis gets upset because Usain Bolt is considered greater than him; implies Bolt is taking drugs enhancements

Posted on 8th August, 2012

US Olympic great Carl Lewis says Jamaica needs to toughen its drug policy before he’ll take Usain Bolt’s sprinting feats seriously. “I think there are some issues,” Lewis tells Sports Illustrated. “No one is accusing anyone. But don’t live by a different rule and expect the same kind of respect.” Unlike the US, Jamaica does not have a random drug-testing program.

“For someone to run 10.03 one year and 9.69 the next, if you don’t question that … you’re a fool. Period,” said Lewis, adding that were he dominating today, he would expect to be questioned. Lewis was offended, he added, when a top track official said Bolt’s performances were more impressive than Lewis’. “For him to make that judgment is wrong,” says Lewis. “He should talk about Usain on his own merits.”

Snoop Dogg Plays First Reggae Gig As Snoop Lion

Posted on 8th August, 2012

Everyone knows who Snoop Dogg is but on Friday night the 40-year-old rapper made history when he performed his first show under his new reggae persona Snoop Lion in Toronto and it’s a spectacle that we hope makes its way Stateside soon.

Admittedly songs like “P.I.M.P.” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot” don’t sound like lost Bob Marley tunes but it’s clear that Snoop’s new persona is no publicity stunt (he was given his new moniker by a Rastafarian priest in Jamaica) and during the concert he explained, “I always wanted to perform for kids, and for my grandma; this reggae music is a music of love.”
In addition to new twists on Snoop hits he also included covers of reggae classics like Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It” and Marley’s “Iron, Lion Zion” as he was accompanied by a full band that was hidden to the right side of the stage, preferring to hold court on his own with a stage which was decorated like a jungle with huge stuffed animals… if, you know, jungles had dancing girls in booty shorts.
So what do you think of Snoop Lion PERFORMANCE. Please leave your comments in the comment box at the side.

Ninja man Bail conditions now varied; Can now perform on Weekends

Posted on 7th August,2012

DANCEHALL act Ninja Man was cleared by the Supreme Court to perform at two shows over the past weekend.

The artiste, who is on $2million bail in relation to a murder charge, yesterday had his bail condition varied by a judge in chambers so that he could perform at St Mary Mi Come From stage show in the Parish of St Mary on Saturday and another show in Negril Monday.

Ninja Man, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine, was, along with his son Janiel, offered bail in March, and ordered to report to the police at specific times on particular days. He was also required to be home at certain times of the day.

Ninja Man, Janiel, Dennis Clayton and Seymour Samuels are charged with the March 16, 2009 murder of Ricardo 'Ricky Trooper' Johnson in Kingston.

The other men are also on bail. The four are to be tried for the murder in the Home Circuit Court on November 19.


Posted on 7th August, 2012

Jamaican dancehall artist Stein steams up the summer with the launch of his sleek new website, The official site is Stein's direct link for media, bookings, radio and DJ drops, and dubplate requests. It also connects his audience directly with all his social sites. But mainly, the website offers up his catalog of music, with all songs titled and in one place, for the first time. Stein also recently shot the video for his latest single, "Wheel It Off," produced by Chimney Records on their Money Box Riddim. The video is directed by Stein's long-time video collaborator, Andre "Silence" Dixon, and is set against the tantalizing backdrop of Miami Beach, Florida. "I've been back in Jamaica recording music day and night for my debut album, All Or Nothing, due out early next year," reveals Stein. "I took a brief break to shoot a video because sometimes you need the visuals in addition to radio support. So I'm trying to get my music out there to the fans, in every way I can." This has proven to be a sizzling summer for Stein. Earlier this summer, he embarked on a U.S. promo tour in the New York, Boston, and Connecticut areas, blazing his brand and building his name with the masses. He also joined hip-hop heads such as Maino on a New York City school tour, to spread the message of peace to high school students. Stein now plans to extend his outreach to students in Jamaica and across the Caribbean.

Check out Stein 'Wheel It Off' single below:

Rebel Salute to move from St Elizabeth to St Ann for this year's staging

Posted on 6th August, 2012

After 19 successful years in Manchester and St Elizabeth, reggae singjay Tony Rebel's annual birthday bash, Rebel Salute, has found a new home. A billboard at the spacious Richmond Estate in Priory, St Ann, has announced that Rebel Salute, considered the island's leading conscious reggae showcase, will be held at that venue on January 18 and 19, 2013.

The event will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013 and from its first staging in Brook's Park, Mandeville in 1994, and after it was shifted to Port Kaiser Sports Complex in St Elizabeth, the Patrick 'Tony Rebel' Bailey/Flames Production event has served up the best in conscious, positive reggae music.

Rebel Salute has the reputation of being a drug-free, violence-free, alcohol-free and meat-free, family-oriented event and has attracted thousands of patrons each year.

Great venue

Richmond Estate opened as a show venue after the turn of the century and has been home to many memorable events since then. It is considered one of the best outdoor show venues on the island.

Some of the events hosted there in the past include the last staging of Reggae Sunsplash, Jamaica Curry Festival, Jamaica International Kite Festival and Usain Bolt's 9.58 Party.

Jamaicans celebrate more than independence at Miramar event

Posted on 6th August, 2012

As Jamaica breathed a sigh of relief at Tropical Storm Ernesto's passing, Jamaicans and other South Floridians celebrated the island nation's 50th anniversary with food, reggae music and a sea of green, yellow and black — the colors of the Jamaican flag.

Hundreds of people came to the Jamaica Independence & Cultural Celebration at Miramar Regional Park on Sunday, put on by Caribbean telecommunications company LIME.

"I just wanted to celebrate our independence and look the part," said Christine Williams, whose family hails from Jamaica. She sported a floor-length dress with the flag's yellow X on a green and black background.

The JICC was deemed an "official celebratory event" and "global site" by the Jamaica 50 Secretariat. Celebrations in Jamaica, London and Canada were broadcast on a large screen near the stage where reggae performers sang.

The screen also showed the Olympic 100-meter race, with most eyes watching for Jamaica's Usain Bolt, dubbed "the fastest man alive" four years ago when he won that race.

For those who don't watch the Games: Bolt won the gold again this year.

"It's pride," Williams said. "It's pride for us. I admire all the athletes in the Olympics, but when Jamaica wins, even more than when America wins, I feel like it's pride for me and my family, too."

The celebration was laced with reggae tunes from start to finish. Performers included the Fab 5 — chart-toppers in Jamaica — Amblique, Latty Gouzang, Audley Rollen and Mical Rustle.

Just about everybody chimed in when one performer sang Bob Marley's "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" around 8 p.m., as the crowd grew larger.

But not everyone was impressed.

"The show was a little boring," said Lovedd Frank. "It's just singers. They could have some dancers, some little children performing, some different things. Look at the crowd. Do you see them moving? This is about supporting Jamaica. They should come up with something better."

Still, she said, the food was great.

Restaurants at the celebration included De Jamaican Shop and Kingston Delights, which served alongside more typical carnival fair like roasted corn.

De Jamaican shop, which is in Lauderhill, brought a smoker to the event and sold jerk everything — chicken, pork, crab, conch, potato, and fish — as well as ox tail and curried goat, traditional Jamaican meals.

The secret to Jamaican cooking?

"It's smoke," said Bryan Forsythe, a cook at the family-owned, 30-year-old restaurant. "It's also the wood that we use, which is why I use a smoker. I use only wood or mesquite, never charcoal."

Other vendors: Vista Malt, a Danish product sold mainly in the Caribbean and beloved by Jamaicans; Island Tings, which sold Bob Marley shirts and Jamaica-colored jewelry; and Coral Springs-based Reggae Things, which sold dresses and purses made from large, round plants found only in Jamaica and Africa.

Despite his more unique wares, shop owner Saggi Ferguson said his most popular items on Sunday were the same as they always are.

"Bob Marley T-shirts," he said. "Anything Bob Marley. Of course."

'OnePeople' premieres Independence Day - Documentary to be viewed at Jubilee Village, on Flow and overseas

Posted on 6th August, 2012

Jamaican's will have one more reason to celebrate their national pride when the official documentary features for the national celebrations of Jamaica 50, OnePeople makes its international debut on Independence Day.

The documentary will premiere tomorrow at 4 p.m.

simultaneously at the Jamaica 50 Jubilee Village at the National Stadium in Kingston and on Flow TV, channel 100. The feature will also premiere at the O2 arena in London at 4 p.m. and at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) in New York at 7 p.m. where it will be repeated at 9 p.m.

The highly anticipated feature was based on the simple premise of capturing the spirit of Jamaica by asking Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica locally and overseas, one question: "What does Jamaica mean to you?"

After foraging through thousands of entries and plundering through months of editing, producers of the film, Zachary Harding and Justine Henzell, have compiled a riveting feature of contributed footage with candid and entertaining views of Jamaica.

The final product is anticipated to further stimulate a heightened sense of

national pride on the day that Jamaica and the rest of the world celebrates the country's milestone achievement.

According to Harding, "We were amazed with the number and quality of submissions. Our editors then did a mind-blowing job of stringing the footage together to reflect the magic of what it means to be Jamaican.

Justine and I are proud of the final product, and hope that it will inspire and motivate audiences for generations to come. As Jamaicans, we need to see ourselves in a new light: energised and united as 'OnePeople' to make the best of the next 50 years."Grateful to FLOW

Harding also thanked Flow for its partnership and contribution to making the film possible.

Michele English, president of Columbus Communications Jamaica Limited, operators of Flow and Columbus Business Solutions, said she was happy to be associated with the documentary, which highlights Jamaica's global reach 50 years after Independence.

"This is a very significant time for Jamaica and its people and we felt that it was important to support this project, which we see as a ground-breaking piece of work from Jamaica's film industry," she said.

The premiere of the OnePeople documentary comes on the heels of the recent launch of another significant documentary on Jamaica, set within the context of the jubilee celebrations, by HBO in collaboration with Flow, featuring the musical tradition of Jamaica through the Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival.

Henzell endorsed the move by Flow, adding that, "Flow continues to support the creation and distribution of high-quality Jamaican content with their sponsorship of OnePeople - The Celebration."

The production team for OnePeople includes Henzell, Harding and Kevin McDonald (director of Marley and the Oscar-winning The Last King of Scotland) as executive producer.

Viewers will also have an opportunity to see the feature on Flow OnDemand on August 10.

Source:The Jamaica Gleaner


Posted on 5th August, 2012

Junior Gong gives powerful performance at the O2 Arena in London

Posted on 5th August, 2012

Ahead of the commencement of the 30th Olympiad, Grammy award-winning artiste Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley delivered a massive showcasing at London's O2 Arena. His appearance was associated with the 'Respect Jamaica 50th' tour in London.

Subsequent to his dazzling the overwhelmingly large number of supporters at the venue, there has been a blast of raving reviews via the Internet.

Internet reviews support the review from the London Evening Standard newspaper stating that, "Bob's son steps out of his father's shadow bringing a relentless energy to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Jamaican independence."

The night began at 9:30 p.m. in the busy London city, and the O2 Arena kept its audience captivated until the event's very end with performances from the talented members of the Ghetto Youths International family.

The opening acts included reputable performances from Christopher Ellis, and Wayne Marshall. Then, it was time for Jr Gong to take the stage.

The hardcore Reggae artiste was seen "bouncing away to a bass-heavy reggae rhythm" after the band warmed the hearts of the audience members with a smooth rendition of Bob Marley's Sun Is Shining.

The 90-minute set was filled with rich representations from each of his albums, bringing forth many favourites like Hey Girl, Beautiful, and Land of Promise.

As Jr Gong neared the end of his set, he invited his brothers, Stephen and Julian Marley, to join him on stage.

The three jammed as Jr Gong continued to deliver his high-level performance, also reeling out his 'real' sound and lyrics in Welcome to Jamrock.

He concluded the outstanding set, paying tribute to his father through song, by chanting the lyrics of Bob Marley's hit, Could You Be Loved, which also saw Marley sister, Cedella, join the three Marley men on stage.

Earlier this year, Jr Gong released Affairs of the Heart, a deviation from his social commentary. The song has planted itself in the minds of its listeners, much in the same way Bob Marley's Turn Your Lights Down Low did at the time.

Jr Gong has been stirring up the reggae music airwaves since the release of his debut album, Mr Marley, in 1996 but is best known for his timeless hits It Was Written, Half Way Tree, Welcome to Jamrock, Road to Zion, and The Mission.

Source:The jamaica Gleaner

ER Yellow Man Talks About Being The King Of Dancehall,Albino+more

Posted on 4th August, 2012

Video: Konshens Talks "Shellings" and On Da Reggae Tip 2012 with DJ Enuff

Posted on 4th August, 2012

He hails from Kingston, Jamaica and will be hitting the stage at On Da Reggae Tip 2012 alongside some of the biggest names in dancehall and reggae. Konshens has been working hard at building a name for himself and is spreading his tunes on a larger scale and to a bigger audience. Watch as he talks about what ODRT means to him and how he plans to steal the show.

Check out Konshens interview with DJ Enuff below:

Local artistes welcome Snoop Dogg to reggae/dancehall industry

Posted on 4th August, 2012

Never mind the fact that he has the number one song on the iTunes Reggae Top 100 Chart a month after becoming a ‘reggae’ artiste, some local acts have welcomed Snoop Dogg, now Snoop Lion, to the reggae/dancehall industry with open arms.

At a press conference in the United States on Monday, Snoop Dogg announced that he had been transformed into ‘Snoop Lion’. He claimed that he first got a blessing from Bob Marley’s son, Rohan, and then made a pilgrimage to Jamaica, where he formed a bond with the Niyabinghi branch of the Rastafari movement.

He has since teamed up with Diplo and Major Lazer for La La La, which has already secured a spot on the iTunes chart since its June 24-release. This comes ahead of his upcoming reggae album, Reincarnated.

don’t seem to mind

Although he has entered into their territory, some dancehall acts don’t seem to mind the move.

Dancehall artistes like Elephant Man, for instance, is quite pleased with the new development, as he believes Snoop Lion has always been a supporter of the Jamaican culture.

“Him have to seh Snoop Lion cause him come a Jamaica and him see the culture and see how sweet reggae and dancehall music is. Anybody woulda waan switch over into this vibe cause it is the right vibe. Him come and get addicted to the culture,” Elephant Man told THE WEEKEND STAR.

With Snoop Lion having the number one song on the iTunes Reggae Top 100 Chart, La La La, Elephant Man says it also shows “that the people dem waan hear more from we.”

In the same breath, he says Jamaicans need to support their artistes as much as they support acts from overseas.

Also welcoming Snoop Lion, dancehall artiste Khago said “mi cool wid it. It just show yuh how powerful reggae music is. We only siddung inna Jamaica a fight down wi one another.”

He continued, “Him a show wi seh unuh music great but a just unuh a di problem. A show him a show up reggae artistes seh dem penny wise and pound foolish and a fight out dem one another. A one month Snoop Dogg tek fi do dat. But just like when we go pon a hip-hop rhythm and try fi crossover, him just come pon a reggae beat.”

Khago said more artistes who have crossed over to other markets should bring younger artistes along with them to help with the continuity of the music.

Rastafarian dancehall artiste Munga also had his bit to add.

“Snoop has always been a fan of reggae and Jamaica and our culture in general. I think reggae has always influenced his music,” he said.

As it relates to La La La topping the charts, Munga says Snoop Lion already has an established fan base who would be interested in hearing his new music. But at the end of the day, he says this new development might be a plus for reggae and dancehall music.

Source: The Jamaica star

Tensions brewing between Shaggy and Mr Vegas?

Posted on 3rd August, 2012

“It was a misunderstanding” is how Vegas is responding following reports he was served a letter by Shaggy asking him to desist from using a Jamaica 50 song featuring himself, Shaggy and Josey Wales.

Vegas tells Music News that the issue has been resolved and it was just a mere misunderstanding between the two camps. Vegas adds that they will do a remix of the song and the proceeds will benefit the Mustard Seed Communities.

Mr. Vegas is currently on tour in Europe promoting his Sweet Jamaica album.

Snoop Dog AKA Snoop Lion Banned from Norway for smuggling Marijuana

Posted on 3rd August, 2012


Snoop Lion, the US rapper formerly known as Snoop Dogg, has been banned from entering Norway for two years after he was busted carrying drugs last month.

The rap star, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, was slapped with a 52,000 kroner ($8,600) fine after he attempted to enter the northern European country with eight grams of pot.

He was also caught carrying an illegal amount of cash.

The Press Association said the 40-year-old rapper was on his way to a music festival in the country’s south when sniffer dogs detected the marijuana in his luggage.

Holger Hagesaeter, Snoop’s legal representative in Norway, said his client wasn’t too bothered by the ban, the Associated Press reported.

He “can live with the decision” and has no plans to appeal, Hagesaeter was quoted as saying.

Snoop recently changed his name to Snoop Lion as part of his image overhaul to become a reggae star.

Massive turnout for Gleaners Icon concert after Bounty Killer voted the Greatest Icon in Jamaican music

Posted on 3rd August, 2012

There is no camera angle that could fully capture the massive crowd that turned out for The Gleaner's Icons Concert at South Parade in downtown Kingston on Saturday night.

People lined the street between South Parade and Sir William Grant Park, from the church all the way down to the end of the road. While the people were tightly packed on the street, there were others who tried to get a view of the concert from walls and fences, while others took their spot in the bus area and in the park.

With some people making their way to the front of the stage from as early as 7 p.m., the concert finally got started at 9 p.m., with hosts Bambino and Stacious.

First to take the stage was upcoming artiste Tidal, who was followed by Festival Song Competition finalists Old and New and Nazzle Man. There was also a performance from the competition's winner, Abbygaye 'Abby' Dallas, who sang Real Born Jamaican.

Thrilled with classics

Soon after, Peter Metro got on his knees as he sang a song about the national heroes, which was well received. Gospel artiste Carlene Davis got the crowd singing when she did classics like This Island Needs Jesus, Days of Elijah and My Forever Friend.

Ken Boothe also entertained the crowd when he sang Moving Away and Everything I Own, which got one of the first "pull ups" for the night. But it was Tanto Blacks who came with his usual antics. Jumping on stage and shouting his lyrics, Tanto Blacks got a bit quiet after he fell. He then gave one of his cronies a lot of time on the microphone, thereby shortening his time and ended with Cow Foot Gal.

Omari followed and had the crowd singing along to Help. His short set also included popular songs like Why and Jehovah Guide Me. Prodigal Son came after and pleased the audience with Head Caan Hot So.

Spice, who had the crowd behaving wild before she even took the stage, was in her element as she took the stage with Nuh Fight Ova Man. She teased with Ramping Shop, but reminded the audience that she had to keep it clean. She resonated well with the crowd when she did Dear Honourable that mentions the higglers who have to hustle on the ground. She did Jim Screechie, before calling on Baby Trish who got a lot of "forwards".

Claiming that she felt too feminine to do a Bounty Killer tribute, Spice swiftly removed her blond wig to expose her braided hair. She changed from a colourful blouse to a black jacket, then donned her dark shades to sing Look Into My Eyes and Ready Fi Dem that were accompanied by movements resembling those of Bounty. During her performance, several LIME girls on motorbikes rode through the large crowd to the front of the stage.

Elephant Man was his usual energetic self and, of course, found himself on the sound boxes. He did a couple songs then sang his tribute to Bounty Killer in the form of their single together, This Is How We Do It.

"Big-up to Bounty, big-up to Beenie, but big up Kartel behind bars same way," he said, before doing Signal Di Plane.

He then asked for a fat girl to come on stage. "Mi waan yuh run and jump pon mi," he said. But when she followed his instructions, they both fell. He teased with Siddung Pon It, but requested dimmed lights for Bad Man. While doing Dash Wata, he went to the barriers to interact with the audience and gave the security more work to try and control the crowd.

Gun salutes

DeMarco came after and got 'gun salutes' for True Friends. Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten, Sort Dem Out and Fallen Soldier also got good reception. But the real showstopper was Ninja Man, who got the people riled up as he went on stage with his signature pose. As he said the words "Ninja Man get mad again", the crowd was in a frenzy. "Him hot again eeh ... old and ugly and bad same way," he said, as he told the audience that he had two more shows to attend for the night.

He did a song with General B about his incarceration and followed that with Border Clash. Predator then grabbed the microphone and sang Nah No Head, but Ninja Man asked: "So a wah dem deh pon di people dem?" Ninja Man also sang Bad Man Can't Make Love and did a spicy impromptu stint with Stacious.

Swinging from left to right, Bounty took the stage with Ready Fi Dem. Churning out hits after hits, he did songs like Book, Sufferer, Anytime and Caan Believe Mi Eyes.

"Nuff a unuh have unuh deejay but who deejay fi unuh? A me seh tek mi career and leave mi rear ... Dancehall a gwaan good but mi nuh hear the struggle inna di music from weh day," he said.

Changing subject from the people's plight to the women, he did Good To Go, The Greatest and Wine Fi Di General, before closing his set with Nuh Fren Fish.

Source: The Jamaica Gleaner

Beenie Man give exclusive interview to gay newspaper

Posted on 2nd August, 2012

The king of dancehall music is sorry for his past homophobic lyrics and says his view on LGBT equality has evolved.

The 1990s introduced the U.S. and Europe to a new style of reggae music known as dancehall. It originated from Jamaica and much like the early days of hip-hop, dancehall was instantly popular, yet very controversial. Homophobic lyrics littered many chart-topping international hits by artists like Buju Banton and Beenie Man, the reigning king of dancehall. In their songs, they boasted about committing violent acts against homosexuals including murder. To this day, Jamaica is still described by many human-rights organizations as the most homophobic place on earth.

However, back in May 2012, Beenie Man took to YouTube posting the first ever apology video by any dancehall artist to date, in which he said, “Let me make this clear…I have nothing against no one. I respect each and every human being regardless of which race or creed, regardless of which religious belief…regardless of which sexual preference you have including gay and lesbian people.”

In an exclusive interview with The Advocate, Beenie Man explains how he arrived at his current view on gay rights, whether he believes Jamaica will ever be accepting of the LGBT community and how he would respond if his son grew up to be gay.

The Advocate: What prompted you to do the YouTube apology video?
Beenie Man: What really motivated me to do something like that is the love of the music and the respect for people. I’m a Jamaican, see. I’m from a place called Waterhouse so you’re dealing with all Jamaicans there. So as a youth growing up, what them say that we have to say cause children do what they learn. When you start to learn how the world run and how the world situated right now, people is people and people do what they want to do. They live their own life. And if you want people to love your music, all you have to do is respect people for who they are. So when I go to Europe now, me have 30 shows – 10 of them canceled. People come out and they protest. In a sense, they can’t come to my show and judge me for what I did 15 years ago because nobody is the same person who they was 15 years ago. The next reason is I have done a song with Janet Jackson and it being taken off the charts, video taken off MTV. Now this song with me and Nicki (Minaj). We textin’ and everything (she says) you need to stop it and make people understand that’s not who you are right now. This is who I am, and this is where I’m going, and this is where my head space is. Want to make people understand, we are dancehall music and we sing music for the people. And if we sing music for one set of people…and the next set of people not listen to the music, it don’t make sense. That mean you’re off way in the world.

You've got to be the voice for the people, right?
That is the reason why I did it.

What effect has it had since the video was posted?
Well, I did it for Europe and the United States and Canada, I never did it for Jamaica, but it have a (positive) effect all over the world. The shows that we used to get banned from, we are now booked. You have a place like Barcelona, which they offer government [protection] for gay people so once they ease up you realize what is going on. They wanted me to explain to them why I was singing these songs and why do I expect them to support me. So I think they got the message.

So does the negative reaction in your homeland of Jamaica concern you at all?
I live in Jamaica. I can’t be concerned about Jamaica and small-minded and one-track, ya understand? You have intelligent people in my island, people who understand everything. The reaction in the media was a good thing for dancehall music. Everybody who supposed to respond [positively], respond great so you know you not get all good response. A few man say this and a few man say that, but what a few men say is nothing to what the majority say.

Do you believe there will ever be a time when gays and lesbians will be accepted in Jamaica?
Well I don’t know that. That is not my thing. Me cannot tell you that. You would have to talk to the government cause I am not government.

So laws would have to be passed?
You have place in the Caribbean where gay and lesbian is legal like Barbados and a few more places. But Jamaica is a place where it’s just bent one way because gay in Jamaica is not like it is in America. It’s mostly big men with money going down in the ghetto and turning the local youths so you call that statutory (rape) or child molestation. They convince the youth that they are this way…and me know enough youth this way. That’s why when it comes to gay murder in Jamaica, it’s so vicious. With local youth, they can’t go back to their life that they used to know. And then (the rich men) use them and go find the next youth to use. So people need to understand that in Jamaica it’s a different lifestyle. It’s not like two men come together and say I like (to date men). That’s not the way it is in Jamaica. So right now until that finished and the youth stop getting kidnapped and found raped and thrown in a bush…until that stops and gays and lesbians speak out against child rapists and all of these things, then the government will see where they’re coming from. You can’t beat up on the government when you don’t understand what the government is fighting for. They’re not fighting against (gays). In the government in Jamaica right now, me sure you can find a few gay people. But the whole Caribbean needs support because the (rapes) have to stop.

You appeared on The RuPaul Show back in 1996. Did you receive backlash for making that appearance?
Of course, I live in Jamaica. But from then I don’t care, music is music. Promotion is promotion. TV is TV. I sing “Dancehall Queen.” RuPaul is a drag queen. Him love the song. Him invite me and Chevelle Franklin to do the show. What am I gonna say? No? Are you crazy?

One of the biggest trepidations straight people tend to have about supporting gay rights is that the public will then think he or she must also be gay.
Yeah, this is already going on because of the video I did. But, ya see, gay lifestyle is not what I am because I’m a straight man. But it’s not for me to condemn it cause every man have a right to decide their destiny. And it’s not for you to (then) condemn me. Some straight people make the same mistake some gay people make. Jamaican people are afraid of what they don’t know like every (other) people in the world.

Did it make a difference for you when President Obama spoke out in support of gay marriage?
It don’t make no difference to me because still the world go on. It definitely helped, but if the world don’t agree, what is anyone going to do? Turn a blind eye? You have to do these things or get left behind.

Now, there’s still a lot of speculation on the internet about whether you actually signed the Reggae Compassionate Act of 2007 renouncing homophobia.
Yeah, me sign it. Me sign it like seven years ago and we still getting backlash regardless of what we did. Gay people still come out and demonstrate. They printed me signature in newspaper in Jamaica. I was the first one to sign it.

Yes, it was you along with Sizzla and Capleton. Now, would you ever consider performing for an LGBT event or festival?
Ya know, I just can’t answer that. When I get there, I get there, seriously.

If the opportunity presents itself, you’ll deal with it, but until then, no comment?
No comment.

Typically when it comes to gay rights, it’s tough for heterosexual people to understand the issue unless they know someone personally who is gay. Is that what also helped you change your view?
I know a few gay people and I work with them. They keep them life to them and we work together. It’s all about work, not sitting around talking about gay issues. I know what it is. A man love a man, that’s his feelings, his heart, his passion, ya understand? Let’s say (hypothetically) I have a cousin who’s gay. I’m not gonna kill him. I’m not gonna hate him. I have to support him with a choice that he make. He have to have somebody to support him cause if the whole family turn they back against him, he end up committing suicide cause he might think he made the wrong choice. Your choice is your choice. Your decision is your decision. It’s not mine. It’s not for me to tell him that you’re wrong. But I cannot say that I have a brother or a cousin or somebody close to me [who’s gay]. I am from Waterhouse…Kingston, Jamaica. That is a serious question that you ask me, ya know? But I have been working with a lot of these people. It’s not my business. I look past it.

So how would you personally feel if your only child, your son, turned out to be gay?
Well I can’t feel no ways. He’s my son. I love him already. It’s not gonna make me hate him. All left to do is to support him and guide him through.

And of course, we can’t forget about the music. You have a new album coming soon, right? What can people expect from the new Beenie Man?
Yes, the single is out called “Summer is Here.” I have a new album coming out. It’s called King in Control. This is a dancehall reggae album. All of the hip-hop artists we’re putting on this album will be on a reggae beat…Will Smith and LL Cool J cause we’re all veterans in it so we work with the big people.

Affairs of the Heart Mixtape

Posted on 2nd August, 2012

Listen the Affairs of the Heart Mixtape by fedility sound below


Snoop's Reggae Reincarnation Confused Dr. Dre At First

Posted on 2nd August, 2012

It was a doggy dog world, but Snoop Dogg has evolved since his heralded 1993 debut album, Doggystyle. Now the D-O-double-G will take on a new form as Snoop Lion, when he releases his upcoming reggae albumReincarnated.

On Monday, Snoop gathered friends, family and media folks to announce his new project, produced by Diplo and Major Lazer, and he also spoke at length about his evolution from a murderous MC to the more enlightened Snoop Lion. Gone are songs like "Murder Was the Case"; now Snoop is bringing peace with "No Guns Allowed." It's a different Snoop than the world is used to seeing, and even longtime friend and mentor Dr. Dredidn't know what to think at first.

"He would see me come to rehearsals with all of my Rastafari, my gear, my hair, my look. He was just peeping me out, and I let him know I was doing a reggae project and working on the album and whatnot, but he didn't really understand it until 'La La La' came out," Snoop told MTV News.

"La La La," the first single from Reincarnated, which Snoop released July 20, marked a new chapter in his musical career, though he has always infused reggae lingo in tracks like the 1992 Dr. Dre track "The Day the N---az Took Over" and his 1993 album cut "Pump Pump."

During Monday's press conference, Snoop admitted he got tired of rap and wanted to try something different. It was that yearning that led him to Jamaica, where he recorded the new LP after he got a blessing from Bob Marley's family, of course. "Now he understands that I'm fully with it and I'm all in it to win it," Snoop said of Dre. "So he gets it, and I got his support. He just didn't understand it because I didn't explain it to him. I wasn't tryna keep it a secret; it just wasn't time to unveil until now."

Check out Snoop Lion 'La la la' single link below


Sluggy Ranks, New York Based Dancehall Singer, Killed in Kingston Car Crash

Posted om 2nd August, 2012

Sluggy Ranks (b. Andrew Phillip Gregory), a deeply affecting vocalist who rose to popularity within New York City's vibrant dancehall reggae circuit of the '80s and '90s with numerous socially conscious singles, Sluggy Ranks was killed in a car accident on Sunday morning July 29 in the Stony Hill area of Kingston, Jamaica.

According to various news sources in Jamaica, the car in which Gregory was traveling swerved several times before crashing into a cement light post. Gregory was taken to Kingston Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. He was 44 years old.

Born in the East Kingston community of Rae Town, Gregory moved to Brooklyn in 1981. According to his bio, he adopted the name Sluggy Ranks as a means of "shooting the slugs of destruction, murder and chaos with righteousness, unity and forgiveness." His earliest singles "True Sound" and "Draw Fi Mi Bible" were recorded in 1984-85 for Brooklyn's Jah Life Records. He refined a signature, compelling vocal style working with various prominent New York area reggae sound systems including Mini Mart Hi Power, King Custom Sound and African Love at such landmark (dancehall) venues as Brooklyn's Biltmore Ballroom, Starlight Ballroom, Love People One and lower Manhattan's Reggae Lounge.

A fertile reggae talent spawning ground, that era's New York dancehall/sound system circuit also gave rise to the careers of
Shinehead, who signed to Elektra Records in 1988 and released three albums for the label and Shaggy who was signed to various majors throughout the '90s and '00s and has emerged as dancehall reggae's best selling artist to date.

Sluggy shot to prominence in 1988 with the single "95% Black," 5% White"(Music Masters) produced by Whitfield "Witty" Henry, a haunting condemnation of the racial imbalance between blacks and whites in the U.S. prison system.

Check out 95% Black song Link below:


In addition to numerous hit singles such as the biblically laced, cautionary "Sodom & Gomorrah" Sluggy recorded three albums for New York based producers: Settle Sluggy produced by Delroy Francis and Flavior Francis for Park Heights Records; My Time produced by Ephraim 'Count Shelly' Barrett for Super Power Records; and Just Call Sluggy by Whitfield "Witty" Henry released on Witty Music.

A fourth album Ghetto Youth Bust, named for another significant early '90s hit, was produced by Kingston's Lloyd "King Jammys" James and released on the Manhattan based hip hop label Profile Records in 1994, which broadened Sluggy's fan base beyond the dancehall core. He was also featured on the New York City based reggae independent Easy Star Records' various artist compilation Easy Star Volume I released in 1997, and contributed to Dub Side of the Moon the label's 2003 reggae homage to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, which spent an astonishing six years on the Reggae Album chart and has sold 126,853 copies according to Soundscan and 225,000 units worldwide.

"Sluggy sings the first song on Dub Side of The Moon "Breathe" and his stellar vocals set the tone for the rest of the album," comments Michael Goldwasser, a cofounder of Easy Star Records and producer of Sluggy's tracks for the label. "For those of us growing up in the New York reggae scene, he was an important vocalist and lyricist; Sluggy was one of the first artists that recorded for Easy Star Records and the song that we did with him then, "Ethiopia," remains one of my favorite productions."

Click on the 'Ethiopia link below to listen song;


I-Octane Hospitalised after asthma attack

Posted on 2nd August, 2012

Internationally acclaimedDancehall/Reggae superstar, I-Octane is recuperating in aKingston-based hospital after falling ill last week.

A member of I-Octane's team revealed on Monday that the prominent singjay suffered an asthma attack on Thursday night. According to reports, he was taken to hospital where he's currently being treated by his physician.

Doctors expect I-Octane to make a full recovery from this attack but have advised him to rest until further reassessments are made.
Giver his current health situation, I-Octane will be unable to honor some of his upcoming commitments but hopes to recover as soon as possible so that he can perform for his fans once more.

I-Octane last performed on Dancehall Night at Reggae Sumfest 2012 in which he gave a typically rousing set. Additionally, he's released efforts in July such as Bun It & Laugh, Get Weh Mi Want (Mad Panerama Riddim) andWoman Mi Love (Sounique Riddim).

RDX "Jump" Becomes The Group's 6th Chart Topping Single.

Posted on 2nd August, 2012

Dynamic Duo RDX has always managed to keep their fans and music lovers breathless with their high tempo music and energy filled entertainment. Since their explosion on the scene with mega hit "Bend Over", they instantly followed with more hits such as "Dance", "Everybody Dance", "Daggering" and summer party anthem "Summer Slap Weh" amongst others, the group has always gone beyond the call of their musical duties to not just deliver music but also entertain. RDX has added another hit song to their collection. Their single JUMP released a little over two months ago has been in heavy rotation and with the release of the video has only added more fuel to the top of the charts. (view video link below)


JUMP has become RDX's 6th chart topping single and is now according to several of Jamaica's entertainment charts, the number one song and video. The "Jump" video has collectively acquired over 1 million views on YouTube and is also climbing the international charts. The single jump distributed by digital giants 21st Hapilos is available on itunes. RDX "Summa Slap Weh Tour" will be heading to Europe this August with stops in Italy, France and Germany and gracing festivals such as Ostrada (Poland), Rototom (Spain) and Sodueste (Portugal). Stay updated for more dates and venues by logging on to their various social network sites.